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Fire of Insight
United States 16awards
Joined 4th Apr 2019
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i only wanted
and that's all
i ever wanted
and all i do
even now
twenty five years later
is related to you
and my desire for you

you are long gone
but still right here,
haunting my kitchen
while i make
some mundane shit pile
you called
your specialty

your ghost lays
next to me in bed

i watch its chest
rise and fall
and watch its eyelids
and wonder what goes on
behind them

and i know
my love is unrequited
and, yes, it still hurts
and though i've learned to
ignore the massive hole
your tore behind my sternum
and it's all webbed
and crusted over with age
if i dare to touch it
it's as raw and painful
as the day you left

and all of this,
all what i have,
was obtained trying
to fill that deep, ugly gash --

and that was your gift to me
and, i swear, life is the best its ever been
and i love it
and i'm happy

thank you

and fuck you

Written by javalini
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Thought Provoker
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Joined 17th Apr 2019
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To: Sweetest Love

We were everything, now we are nothing
Forever you have my heart as I let yours go
Written by inechoingsilence
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Dangerous Mind
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Joined 24th Sep 2017
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By The Ink of My Skin

I walk the stairs
to the parlor
sitting down
I recline
close my eyes
hear the sound
special wavelengths
and dissolve
fading pigment
on my finger
where a promise
was once made
one year later
after the hatred
I grieve for you
while I remove
this tattooed
wedding ring
familiar sting
effort made
only in vain
lessons learned
the laser snaps
another pang
but this time
it’s my heart
that cries your name
this weight
is unexpected
no regrets
know why I left
but still...
I cared for you
I loved you
so as the bruise
begins to fade
I choose to keep
my memories
of our love
just the same
you will remain
in my veins
a stain
that I can taste
a waste
of bloodletting

Written by nightbirdblue
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Lost Thinker
Romania 1awards
Joined 21st Jan 2017
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Dark Rainbow

deep inside the labyrinth of lustful lies
there's a sparkling light
that guides
to a derisive demise
of black bloody bliss
a kiss
a memory of entangled lips
to the surface of pain
of an aching brain
head up high
high above the defiled skies
the tearful sighs
in bloodred eyes
hush, be brave
and crave
for a ride on a dark rainbow
to land on pure snow
erase those images from your mind
push the needle deeper inside
it never happened
you've never seen him end
never wept over his lifeless remains
hoping he'd breathe again
head up high
high above the defiled skies
push it deeper inside
you're almost there, child
be brave
and crave
crave for the grave
his ice cold touch
and a miss you so much
a fading memory
of what it might have been
a moment in time
when you were mine
before you wake up in a hospital bed
but still alive
just a moment in time
head up high
high above the defiled skies
and smile

Written by Daevileyes
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Tyrant of Words
Joined 25th Aug 2011
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Dirge of a broken heart

Love is to give and share
to hold to keep to declare
but as the golden circle
that binds do break
dew drops from aching hearts
fall unheeded on deeply furrowed souls
to ache to hurt in exquisite pain
knowing not how to love  again

Holding on to strangers' hands
willing to hope and feel again
but nary a sound the heart do gain
how far or further still the willingness
to say to talk to speak to tell
the feelings once felt
When one love's hand touches
though it ends in betrayal

Meander the crack in hearts do break
cracking like frozen ice in the antarctic
following the falling leaves of autumn
dead and helpless in its descent
watching him with his new love
a nail in love's coffin hammered
while within dying heart screams.
Written by Grace (IDryad)
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Dangerous Mind
Canada 21awards
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Dangerous Mind
United States 30awards
Joined 22nd Dec 2015
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Moving On from Heartbreak

I stood waiting for my heart to repair
Itself but little did you know you had
The power to break it. That despair

I felt did nothing to replace the bad
Feeling I had that this was the end,
But I still have to protect and clad

Myself in the finest armor to send
A message you could never break
Me or my heart. You left me to fend

For myself as the wolves would take
Everything I once held sacred. You
Mistook my kindness for a snake

You can easily get rid of. As my blue
Sky came back to life I knew in this
Moment I would be ok. You misconstrue

What it took me to move on. My bliss
Would not be destroyed by your abyss.
Written by eswaller
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Twisted Dreamer
United States
Joined 9th Apr 2024
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I have my work cut out for me with so many wonderful entries.  Thank you to all of those who have submitted such a personal moment or a moment of vulnerability and to those who haven't posted but will.

