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Karma Sutra Me

poet Anonymous

Making fucking Love

her dress is gliding,  
savagely it’s enchanting,  
Gracefully hugging.  
Slowly slips away,  
her soft skin as white as snow,  
perfectly it glows.  
Subtle smile lingers,  
Eyes, speaks of secret desire,  
suppressing her fire.  
Lips, cherry’s blossom,  
Them lovely double-D bosoms,  
perky yet so sweet.  
Scent of flowers blooms,  
Senses from her perfumed hair,  
fingers soft feather,  
a dance a sexy emgrace,  
Arousing the soul.  
Gentle , oh woman!  
Tender as a summer breeze,  
Stirring heart's as bees.  
Voices night Angel ,  
Softly moans like fairy tales,  
Mesmerizing all.  
Eyes, dark and intense,  
Burning with a fierce passion,  
buxom sensation.  
Passion flows like sake,  
Intensely she’s ravenous,  
realms of her senses.  
motions polarized,  
Veiled aggressively candor,  
Unleashed with ardor.  
Desires come alive,  
the intimacy of love,  
moisten unbridled cove.  
Heart, beating faster,  
Longing for the stranger’s touch,  
relentless rushing.  
Wanton wheelbarrow,
As two bodies become one,  
making fucking love.
poet Anonymous

Yes! Yes! Yes! V is for Vixen

Intimacy for the aging is not quite as engaging as what it used to be
You touch my erogenous zone and the next thing I know is I gotta pee
It’s a bit corny but I still get horny ‘cause we all long to cum and squirt
But I still strive to try out new positions of pleasure even if it’s gonna hurt
Yes! Yes! Yes!  
Look she’s bending over while stone-cold sober with her backside up in the air
She know what I like and won’t put up a fight whilst I kiss that derriere
But au contraire mon frčre she really wasn’t prepared but screamed out instead
“Help me” she cried and that’s when I realized she was actually falling off the bed
By then I ‘d already removed her knickers quicker than slicker liquor stirs up a licker
Tight, taut, hot and ready to trot on the spot with a thought-out plot ready to dicker
“Really?” she exclaimed to my silly willy touchy-feely [s]expression of my strong desire
The way I had approached this I didn’t know if I was going to be dissed, hired or fired
Cunningly I spoke stunningly in her ear to steer her arousal in the right direction
And you bet my big selection of words stirred her up when I showed my affection
I whet her appetite aurally with a wholly immorally seduction to ransack and plunder
So she let me have it and I went at like it like a bunny rabbit faster than Thumper
V is for Vixen
There I was, workin’ and fixin’ to give my vixen a cookie ‘cause the nookie is so good
We smashing, thrashing, bashing fast mad and banging like we’re back in the hood
Wet with sweat pouring down my chest and legs then she begs me “please daddy faster!”
With her soles facing the sky I sigh and try harder with ardor like I am the drillmaster
And thar she blows like old faithful goes after all this time she kept me up on my toes
But I love the juice she let loose because I seduced out of her even if I had been verbose
So for those of us who are aging at this stage in life odd sexual positions ain’t the same
Knocking boots is hard game because now I gotta go take some aspirin for the back pain
poet Anonymous


In keeping with celestial charms
you took my hand, then arm in arm
we feathered fathoms high above
into the clouds where we made love.

The angels blushed and gathered round
as nude and wet, you laid me down
on floating cotton fluffs of mist
that rumbled softly while we kissed.

Our passion brewed electric charge.
You spread my legs.  Though not so large,
my breasts, suspended, swayed in time
to claps of thunder from behind.

Fists of hair, your thrusting surged
until my velvet need was purged
with lightning bolts that pierced my core
where sheets of rain began to pour

a deluge down on mother earth.
I screamed like I was giving birth!
And in those throws of pleasure’s pain
arose a mighty hurricane

that flung us deeply into space.
We came to rest and took our place
amongst the constellations’ lights
where we could sparkle, bold and bright.

But you had warned, a mortal’s shine
is shortly lived and lost in time;
that every star up in the sky
will one day fade and surely die.

And so, from gleam of Heaven’s face
I lost your hand and fell from grace
through cold blue dark and breathless air
at comet speed – extinguished flare.
poet Anonymous

an unmistakable love

we were hungry for years
seasons kept changing,
but we were dry and numb
at our own place
now we were on a mission,
we didn't want
any foreplay and any warning,
we juz wanted carnival of a cum
one day i was swimming
in the white dreams
he came and removed the
curtains of sleep
and showed me the
stairs of the purple heaven
he gave steam to
my dry bud like the breath
of an angel
he massaged my lifeless skin
with his glassy fingers
and gave it a musky scent
i didn't want to be humiliated
from my behind, i wanted
a cool, hard stick
that would playfully
come from the front
and penetrate me,
when i opened the
world of light,  
he got his purple mouthed agent
into me
that detective searched
every corner of my cave
n  my voice became
thick like jaggery,
N jelly started dripping
from mouth of my bald kitty cat
he fucked me  in every way,
in the bathtub, on the table
and in the hay
I was having pain down there
he gave a quick rub to ease the pain
and gave a blow again
his agent did a never
ending dance in my kitty's  mouth  
he was feeling like a bit of a tramp
when i tried to scream,
he filled my mouth with
his salty sea for my soul
he was became a beast of old
He rode with desire,
until his fire was satisfied...
poet Anonymous

The Arc de Triomphe Position

his eyes and
saw Karen ride
his dude piston which
made him smile before he
sat up and sucked her jugs with
both hands on her bare back while he
kept on drilling her honey pot and
said "I'm glad the air conditioner broke."
poet Anonymous

My Vixen

a story, in verse


My girlfriend was a jealous tart and prone to dominate
By flaunting pussy to extort my freedom from first date

That femme fatale, to break my will, she taught me V for Vixen
With lusty squeals and musky smells, just baiting my addiction

I begged her, "Will you marry me?" She answered with a test:
"Let me keep your manhood caged— a month-long fast from sex!"

