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Bring on the filth! (#erotic)

Twisted Dreamer
United Kingdom
Joined 21st Feb 2024
Forum Posts: 54

Poetry Contest

Write a poem that will make me, you, and all the other filthy poets on here feel aroused!
Whether this is your favourite genre to write about, or your least, please give it a go!

Think outside the box, get creative, try a style different to your usual, and get us all aroused! That is all I ask

• 2 weeks duration

• Up to three entries per poet

• No limit on length or minimum amount of lines

• Must be #erotic themed

• It can cross over into other areas, I.e. it can be funny or satirical, observational, etc. But the main theme must remain erotic.

• Preferably new work (but if it’s just that filthy it needs another round on DUP then who am I to say no!)

• I want it to be bold, raunchy and heart wrenchingly hot to read!

• It’s my first time hosting a comp, I’m still undecided about whether yourselves or I will be the final judge!

• Please remain respectful of people’s privacy and boundaries within the comments (not that I have witnessed this yet, but I am still relatively new on here)

Any questions/concerns please do not hesitate to DM me.

Twisted Dreamer
United Kingdom
Joined 21st Feb 2024
Forum Posts: 54

Love me, fuck me, tease me, feel me

Love me, fuck me  
Tease me, feel me  
Is it a crime to want everyone?  
All of the time?  
In every which way possible?  
Love me, fuck me  
Tease me, feel me  
I want threesomes, foursomes, orgies and more!  
I wanna be tied up, riled up  
Shaken to my core  
Love me, fuck me  
Tease me, feel me  
How much sex is too much?  
I just want it all  
I wanna be free to enjoy my sexuality  
Love me, fuck me  
Tease me, feel me  
Can I have all the women and all the men?  
And everyone inbetween?  
You can be my bitch, and I’ll be your queen?  
Love me, fuck me  
Tease me, feel me  
You can bring the dildo, I’ll wear the strap-on  
Let’s get lost in passion  
We’ll travel to new dimensions you can’t even imagine  
Love me, fuck me  
Tease me, feel me  
I’ll go next door, we’ll invite the neighbours  
Fuck it, the whole street can join in!  
Let’s make history and have a sexual uprising!
Written by Kinkwizard_95
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Twisted Dreamer
United Kingdom
Joined 21st Feb 2024
Forum Posts: 54

Here’s one of my recents to get it going! ✨

Lost Thinker
United States 2awards
Joined 25th May 2020
Forum Posts: 27

Her Flower

The creek in her crotch, I'd go in.
There's no going back from a life full of sin.
Like a kink, she so tight.
Kill her, I might.
Twisted like fluorescent lights.
Her flower, I'm Frenching her two lips (tulips).
Go down on her. Quenched by her fluids.
When it's just two of us, and there's nothing but skin.
Where do I even begin?
Lotus of bliss.
Give it a kiss.
Then dive off into the abyss.
Sing me a symphony.
Call out my name.
Her breathing's akin to me.
We're one and the same.
When our climax collide.
Our passions ignite.
Our heart rate begins to subside.
Her mannequin frame.
What can I say?
Not a flaw has been found to this day.
Written by tomgoonery (Tommy.)
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Fire of Insight
Portugal 17awards
Joined 26th May 2022
Forum Posts: 221

Liquid state

Your pants
to let me see
your lower belly.
The top of your pubis,
your underwear.

Letting see
your hand enter
in underwear
and search for your dick.

a bit
your undies
and get your dick out.

the balls
rest on top
of the underwear.

Hold your dick,
like this…
like someone
who wants nothing...

that I am
watching your dick
in your hand.

of underwear,
soft and beautiful.

