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Poetry Contest

Write about something or someone you feel you rebel against.
It can be a person, society, religion, tradition, the system, anything that you personally actively rebel against and feel strongly about.

Be as creative as you like, rebellion comes in many forms.

One entry per person, 2 weeks to enter.

Nathaniel Peter
Fire of Insight
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Off Beat Eardrums

Learning to fly like a rebel to gravity
Deprave the satisfaction of depravity
How to walk after it feels I’ve fallen so far?
I won’t let the guilt win
Heal conscience to reinvigorate penance
I want to lose my mind at the sight of You
Lies like static, I find the peace in the noise
Tones like the pulls of a magnet heart
Ventriloquist voice speaks
A thousand faces expressed of the same body
Recalibrate out of tune ear drums
Till we pick up the frequency
Like a song to embody movement
Possessed of love in the forms of melody
Clear the dross, reborn at the foot of the cross
Resurrection at the funeral of God…
Written by cloventongue89 (Nathaniel Peter)
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Lost Thinker
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Arctic Imbued

I've always known life as a poker game
Calculating potential by the hand we've been dealt
We're faced with choices, one
After another, with no scale to measure morality
Nor the consequences we're dragged through

Our parents raise us
Injecting us with their own views, perspectives
And values
They force perfection on us,
Dragging us to to whiten our teeth, to force a masterpiece
That wasn't meant to be
I recall the decision when I was seven years old
Evil beckoned from the dark
Corners of my mind
The thoughts that are my deepest secret
And most shameful fear
Almost doing acts that were the symptoms of serial killers
Yet I turned my head, crawled my way
Out of the dark that laughed at my feeble attempts
To breathe light

A walking contradiction,
Dyed hair and piercings,
Combat boots and cigarettes,
But raised in perfection of education
And charisma, social etiquette
As I grew older, my ideals began to different greatly
From those who raised me
I saw the darkness in their hearts, mirroring the heart I could
Have chosen that cold day in September

So I fought, blindly,
Scratching at the hands that fed me
And instead hunting for my own
I hit back to his punches
I stopped listening when she shouted
I became free

The independence, however,
Was not priceless
Guilt plagues my lungs and loneliness
Dances on my ribcage
A young hurricane, created from silver and gold
But stuck in the rainbow of the oil slick
Gifted, they say
Broken, I argue
Naive, he shouts
Wiser, I spit
Dumb, she laughs
Brave, I whisper
Criminal, it murmurs

Rebel, I call
Written by Foxface
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Thought Provoker
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Mass Shootings

Mass Shootings

It’s early in the morning as I turn on my television to discover yet another illusion
is being played out live on CNN, Fox News and MSNBC to create more fear and confusion.
A mass shooting in Orlando with multiple people dead; another staged shooting is my conclusion.
Everyone on social media is already reacting and sending their “prayers and thoughts” to Orlando, the truth is already losing.

I watch in horror as crises actor after crises actor are interviewed live by fake news god Anderson Cooper.
This man is a demon spreading the lies of Satan to his viewers.
Every actor goes on TV and forces themselves to cry (unconvincingly) to sell the lie being sold that day.
All of these mass shootings are as staged as a Broadway play.
The lie has multiple people dead, yet where are the bodies?
You never see a single one, you only get told their life story
by an actor pretending to be their mother or father.
The government truly has no honor.

This narrative being sold has multiple people dead at a gay club and was done with a gun.
The liberals are pushing gun control yet again and gay rights, o how fun.
Obama loves attacking the second amendment with all of these staged shootings.
The execution of these shootings continues to get sloppier and sloppier and they are easy to be proven
as a staged event set up by the government to attack our rights and way of life.
No one crying on TV has actually lost a child, husband or wife.

All you see on TV are cop cars everywhere with cops being present, but where are the ambulances taking away the injured and dead?
That’s right, ambulances aren’t actually needed since no one has died in this lie you are being fed.
These events have gotten so lazy they are now using the same actors in multiple locations.
It might be time to look through some applications.
Some new blood is desperately needed if they want the masses to continue buying into their shit.
The people are beginning to wake up because they see the government is losing its wit.
A quick google search will show you that James Holmes attorney was also present as an “eye witness” in Sandy hook.
She used different names but it’s the same damn person.
Hell, one actor has been used in four different locations.
She as an eye witness at Sandy Hook, the Boston bombing, the Watertown shooting and claims to be James Foleys mother; lady it’s time for a vacation.

