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Show us your darkness

Dangerous Mind
United States
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Joined 11th July 2012
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Look the Other Way

So tell me, what in the actual fuck is the difference between now and then?
Is it the clothes, the colors, the styles or the barb wired fence?
Is this the criminal element they speak about on the news?
ICE is the new cold old Gestapo, rounding them up like they did Jews.
Can someone please explain to me how laws have no moral compass
Treating kids with atrociousness while many just look the other way?
The land of the free sounds like a dream sold to souls with injustice,
To those without means, seeking a new place to stay and be safe.
Seriously, whatever happened kindness and humanity?  
People are escaping their homelands because some are in danger,
In search for a better life they flee from all the insanity,
Only to be locked up and treated like animals because they’re strangers?
“Oh but there is a proper way to do things because we have laws”
Fuck that! If people were firing at me I’d try to save my life too,
“Well there is process to follow” have you fucking heard their cause?
Shit is bad out there you have no idea, I only wish you knew…
These are some desperate times and so they take desperate measures,
Their only crime is crossing national borders trying to endure,
Illegal immigration is a fucked up situation for those who have less,
But hate and racism seems to be a disease that has no cure.
So keep scrolling, maybe change the channel, or look the other way,
By tomorrow you will forget about them and go about your day.
Written by wallyroo92
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Dangerous Mind
United States
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You who are asleep at the wheel
For having no idea
Of who you run over
The people you hit
Again and again
The painful breaking
Of their bodies
The crunch and
Final plunge
Into whatever is next
Not even background
To whatever dance
You’re tapping out
In dreamland

For achieving some kind
Of enlightenment
Let it be
Let it be
Let the tide of blood
Wash over me
A speck in the endless
Lack of reason to care
I fear that you
Know more than me
An older soul
Who understands why
One should never, ever
Give a damn
Written by SatInUGal (Kumar)
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Twisted Dreamer
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I gave you all my blood

Slashed wrists (like that you sadist?)
Blue eyelids  
Cold lips you kissed
I gave you all (more than anyone could give)
My blood
A red waterfall
I can’t speak (you’d kill me, you narcissist)
There’s nothing to say
Everything is bleak
Bags of blood (love letters written in maroon ink)
Tear them apart  
Drown in the flood  
My body an empty shell (depression is hell)
On your palms  
My tear drops fell
I needed to feel whole (emptiness out of control)
Tightening your grip
You needed control
Stole my soul (you needed a replacement for yours)
Now in my chest  
There’s a bullet hole  
Take it all (you fucking selfish prick)
Watch me fall
Towards you I crawl
No blood drips (is it ever me you miss?)
Bled dry  
Blackout eclipse  
Nowhere to be found (where’s all your profound love?)
King of romance
Self crowned  
Take your throne (all you do is take anyways)
It’s waiting
My gravestone  
In the moonlight (even after death we don’t part)
You grab your shovel  
Filled with spite
My headstone (you grave robber)
Here rots used bones
Written by Heart_symphony
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Lost Thinker
United States
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Joined 13th Nov 2019
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"If I could turn back time"

  People are mean when there upset
     Sometimes expect people to say something they don't mean
     It happens
     Couples fight
     She tells her man of ten years she can't stand him no more and he tells her to die
     He knows that wasn't right
     A few mornings later the husband wants to do something nice for his wife
     An ongoing conflict every night repeats for a couple of weeks so he sleeps on the loveseat
     In sync
     With her melancholy of madness that has made her stay in thier bedroom for so long
     He sits at the bottom of the stairs wondering what's wrong
     Thinking maybe then, If he begins making some flapjacks and bacon
     It will start creating a reason for sure
     To present her with breakfast in bed
     Softly knocking on thier door
     It creeks ajar, she seems to be snoozing real hard
     Next to the dresser he finds a glass of wine and an empty bottle of Xanax bars
     He creeps closer to give her a shake, she won't wake
     As a matter of fact she won't breath
     The husband spills a trace of pancake on her face cause she won't eat
     "Respond! Come on!"
     Becoming more afraid as she just lays
     Maby she's still mad and wants him to just go away
     Pleading for his spouse to stop acting this way
     Repeated apologizes for the way he behaved
     Who's to blame? And why is his wife eternally ignoring him for the rest of his life?
     Didn't expect her to do what he said
     Regretting, he's replaying the reckless over reaction in his head
     Going head to head, playing head games with himself  he can't even win.....
     That's when he decides to jump out the second story window head first, so he can join her again.
Written by StruggleFreePotery (StruggleFreePoetry)
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Fire of Insight
United Kingdom
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Joined 6th Aug 2019
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I don’t find anyone funny

