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Headstone Epitaph

poet Anonymous

Poetry Contest

Epitaphs are short poems written on headstones in cemeteries. Write an epitaph, either based on yourself or a character, using any theme.
Many older and beautiful headstones have epitaphs based on the person that passed. Some are funny, upsetting, or morbid, but they all give you insight on what kinda person they were. Write an epitaph (or 3) based on either you or a character. I look forward to seeing them!

One month
Maximum of 75 words
Limit 3 entries per person
Any themes
New or old writes welcome
Bonus points for it being emotional (even funny or sad)
ALL are welcome to enter or post

Good luck AND Have fun :)

poet Anonymous


Yesterday my Epitaph read...

Unknown to some for he has died
Beware to others for he's still alive
His revenge will come, when you least suspect
Ponder your thoughts now, time to reflect
You smothered and silenced him throughout life
Victimized his family, causing pain and strife
He leaves you now with one more warning
Confession will heal in time of mourning
poet Anonymous


Cry not for me
for I am gone
I have resigned my soul  
gave up my mortal coil
stardusts and golden hues
of a kingdom promised
a paradise chosen  
a place of rest
Here I rest among the roses
the fragrance of the past
and memories ever so precious  
Oh death sweet aggression rests
poet Anonymous


Here lies Rob
May he rot
In his final
Resting spot

A wasted life
Bereft of joy
Forever just
A lonely boy
poet Anonymous

Another Epitaph

The final resting place
Of a man with no name

Would have asked at his funeral
But nobody came

If you have any info
 please contact us at:
800-IDABODY (432-2639)
poet Anonymous


We live in a world of wonder.
We look at stars and ponder
our fate.
Whom we love
and whom we hate.

What does it all matter
if all our lives we scatter
on dreams.
We never could
or never should.

Distant lovers we seek
to catch a glance, a peek,
an illusion.
Flying away
down the mountain to the bay.

Maybe it is time to save
my heart and wave
Before it's too late.
Before faith
snarls its bait.

Before the Bees come looking
Before the Red calls me back
Before the Moon comes shining
Before the Lips wants a snack

Before the Flames consume me
Before the Queen wants her task.
Before the Nite begs to see
Before they all remove my mask.

Maybe it is time to step down.
To yield the crown
of shame.
Before I am scorched
or loved or torched
all the same.

I leave behind my work unfinished
My life diminished
Lyrics unsung
Books forgotten
Words unwritten

Will it all matter at the end?
Will anyone remember to send
a word?
Here goes a man
He came
He loved
He played
He's missed.

poet Anonymous


"Here he who played with art rests in peace,
he painted and poeticized until time took him away.
On the screen of life a trace of genius left,
but in death he made no impression.

"He lived on illusions, colors and words he cast,
in the world of mortals, eternity sought.
But what irony, on the cold stone rested,
where neither art nor verse will he save."

"Goodbye to the world that little understood me,
here I lie, artist, poet, a celestial vault.
My masterpiece? Maybe this tombstone is,
For in death, as in life, art is alien to us."
poet Anonymous

And the pillows stand as tombstones

He breaks  
into me  
like I'm  
(oh god)
his skin  
tastes like  
poet Anonymous


if only your


as big as
your dick

if only
poet Anonymous

There's Chocolate in Heaven

Here lies ChocoLaaTTe

No big deal of a few molars

In the end we all rot the same

It's not because I ate too much

Here I may lay

But in heaven

Most likely eating
(More chocolate)

poet Anonymous

All here that does lie
is all that could die,
while the rest of me?
In eternity.
I claimed Christ as Lord,
with Him's my reward.

poet Anonymous

As I Lay

I never thought I would die so soon
This world for me
Was nothing extravagant, nothing over the    
This was never my forever home, only
You see, a sinner lies in this ground
I didn't deserve any kind of Heaven
Although my Jesus died for me on that
At times His voice I could not hear, the
   noise did deafen.
I hope and pray
My legacy lives on
I did the best that I could in my own way
I loved well, worked hard and with Jesus I 
   made a bond.
So as my body turns to ash
The beauty will fade away
Memories last, nothing to rehash
Only God has the power as I lay.
poet Anonymous

Goodby buddy

Feeling rise unpacified
more than a friend  
for we were more than tied
singular faithfulness untill the end
companion, solace, ever there
I howl in anguish, life! despair
worn lead, chewed bone
and empty chair
poet Anonymous

False profit

Here lies the False prophet
Who lied about his life
Lied about his profits
and his prophesies
That never came true
Then lied about his lies
Took credit for failings
Yet somehow rose up from his grave
To spew more lies
Because one without a soul never need worry about going to Hell
poet Anonymous

I came
I Learnt
I left behind
A body
That was not

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