I see people “Praying for Paris” and “Praying for Orlando” when there is nothing to pray for since it’s all a lie that’s being used to control you.
The media does not report the truth; they report what they want you to believe.
They want you to believe guns are a problem and that you have to give them up.
They want you to believe gays are being targeted and guns are the reason why.
I’m here to tell you that Satan has control of the world governments and the media and is taking us further away from God.
The government feeds us lies, spreads fear to control us and is a complete fraud.
Open your minds my friends and think for yourself, you have that power.
Even with all of their staged shootings seemly every hour,
the government cannot take away our minds and our ability to figure out their lies.

Google shit, YouTube shit, use your eyes and knowledge to figure out this shit!
The government is full of shit and cannot be trusted, that’s a fact I’m proud to admit.
They do not represent us or have our best intentions in mind.
Think about it for yourself and don’t be blind.
The lies must stop and the truth must be set free.
I provide you with this knowledge in hopes to opening your mind and setting your conscious free.
Written by TylerZ
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Lost Thinker
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The Truth

This country, is blind
its messing with my mind
 to see people, go about their everyday lives,
 feeling patriotic while sending the youth to fight
against enemies of leadership
Im talking bout the ones who run the U.S
And by leadership, I mean that slavery isnt dead
 they are the ones who lead our ships
, feed us our bread , we eat it up, while they crack their whip
, wake up your votes all amount to zip
Electorial college, ha the presidency is predetermined, knowledge
 but little do you know, hes only a face to all our problems
no im not a conspiracy theorist, but thats put in your mind
 so that you wont hear this
 just like the fear is to ask no questions
A theory is only a theory untill there is evidence
The facts are all around this nation,
 the land of the free is ran by corperations,
That leaders of the world are in cooperation, with
The richest one percent, who out of all our money own 90%
Population kept unaware, and affraid of a terrorist threat
The threat lies within
They haves plans of doing us in, disposing, of men, women, and kids,
They treat us like trash, citating the citizing for littering
But litterally, have body bags for each  and everyone us to be sitting in
Did you know that biliions, litterally billion of tax money is secretly spent
, so secret, that it is not known to our branches of government.
Evil, pure in its darkest sense,
But wehave the fight, and im helping shed a lil light on the subject
, so please, if your even, upset, feel it's lies , or really surprised, quit leading the blind
, unless you yourself have opened your eyes
This is only, a tiny bit, of what is
The haunting truth,
Counter react like whats the proof
Besides your gut feeling being the proof,
 lies slip n gather more lies, the truth is always the truth
Written by kiko_the_poet
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Lost Thinker
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The Ghost of You

The last thing I expected was for you to leave
it's quiet around here
without the sound of your footsteps on the floor in the morning it feels empty  
it's like you died and your ghost still lingers here in these walls, in this apartment
it feels like you are still here but I know you're not  
I can here you snore at night sometimes, only now do I cherish things like that  
When you loaded the last of your things in your car I had to shut the door because I couldn't let you see me cry
I had to be strong
I told myself it was the right thing to do  
maybe it wasn't  
this morning I deleted all of our photos on my phone
my favorite one is of us standing in front of the ocean in Myrtle Beach  
I lingered with that one for a minute looking at how happy we use to be  
now I know it was just an illusion  
I wish I knew that back then  
When I found her bra stuffed in the closet I knew it wasn't mine but you swore it was  
I knew better  
Why did you have to do what you did then lie about it?  
I knew the truth when I looked at your phone  
even though I was the one that made you leave  
I still want you here
I had to get rid of the sheets because no matter how many times I would wash them they would smell like your aftershave  
I have to stay strong  
the ghost of you still haunts me  
but I know better  
I will never pick up the phone  
Written by okanna93 (MJWells93)
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Dangerous Mind
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Breaking Free From The Rules of Society

Darling, I am a rebel who is breaking all of the rules.  
Punish me all you want to, but I do not want to be  
Like everyone else. I do not care if we act like fools.  