Lover of Nature
yet everything from Mother Earth
I see the world shaming her
I’ve begged cowards for truth
only thing I got was their date of birth
There’s flaws in your lines
and you think you’re standing
I may be a bit delusional, I too laugh it up
everyone shouts “You don’t know me!”
neither does your partner
that’s why you’re having arguments
I’ve shown proof of what I do
haters are just coming with sarcasm

Fire of Insight
United Kingdom
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Joined 6th Aug 2019
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Eminem did it!

Don’t have a profile picture of your real face?
Can’t be too comfortable in your skin
That’s a legend branded insane
Must have got on their nerves because I was listening
Unlike the backwards bitch having her child moan at me
because she asked the time
and I said half-two
Full of light yet I’m unable to see them in a dark room

Fire of Insight
United Kingdom
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Joined 6th Aug 2019
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Horny Wordplay

He said there’s no one more lost
than someone claiming to have found God
so out his mic called
I said Devlin is too
and on that sounds just like a pissed disciple
And he’s a UK rapper for any smart ass
who thinks I’ve taken shots at anyone on DU
seriously lacking knowledge
Midgets with rope and a hook
trying to grab my pockets
yet wanna talk a bunch of jibberish
like they forgot about Reemiss
Now a family member can’t
acting like he was one hyped dude
telling me “Whatever’s in Pandora’s box
it shall stick to me like glue.”
So I pinged a pair of smelly knickers at my brothers face
and shouted “Lovely, great!”
Got dogs like kangaroos that jump to my waist
whenever I’m around
and it’s a brain on one
no wonder enemies try and touch my plate

Fire of Insight
United Kingdom
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Joined 6th Aug 2019
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Trying to Overcome certain Memories

Many of times had washing-up liquid put in my mouth
for answering back
was too intelligent for my parents
Dad still being lost in space
because there’s nothing in his Star Trek journal
besides a small paragraph from me
and my mum always gave me the backlash
from saying she reminded me of Nicki Minaj
wanting a rap award
just for wearing a bikini
and in front of a camera shaking her fat ass
Try not to sound like a hater though
when you’re hating towards someone hating
Hardly engaging with him
because with love lyrics at women
I just see a repeat of
“You and me baby ain’t nothing but mammals
so let’s do it like I am masturbating to that channel?!”
Asked my Uncle
Do you go against the status quo?
He said “You know.”
pointing me to his YouTube video titled
“a constant flap of the hand
fastest man in the world repeating the word no”
My aunty still not pissed off over what?
Grabbed her crotch in a battle
and I said because of the breath I still smell shit
so I never looked towards the crowd and said
“If you’re real, help me.”