Dangerous Mind
United States 7awards
Joined 22nd Jan 2024
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How I remember you
Always happy, never blue
Summer weekends always a blast
Priceless memories from my past
We'd go on the boat, have lunch and talk
Simpler times that slipped away through a clock
As I became older you were always there
You helped me out when I was in despair
When I moved away
We'd call one another every few days
One day I received that dreadful call
You lost consciousness and had a deadly fall
They tried to resuscitate but to no avail
My heart was punctured, I began to wail
Many years have gone since grandpa died
I write this poem to share and to confide.
Written by Vision_of_insanity
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Daniel Long
Thought Provoker
United States 7awards
Joined 26th Nov 2018
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Her Creviced Heart/Love’s Tomb

This is my testament,
hear with undammed ears an old sentiment.
Now, my fellow poets of secrecy,
I’ll allow you to hear me.

Behold poetic confessions of my black heart!

Many a poet’s confessions
are buried in their long,
undisturbed tomb of revelations.
Beneath this fleshy crypt lies unclouded truths –

that which creviced my old flames heart.

Somewhere within the cryptic mist,
lies the question of the meaning of our last kiss.
Oh, the mysterious confessions of poetic sorrow,
she never knew there wouldn’t be a tomorrow.

But I shouldn’t cry after our love’s death, she won’t know it.

Now the past crevices the earth, and billows truth –
a slit from cheek to cheek now exhales,
to tell you dark tales
of my betraying youth.

That person you remember will never die in memory.

I’ve left a heartache I can’t heal,
Betrayal is surely a memory no doer can conceal.
The loss in her heart was not much of a loss,
Who can miss a sculptor of a double cross?

A talisman of ill luck.  

What’s the power a dead-love
has over the ones whom parted?
What I have lost was something true –
the night our love with earthly feet departed.

Behold I pray before love’s tomb!

I hope today she cherishes the memories
and not fear making new ones with another.
I remember holding her hand to say, “it is over.”
With stony eyes that rained tear-droplets she sobered.

That veil of love’s death has not shrouded the memory.

“Why?” She asked.
The emotions of my face were masked,
“let’s move on and make believe nothing happened,” I said.
A promising relationship was then in an instant – dead.
Written by gothicsurrealism (Daniel Long)
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Sam Nash
Dangerous Mind
United States 2awards
Joined 13th July 2021
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We Tried

I knew she knew the hurt I felt
It broke my heart the day she left
We tried to mend our lives we spent
And tried to saw the fields we grow
Alas we failed our hearts betrayed
By love and hate we recently made

I thought we had a wonderful life
Time spent so sad as husband and wife
We could have made the world go round
Instead we laid the ground to waist
In our haste we broke the trust
That bound two lovers to sand and dust

I think we knew our lives were lost
The times we grew to hide our lust
As days went by our love died down
Gave up the fight without a sound
Waves once made pushed by the tide
Killed by the blades torn further aside

We should have tried to push for more
More love more sex right on the floor
Making love in bed instead we fled
Day after day breaking up the heart
Blaming the seed of age we lied
The need we learnt to cover and hide

I hope she has a good life to spend
The dreams we had the day we wed
Before our flames broke up so high
Brought by the blames that flickered by
Still her heart I cherish with me
Until I die and no longer be
Written by Samnash (Sam Nash)
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Thought Provoker
Palestine 1awards
Joined 24th Feb 2021
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The Ghost in the Heart

