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Show us your darkness

poet Anonymous

Poetry Contest

Only new dark poems about the trials and injustices of life. Two poems max per poet.
All styles accepted. Spoken word is preferable but not mandatory. One week. Only new dark poems about the trials and injustices of life. Put your souls out raw.

Tyrant of Words
Joined 7th Jan 2018
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Bleed With Me

Two demons found each other  
parasites upon our auras  
Yours found the worst in me
or was it - a conspiracy?
I'd never hurt you
Despite this truth  
when we're together  
we bleed these days  
as much as ever
It's not you that triggers me
I'm sure I'm not attacking you...
Yet funny little words like bees
sting our souls with great malease
Worst of all the two of us
will never see it coming  
Yet I insist we take the risk
Come here
and bleed with me
Written by EdibleWords
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Tyrant of Words
United States 22awards
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Tyrant of Words
Greece 10awards
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We in our community's
we don't really
give a shit
about the kids
about the grooming
about the rapes
about the beatings
that they take
speaking pious words
is it not
such a shame
convincing yourself
it's the police
their to blame
when you hear
about  children
in our community's
who have died
in unbelievable
fear and pain
we don't really
give a shit
about what happened
to kids
off our streets
human rights
for the ones
who done the deed
group hug
a little cry
back to the tv

Tyrant of Words
Scotland 25awards
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My Demon

This demon in me  
Is no dormant creature  
If it exists at all  
Then he lives through whispers  
Like secret messages  
Tapped over the airwaves  
The words pulse  
Straight to my brain  
He knows my weakness  
Constant reminders of failure  
Thereís no peaceful retreat  
From the mental assault  
In nightmares  
I see the glint in red eyes  
The glint of cold hard steel
About to slice skin  
Iím sure if I bled  
That would never be enough  
A slow torturous death  
His only satisfaction  
Iím the number he calls  
Promising relief from the noise  
A broken joker  
He feds his lies to  
Needs my pain  
Wants me to beg  
Crawl for mercy  
His game his rules  
Just the puppet  
To his sick fantasy  
A blackened soul  
Who loves misery
Written by AspergerPoet56
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Twisted Dreamer
United Kingdom 4awards
Joined 24th Jan 2016
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My Dark

Between the stars
The image of my soul
Yang: consumed
Why cover my nose when I hunt for penguins? It's the only part of me that's true!
The cheapest ink, I soil the coastline, and find no trouble when I close my eyes to sleep
Before the T.V shines it's light, the candid canvas casts its character
No words yet has God spoken. His silence bares my name

THIS is what I am

Do not poison me with positivity
Do not encourage me with your warming glow
As I am is how I shall remain
Until all I see, is me
Written by Benzy_420 (BTheW)
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Fire of Insight
United States
Joined 10th Dec 2019
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Demons swimming  
But i hide them well  
Put on my happy face
As i go into the world  
Look at me †
Everything's great i tell them  
Even though  
Deep inside i know its not  
What they don't see is me  
The 3 hours it took to tell myself its okay  
You'll be fine  
They are going to be waiting for you again  
If you don't just  
Why is it so hard †
To put on this costume of joy and happiness  
Why can't i believe what others do  
Why can't i see what other's see  
Because what they believe is what I lead them to see  
Because what they see is what I want them to believe  
It's the me i want to be deep inside  
But I just can't seem to find the way to get there  
There is no f@#king map  
No GPS hollering to turn right in 1/2 mile  
I am at a constant fork in the road  
Taking the wrong way each time  
Hoping it is going to get lighter as I travel  
But it Never Does  
You See the two paths does not equal a 50% chance of choosing the right one  
It does not work that way with me  
For me its always 50-50-90  
If there is a 50% Chance to choose the right path  
and 50% chance to choose the wrong one  
I always have a 90% chance to choose the wrong one  
But this is what keeps me going  
That little tiny 10%  
You see there is a chance  
That someday  
Somewhere †
I will pick the right one  
My darkness will fade slowly to light and I can face the world feeling the way they see me  
That's what its all about right?  
that tiny chance  
is still a chance  
its what i got  
but until then i have my costume  
and a 10% chance to make it
Written by Wh1skeySwagger (Swagger)
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poet Anonymous

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Tyrant of Words
Joined 7th Jan 2018
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Bad Boyfriends Need Bad Girls

(To be a stupid Cupid for single Diplo and Sia)
You don't know me
but I'm on LSD
I don't know your  
or if you two are  
meant to be
Pardon me,
this bad poetry
needs to be † †
strongly filth † †  
† † †
See we have † † †
some bad, bad † †  
sad boyfriends † † †
† † †
Boys who can't † † †
get simple † † †
geometry † †  
off their steamy † †  
big head brains † †  
† † †
Not even for a good girl † †  
who needs a good lover † †  
Keeping his mental † †  
noodles to himself † † †
† † †
Silly babies † †  
you don't have rabies!† † †
† †
(You just need help, † †  
Overactive Plumbers) †  
† † †
Bad bitches know † †  
they don't want † †  
good boys to chase † † †
† † †
shoving them † † †
into shallow graves † †  
under their blankets † †  
† † †
We wanna save † † †
all that fine naughty † †  
for the learning boys † †  
† † †
The ones down on knees † † †
who know when to say sorry † †  
† † †
It's those gentle † † †
barbarian † †  
lover bees † †  
† † †
So come on † † †
bad bad boys † †  
† † †
Don't just be alone † †  
...hear me † †  
† † †
You won't be sorry
Written by EdibleWords
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Twisted Dreamer
Dominica 1awards
Joined 24th Oct 2019
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Too Late Suicide

I slit both wrists
and pray to God I drain slowly.
feel every vein in me
pump blood out of my body.
No fight left in me,
No reason to be,
So this is my last story.
I sit here,
legs stretched out in front of me
thinking of what life should be.
I'll use this forum of DU Poetry
To leave a piece of me.

I feel okay,
Just numb around wrist and the thumb.
My hearts beating a little fast
but nothing to be alarmed.

I've tried and failed and failed and tried, failed again
I'm just tired....
life hasn't been that good to me i must admit
It's gotten the best of me.

My head's feeling a little dizzy,
bare with me.

thoughts of all the things i should do instead of this,
Fuck my wrists hurt.

I took a minute to read
DUP's inspiring poems
and I must admit I'm inspired.

God, I feel so weak right now.

I've had a change of mind
I want to live
I want to try and see how best to turn my life around.
My eyes are shutting down.

IF yOu ArE rEaDinG tHiS nOw Just KnoW ThAt I
Written by ClassyBird (ClAsSyBiRdMeLlA)
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