Fire of Insight
United Kingdom
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Joined 6th Aug 2019
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Too Raw to Eat

There’s a problem
I may have got out the corner you tried to back me in
Plagiarists linger round the erotic section
Sure hope that’s enjoyable and flattering
Proud to stand and claim to be a man
showing a photo of me taking money out a cash machine
let me elaborate more for you to get it
I’ve got self-love without needing a woman
understand I lived and that’s why you’re in denial, or die after you laugh at me?
My heart is far from being artistic
just get paid from some while people relish a like on a website
So when all these lines be a lie is the truth
I’m married to poetry and it’s a shame you fold
All my cards will be put on the table
never got any thumbs up from a gangster
as he returned them to his games console

Fire of Insight
United Kingdom
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Joined 6th Aug 2019
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For my Cousin

I’m dead, he’s alive and never came to my funeral
call it petty, it’s fair not going to his
You’re a liar man, neither have I nothing to prove at all
Fast into oblivion, not slowly you drift
Don’t think he can tell me how to get up
I’d have knocked us both out, a head butt
Addicts arguing about who had the longest run
manic depressed it wasn’t him away from the pub
Is anyone there? Nope, you claim to be a no one
a train of thought confused, named hate smokers
But laughed at me buying hair removal for my bum
Think about it you smelly asshole full of shit
because who’s a blue whale
with a pen I stun?

Lost Thinker
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Joined 19th Jan 2020
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Side by side we walked throughout the days of our youth,
Never a secret we kept, never a thought left unsaid.

You were my closest confidant, and I was yours.
Our souls were both fragmented, but together we were almost whole.

The age of adolescence ended and we went down separate paths,
I followed the hallowed halls of academia, but you were stuck in the past.

Perhaps I knew, deep inside,
That you could never leave the ground where your father died
But I had faith that you would make it out one day,
How was I to know beside him in the ground, you would also lay?

I knew your obstacles were plenty,
I knew your path was tough,
I just never knew that your will would not be strong enough
to outrun the demons your father's absence left behind.

Why couldn't I see?
Why were my eyes so blind?
How could I ignore the signs,
of a friend in pain -- a friend in the deep
of life's infinite afflictions.

You sought comfort in a bottle,
you found escape through a needle.
Now these vices no longer consume you, but their sting still lingers
in the missing part of my soul that you once occupied.

Maybe one day I will come to peace with your absence,
Maybe one day I will shed this cloak of shame.
But today -- today I just lay flowers on your early grave.
Written by Nicole96
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Dangerous Mind
United States
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Resentment Swimwear

When girls walk around casually in their bikini bottoms
It gets a man thinking
It gets a man drinking
And smoking cigarettes
Trying to forget all the regrets
Doled out like candies from PEZ dispensers
Return to me
Fat boy in skinnies and turquoise
White noise
And all the spoiled rich kids
Eating charbroiled chicken breasts
With garlic aioli
On a bed of arugula on brioche

Direct messages from me to you
Countdowns in the abyss

Most families aren’t happy
They’re just units of fear and resentment
And measure that across the nation
And what do you get?
Do the math

Going due north
On the south side of town
Speeding past old haunts
Until all you see is a faint glow
In the rearview mirror
The city at night
Swimming through sewage
En route to the Promised Land
Two twins in the passenger seat making out
Plot twist, they’re not related
Windows down with my head out the window
The desert heat soaking my t-shirt
In the dead of night
Red Ford Fairlane depleting the ozone
Red horizons parade as sunsets
The only light comes from computer screens
And mobile devices
We know everything
And we do nothing