Haunted by the ghost of someone you used to love
Fifteen years and the burn still itches
Haunted by the thought of her voice
You the stray puppy
She the final word on love

Why does it still hurt?
Fifteen years and the burn still itches
It’s a self-inflicted pain
To want the one that will never want you

It drives the hands to write
To paint
To sculpt
Keeps the mind awake
With questions
Wars were waged to forget
The ghosts of rejected love

If love was never rejected
There would be no art

There is always someone better
Than the one you’d kill for

Written by James_A_Knight
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Tyrant of Words
United States 151awards
Joined 11th July 2012
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For Your Consideration

I was lost in between eternities,
When my emotion went unreturned,
I wrote verses and recited volumes,
Despondent that my love went unanswered,
When her attention was somewhere else.

And for centuries I composed,
I carefully chose every word sensibly written,
That my smitten lovesick life had been smote,
Still I wrote with a physical and spiritual passion,
Always in a lyrical fashion to get her to notice,
But her attention was somewhere else.

I was adrift in the vast expanse,
In an abyss of dismal tempests and storms
When my love went unrequited,
Not even the stars across the universe
Could predict such misery and heartbreak
Because her attention was somewhere else.

Still I wrote about my devotion,
Standing on top of a mountain of pages,
With lines and rhymes that went on forever,
Pledging my undying emotion
Until the very end,
Even if she never noticed me.

Then I discovered some letters,
That someone else had written me,
Inscribed with a such a deep feeling
I was awestruck by someone else’s words,
Then I saw,
They were written in a time now long gone,
Waiting and dying for me to notice,
But my attention had been somewhere else.
Written by wallyroo92
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Thought Provoker
Joined 24th May 2022
Forum Posts: 125

“No One Can Love Me” She Whispered To The Silence

I write to tear her name from my head  
to hammer out a cliche with a near empty  
ball point pen that I scratch too hard onto    
virgin paper while drinking liquid  
use both as a mechanism to nail me here  
prevent me running the streets  
lowing at the moon    
picking daisies  
plucking petals with    
she loves me  
she loves me not  
echoing off cracked concrete  
her make-up was always done to perfection    
she said it was to disguise herself from    
the devil when he came looking  
ready to spit bombs from her grenade launcher mouth  
shielded by her kevlar coated heart  
she could spin lies and beauty from her teeth  
to make a man commit sepuku  
then crawl through his own guts to kiss her toes  
I held her in the darkest places  
of discordant nightmares  
while she wailed at the ceiling  
all heat and    
sordid decimation    
I pay to be with her  
would pay to be with her  
with every item I own    
my body sweats and I shake    
as if I’m battling barbiturate addictions  
I held her while she stared at  
her twisted sister in the mirror    
the wild woman who vowed to carve her name  
into the sun so men go blind trying to stare  
at her ass  
she sees only the ugliness  
I try to make her stay  
try to show her love    
try to fuck her sane    
it’s all a futile embrace    
a poignant reflection  
of rippling water beneath a blood red moon  
first she was captivating  
and now all I taste is    
the acrid burn of too much alcohol  
there’s an after-image-feeling  
of  empty void  
crippling my tongue  
though I tired to put it right
she still flows through my veins  
like loneliness  

“No one can love me” she whispered to the silence  
“because you wouldn’t let me”
I whisper to the dim light
the paper tears
her name etched in
invisible ink
Written by Nevermindthegaps
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Dangerous Mind
United States 12awards
Joined 11th Aug 2016
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A Soul's Inferno

Much's unresolved and'll never be
And it's waging a war inside of me
She hurt me deeply down to my core
Nothing in life's the same as before

Those closed doors can't be reopened
Cause her body's incinerated in a coffin  
Ashes are now restin' inside of an urn
While the pain I feel continues to burn
Written by da_poetic-edifier (Damon)
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