With fingers fondling my stones, she whispered, “be my man!”
I nodded with a horny moan, agreeing to her plan

My loyalty I had to prove to win and hold her trust
Obediently so behooved to satisfy my lust!

In a flash a metal lock encircled my cojones
She snapped the cage upon my cock and claimed it as her trophy!


She giggled with depraved delight and sang, “I own you now!
Obedience: the price is right, to buy my wedding vow!”

The cage was small —at most an inch— and tightly squeezed my pecker
The ring around my scrotum pinched my testicles together

She bade me kneel before her and she offered me this trade:
“If your tongue, my pussy please, then you might just get laid!”

Throughout the month she'd tease and mock, "Your tool set's rather small!
Displease me and your cage stays locked! I own your cock and balls!"

Yet, every night I learned to please whilst trained in chastity
More harshly did my vixen tease me, brandishing the key

My cunnilingus training nailed, she dared her vow to waive
And so she kept my penis jailed, and claimed me as her slave!


I served my dominatrix well, in spite of her deceit
My lust became a living hell, Blue-Balled beyond belief

My vixen found herself a stud with biceps big and strong
His six-pack toned and deeply tanned, his cock both thick and long

She made me watch her jerk him off— he covered us with jizz
She chuckled and unlocked my cock, comparing it to his

My meager penis limp and soft still shriveled from its cage
Between her fingers held aloft abreast his cock to gauge

They burst out laughing as my dick lolled slack between her fingers
Mockingly she jerked it quick— yet, impotency lingered!

Humiliated and dismayed, I groveled at her feet
A month of pussy-licking made my cuckoldry complete!


I pressed my face between her thighs and lapped her cunnie’s juice
My feeble dick still failed to rise, now tardy from disuse

With mouth employed, docile and cloy, whilst down on bended knee
I tongued her to convulsing joy in quim-soaked ecstasy!

Her well-hung lover, angered that her cuckold made her gasp
He knelt behind me, galled, and slammed his cock deep in my ass!

She wrapped her thighs around my face and clenched with all her might
His massive cock was my disgrace, ass-raped without a fight!

Anxiety and panic cloaked in lust-filled desperation
My tiny prick, erect at last, commenced ejaculation

The rhythm of that monstrous cock demolishing my ass
Had synchronized each wad mine shot and tongue-thrust pussy’s gasps!


The three of us now heaved as one, this cuckold trapped between
The angry satyr soon was done and lashed out more obscene

Insulted by the jizz I shot and pussy licking thrill
His lust-filled rage burned ever hot to break this cuckold's will

He drew his cock from out my ass. My testicles he seized
And with the full wrath of his grasp he gave a mighty squeeze!

With balls clenched tightly in his fist, I loosed a treble scream!
He lifted with a wrenching twist and laughed, castrating me!

Roaring in his victory, he held my scrotum high
My mistress smiled with evil glee, a sparkle in her eye!

He fiercely grabbed her by the hair! She slapped him, tense and growling!
He threw that bitch across a chair and Fucked On Magic Mountain!


He gorged her with his surging seed, my nuts still in his hand
That cock-crazed cunt then smirked at me, because I'd been unmanned!

As I lay fetal on the floor she slipped between my thighs
Then took my dick between her teeth and claimed her grisly prize!

She spat it out and held it up and looked me in the eye
"Did you believe I'd ever fuck a cock this micro-sized?"

She mocked me with my family jewels and cock tossed on the floor
"You nutless pussy-licking fool! You dickless anal whore!"

My cuckoldry has been avowed, enslaved humiliation
By Master, and for Mistress now, complete emasculation!

Compelled to serve her ever more— for me, no turning back
A dickless eunuch ass-fucked whore, my tongue lodged in her crack!

poet Anonymous

After They Looked Around The Bedroom

After they looked around the bedroom
and made sure that nobody else
was in there, both John and Jane
stripped down before she laid
on the bed and he
probed her gash which
made her shout
"YES" three
poet Anonymous

Coalescent Lovers

 Her body is a wonderland of beauty
A figure like a goddess before her time
Clothe to perfection
She argues with good rapport

Her weightless sexual posture
Portrays fluidity
As she succumbs with a fiery surrender
Acceding to her body’s demands

Her vulgar heart palpitate
As her body shivers to each touch
Trembling like a V8 engine
As she climaxed and again she did

Sweating from all pores
Still hard like unmined ores
Smiling like Christmas on all four
Exhausted and weak on the cold floor
poet Anonymous

Dirty Yoga

I was laying some sod in the yard
She was stretched like a pretzel
When I came in the door

She wasn't even startled
Bent like my wheelbarrow
That's when she called me over

Perfectly positioned
She gave no resistance
As I began grinding my tool against her

She moved her hips
 Till I was erect against her lips
and she was filled with moisture

I couldn't hold back anymore
Ripping her spandex and polyester
Lifting her legs to slowly insert
Sliding slowly, deeper into her

One leg down, she begins to maneuver
Pressing against me and getting tighter
I could barely move under the pleasure
She did all the work, I just stood there

Each time she pulled a little further
The sensation brought me a little closer
Closer to being deep inside her
Planting seed just like a gardener

We release in unison
While staying in position
Spiritually cumming together

All I could think of
Is how much I love
Being married to a Yoga instructor

Tim Eros


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