We drive to a ranch-style estate
On the outskirts of Palm Springs
And lay out by the pool for a couple of days
Popping Xannies and sipping Greyhounds
Plenty of booze to drown an army
On the third day we throw a party
And the whole place is heavy
With marijuana smoke
And mirrors of cocaine
Teenagers popping Molly
And I’m high off all three
Rapping to a chick who looks thirteen
She seems totally enthralled with my conversation
And that’s why I like her
In my altered state I consider it
But eventually pull back
And I can see by the expression on her face
She’s wondering why I’m not trying anymore
I go outside to smoke a cigarette
Even though people are lighting up freely inside
The twins are out there giving lap dances
To a couple of schmucks on beach chairs
I shake my head and laugh
Then move to an angle where they catch my eye
When they do they immediately stop dancing
And mosey over to me
We laugh and head over to a make shift picnic table
Where I lay out thin rails of heroin
Just enough to get them even
They sit there with languid smiles after
And I start making out with the one
That’s sitting next to me
As the one across from me looks on, disinterested
I pull at the back of her hair
My other hand palms her face
But the kiss is robotic
And I wonder why she doesn’t love me
Well, drug addicts only love one thing
I stop kissing her and look over
To the one across from me
And realize she’s just too far gone
I caress her cheek
And head back to the house
And find that thirteen year old-looking chick
Who’s talking to some chump
A conversation I interrupt
With superior game
And she stares at me dreamily
As the chump stares daggers
Not enough years on your résumé
In ten years you will do the same
You’ll know what I know
And I’ll be dead
A life lived without fanfare
A person who played his part
But for now I’m the king
So run along little doggy
I’m about to teach this young tender
A few things about life
But when I lead her to a secluded bedroom
On the west side of the estate,
She’s on me like a spider
Biting at my flesh
I have to fight her
I shove her against the wall
She comes back
Sprawled out like a Cheshire cat
Clawing at me
So I have to smack her
She lands backwards
On the duvet
And from that position I can see
The bikini peeking out
Where a pink thong should be
And I feel it overtake me
Okay, you little bitch, you wanna play?
I’m game
Don’t give it another thought

And later when I rejoin the festivities
Leaning against the east wall lighting a cigarette
White oxford and beige chinos
Drenched through with blood
No one seems to notice
As I coolly drag the Camel, completely calm
Until one of the twins
Who’s flirting with one of the schmucks
Catches me in her peripheral
And starts screaming bloody murder

Written by Taurek
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Strange Creature
United States
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Today I took 8 pills
Drink, swallow, drink
Next day nothing
Today I took 8 pills
Drink, swallow,drink
Next day nothing
Today I took 8 pills
Drink, swallow,drink
Next day Depression....
Lock in my room because I can't face the person I disappointed.
Today I thought about taking my life, so I cried!!

Today I should take 8 pills to feel at peace
Today I should .....
Today I should.....


Written by Xostrawberry
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Nick Bartek
Twisted Dreamer
United States
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Kicking Methadone and Benzos in Solitary Confinement with an Abscess Tooth

Some people are only alive because of the fear of withdrawal
Not God
Not man
You don't deserve to walk upright alongside of us lesser scum
But there is discipline in vengeance
I will let father times icy breath blow my name far from your memory
And just as the winds carry any thoughts of me away and scatter them to unrecognition like the bones of a clandestine corpse dispersed by carnivores
There I'll be
In a back alley
Moonlight beating on my back
Or in a dark bedroom
The pale blue flicker of the tv illuminating my naked face
You will see the dead black spheres that sit in my sockets
Void of empathy and mercy
And you will know
My heart heavy with homicide and my mind high on the hatred of a hundred betrayals
And you will know
Why I fucking came
Written by nickbar (Nick Bartek)
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Fire of Insight
United States
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I Am Oblivia

I am now void
in the rhythms of a profound language, once
in my youthful mind.  
Books of knowledge, now  
with thorny spines  
and illegible scribes.  
Like muscles, my  
lexicon atrophies  
when not utilized.  
Dwindling resources  
by illiterate thoughts.  
by the keepers  
of knowledge,  
belittled by the arrogance  
of the social conformist.  
I became sedulous  
in my search for  
a mentor  
and confidant to evoke  
the memories  
of my wisdom  
of language.  
He procured me  
a feast  
of faux knowledge and  
my inner compass; by  
guiding me  
to feast  
from the tree  
of the Apple  
of Sodom.  
Choking on smoke,  
my stomach lines  
with ash.  
Leaving trails of snarled thoughts  
sporadic flashes of knowledge  
faded away  
from my mind.  
As I crawl throughout the carnage  
of cruel intent, leaving razor  
thin cuts  
of malevolence.  
Breaking the chains of courage within me.  
I am oblivia.  
Written by Lagertha (Legertha)
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