Paradise's vision
at a public urinal.
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Dangerous Mind
United States 16awards
Joined 8th Mar 2016
Forum Posts: 247

angry & horny

it's not often I'm so vulgar...completely sober's the thing...
a girl's got needs
but weren't there
off to your next best thing
cuz let's be honest...
you settled for 2nd when you left me
{perspective...not conceit}
and there I was...
hot dripping culmination of longing
salted honey trickling down restless thighs
slick staccato throb in my pulsating pink
sure...I could have handled it myself
put my own hands to good use
finger fuck this flaming frustration
digits delving into aggravating need
riding the pressure...hard...
hitting all the most sensitive spots
{the way only I know them}
the depth & the angle...
trust all matters
chase that coveted spasming eruption
remember The Expression... know the one I mean
spine arched & muscles locked
a paroxysm of exquisite pain
lips parted & struggling to breathe
claws grasping & soundless screams
I could go there...
I could...
but it wouldn't be the same
and we both know it
damn you for walking away
leaving me with this burning ache
anger only fuels this relentless fire
turning my sheets into a consuming pyre
scorching my hungry writhing flesh
but my touch was not enough
I want to burn the sight into your mind
of my body in his possession
punishing grip & desperate pounding
make you understand what it was like & feel the raging blaze
of someone else in your rightful place
thrusting his name deep into your absence
...such a wasted gesture
he never would have even been here
...if not for your departure
and I don't know which is worse
the fury...the horny...or the hurt's complicated...
Written by WillowsWhimsies
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Fire of Insight
United States 4awards
Joined 11th Nov 2021
Forum Posts: 14

Callie's First Time

At the party with friends we all danced  
When we touched it left me entranced.  
Will I be enough?  
Will he be too rough?    
I fell in the spell of romance.  
In a moment, my world took a turn,  
With my boyfriend I felt a fire burn.  
All doubts washed away,  
We could not delay,  
He gave me my first taste of sperm.  
Back home, to my mom, I replied,  
"He's nice," but inside I just sighed.  
Though she saw me unchanged  
I’d been rearranged.  
The first time a boy came inside.
Written by Nizana (Lauryn)
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Thought Provoker
United States 13awards
Joined 4th May 2022
Forum Posts: 245

The Total Too Tough to Tot Up

Yet countless precious angels born
turn raunchy, horny slaves to porn.
Written by Jordan (D.O.C.)
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Twisted Dreamer
Joined 13th Mar 2023
Forum Posts: 29

Rind state of matter


I watch them
taking a knife

slowly shaving
spanish oranges
down with silver,

it was the point
I always adored

one nobody
could ever
live up to.
Written by neves
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Tyrant of Words
Scotland 30awards
Joined 4th Dec 2018
Forum Posts: 1878

High Octane

Sensual kisses
That seep to the soul
That have you surrender

Feeling the electricity flowing
Between soft lips
That starts the madness

High octane fires raging
As I first sip
Then deeply savour your sweet juices

Sending uncontrollable tremors
Sinful ecstasy
From a thrusting tongue
Written by AspergerPoet56
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Tyrant of Words
United States 148awards
Joined 11th July 2012
Forum Posts: 1804

Pegging Him Please

Giving in,
It’s all she asked him when they first met,
So that night in a drunken stupor he completely succumbed
To all her fleshly desires without regret.
So then in a power switch
He became her bitch,
To her erotic fantasies when she made him lick her clit
Standing over him
While she wore her knee high boots,
As he bore the suffering from under her whip.
Then she blindfolded him,
Bound him,
Gagged him,
Made him get on the bed on his hands and knees,
Lashed and spanked his ass a couple of more times,
Until he started begging and pleading,
But she wouldn’t hear his pleas.
The tip of the whip caressed his anus and balls,
Giving him a sensation he never felt before,
Making him taut, anxious, bothered and hot,
That to his amazement he wanted more.
A couple of more smacks on the bottom
And he was ready to go,
As she tugged at his erection,
Humiliating him, all in the name of degradation,
And that seemed to excite him even more,
But then he heard the sound and felt her spit,
Lubricating his hear end as she slid a finger in,
Without warning
Or any show of affection,
He was there for her fancy and pleasure.

In the blindfold he was full of anticipation,
Excited for what would come next,
But then he heard the sound of rubber,
And that had him completely vexed,
She slipped on a strap-on,
Ready to mount him and pound him like a whore,
Impaling him and again without warning,
As he let out a whimper, a cry,
An expletive whine,
And then a little pleasing moan.

