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I'm just a soul, hooked on magic & poetry sandwiches. My words are fools, dancing as they flirt with the life you give them... & then there's the naughty stuff that wakes me in the middle of the night... one day all that cheese'll kill me.

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Each time I complete a poem (although none are ever finished) I feel five years old or at least a thousand.
My best work was probably when I was thirteen, but it was all lost after a sailboat wreck.
I know a crow called Barnaby who helps me when I get stuck for a word and even if his suggestions can seem kinda limited, he still regularly inspires.
So now we are over god knows how many poets -- that's a lot of words!
How many times in the history of the universe has that happened before -- and I wonder what great things we can do with it?
Any ideas?

Write 'em down ~ Abra

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