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Why do you read poetry?

Tyrant of Words
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Poetry for me to read is a gift. I appreciate everyones talents and I can relate to tons....<3

Lost Thinker
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robert43041 said:People pour their souls out there........with facts or fiction and all in a nutshell.  Poets do not waste words............

I love that. "poets do not waste words".

Joshua Bond
Tyrant of Words
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superslooth said:

I love that. "poets do not waste words".

... but sometimes poets need to 'lay waste' to words in order to communicate depth of feeling

Dangerous Mind
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I read and write poetry to help process the whole of the human experience.

Amy D Patterson
Strange Creature
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I read poetry because of the great poets, they are heroes for me

Strange Creature
Joined 16th Feb 2024
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i love how it can paint emotions with words.

Strange Creature
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James Williamson
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Fire of Insight
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Look, Poetry grabbed me by the nape of my neck and dragged me into the bushes and pretty well had her way with me back when I was a kid in reform school, age 16. I found a number of poems so magical that little by little they became a part of me, memorized, repeated to myself as I hitchhiked back and forth across the country. e e cummings; frost; t.s. eliot; shelley; keats; a bit of Tennyson; ginsberg, darling Frank O'Hara. The list just keeps on a-goin'.

I read bc every now and then the poet says something which is so acutely on the effing mark that it enters into my dna and I take it with me forever more. And that includes a few poets I've found here. Think: Betty; Northern_Soul; Alviola; Wolfman. (And a number of others.)

I read to engage with the magic, with the primeval, the original grunts and groans and yowls and howls that first began to celebrate the paleolithic in art and utterance.

I mean...DUH. Why else would I spend so much of my time doing this if it weren't a really good substitute for sex? Hmmm?

I am something like four months shy of 80, btw, so my time draws nigh. Gotta fill it with beauty and magic.

That make any kind of sense to y'all?

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