And a barrage of obscenities came from her mouth,
As she thrust her detachable penis into his rear,
Spanking and scratching his buttocks,
That his emotions swung between diversion and fear.
And she pounded with unwavering passion,
Relentless as if venting all her vexation,
Enjoying the sounds of his bitch like whimpers,
And still breathless she held his prostration.

As he grumbled low with exuberant gasps,
She slid and out so easy, deep and fast,
Feeling his wetness dripping down his taint,
To this throbbing erection that seemed to last.
She grabbed his waist and thrust hard,
Calling him names that turned up their fire,
To the point where his knees went weak collapsing
Shaking in delight all the while in a blissful dire.
She took the blindfold off wanting to see his eyes,
The expression of his utter and total surrender,
The threshold between pleasure and pain,
Master and slave,
The connection between them with the greatest of splendor.

She detached the detachable thing
Leaving it deep inside him, sturdy and stout,
“Now fuck me” she said with a great command,
“And don’t you dare let it out.”

He slid inside her, slowly at first,
The penetration from behind and in front,
Reaching his insides with a greater inclination,
That she moaned at the hardness inside her cunt.
And he thrust into her with a steady motion,
Feeling his insides with tight pressure,
Making him more rigid than ever before,
Bewildered by this new found pleasure.
“Fuck me harder” she whispered in his ear,
“Fuck me till you cum” she whimpered as well,
And he pushed and he plunged deeper into her,
Till they both felt their insides come to a swell.

And they came together in synchronicity,
In a rhythm that stopped time and space,
And basked in the afterglow of satisfied lust,
As they contently quivered and embraced.
Written by wallyroo92
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Twisted Dreamer
United Kingdom
Joined 21st Feb 2024
Forum Posts: 54

Dr Feral

Calling Dr Feral
That woman deserves a medal!

All these kinky deviants
Seeking her advice…
“Can I have your help please?”
“I think my vag has lice!”

Men and women in their droves
Call upon her in their hour of need
Where would we be without her?
Assisting with our every deed!

“My legs are stuck in stirrups!”
“My dicks stuck to the floor”
“Can you rid me of this rash please?”
Christ she’s heard it all!

“I’ve got pins stuck in my testicles”
“I’ve glued my pubes straight to the wall”
“I’ve got boils all up my arse crack”
“My girlfriend’s locked her jaw!”

“A strange smell is emanating”
“I think I may have thrush?”
“But thick green puss is weeping!?”
“My toilet legit won’t flush!”

“All this lube got in my eyes!”
“Help! I’m going blind!!”
“But should it really look like that!?”
My friend once asked under disguise!

“I’m asking for a friend!”
“Would you mind taking a look?”
“Would you join us for this threesome?”
“You can play as Captain Hook?”

“How much for your services?”
“But how much is your fee?”
Girl, I won’t charge you nothin’
I’ll help you ALL for free!

We all have sexual escapades
We all have made mistakes
We all need weird sex advice
We all get weird aches

These freaky feral incidents
Eventually all build up
It’s hard to keep it to yourself
Or eventually you fuck up!

I don’t care if it’s an STI
If it’s help you need, you’ve got it!
You can always count on me!
Written by Kinkwizard_95
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Dangerous Mind
United States 6awards
Joined 13th May 2022
Forum Posts: 99


Her snake charmer face coaxed his tang scepter  
to trace lines of love upon her cheeks
with his trophy physique interceptor  
mandated now for her oral techniques
of high philter pressure manumission,  
notoriously difficult to aim...
in the twinkling of its hot transmission,
within, or all over her comely frame! pooled in an eye socket,
and often up into her comely hair,
whereafter, she placed it in a locket
to sometimes savor the fragrance there
like a puff piece from a calumet pipe...
more flattering than a Daguerreotype!  
Written by MidnightSonneteer
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Twisted Dreamer
United Kingdom
Joined 21st Feb 2024
Forum Posts: 54

Thank you all for entering so far ✨
It’s starting to feel pretty hot in here ngl 🥵🔥😍

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