I just want to feel the wind in my hair and be free  
Like wild animals that roam this earth. I want to  
Embody spirits who float. I want to be beastly,  
Not caring if I look pretty or not. I envy this blue  
Sky, carefree and like the calm waters after a storm.  
Be like thunder and lightning because you do  
Not have to be quiet. Be passionate, fiery and warm  
In a world that can be too cold or stiff. You make  
Your own rules as you follow your own road. Form  
Your own thoughts and beliefs. Never let people take  
Their version of God to shove it down your throat
Because there is no room to be insincere and fake.
Written by eswaller
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Lost Thinker
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Lost Thinker
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Every day it's the same ol song and dance
I wake up and look over
Let this nightmare be over
But still all I see is your cold empty pillow next me.

It's so plain and so clear
That i should move on
But it's that hope that keeps me here

It's in the food that I taste
The songs that hear
the pictures I see drives me to be
This fragile and lost soul
That you've never seen in me

And even as I write this
I tell my self why
You know she's probably  under some guy

This fire ignites
When I think about it
I bet everything he's not even worth it

I'll do what ever it takes
To forget that pretty face
I tell myself look it's not even her
A cheap generic version of you
IS all that is see
When you look at me

This love that was shared I'll keep it here
Buried deep deep below
In a place  you can't go
From now on our love is mine
It's no longer something you own  

This person you are now
It's not who I know
So why do i give you
So much power to hold

I've got to be strong
I've got to move on
It's time for our song  
To stop playing on n on

I'll forever be grateful
For the son  that you gave me
He's the only thing left
That can make me happy
And I think I can be
Ok with that kind of ending ......

Fire of Insight
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Let’s Talk Shop

Almost every week the news report:
Another “Company closing stores”
“Thousands laid off”
While those same companies
Provide record profits for stockholders.
Where is the sense in that?
Or worst yet,
When a corporation is run into the ground,
Everyone loses their job,
Yet the CEOs walk away
With a pretty golden parachute.
What is the logic behind that?
And though capitalism
Seems to be a good thing,
Greed seems to take over.

I say shop local,
Shop small, shop mom and pop stores,
Shop within the community,
It puts more back into the economy,
Because giving your money
To companies that screw over employees,
It only adds more to their bottom line,
Only make the rich richer,
And screws the poor,
Because little by the little,
The middle,
Will all but disappear
If we don't make smarter choices.

Thought Provoker
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STATE of Nature

On the eve of the second Great Depression —
We found a housing bubble that would pardon the rich —
Carved into the margins of a marketing myth —  
Bound to downward struggle as it started to shift,  
and you’re the mark, we’ve been targeted, the market is fixed —    
Property is robbery, serving an aristocracy  
where freedom we observe is subservient to plutocracy,  
a dream deferred —“burgeoning democracy”;  
reoccurring absurdities converging on hypocrisy  
while heeding the words —“fervor” and “philosophy”;  
so what's an oligopoly's policy on monopoly  
when fleecing the herd —nursing inequality,  
or nurturing hyperbole for worshipping economies  
depleting the Earth? —perjury’s a novelty  
when purchasing a circus of encircling monotony;  
adjourned —for the purpose of it furthering    
the disconcerting poverty it purged —  
…and preserving obvious ventures —they'll be watching  
as conscientious objectors are oddly met with conjecture  
in a system that dismisses its omnipresent oppressors —  
Living in derision where godly essence is measured  
by imprisonment of victims it’d probably sentence forever —  
Business of attrition, it lobbied deadly endeavors  
while topping many dissenters at prodding enemy threats —  
It’s impressive, the frigid, rigid, and wretched  
had limited dividends to the timid heavy in debt —  
The objective, insipid lending of credit  
while robbing every incentive, admitting any in jest —  
An inception embedded into its citizens,  
or sicknesses injected, omitting any regrets  
while alleging it’s competitive —given sedatives,  
while sitting at the precipice, living envy the dead;  
they’re envisioning an emptiness as connections are severed —  
Up the dosages, we can cope with the loneliness;    
the holiest of holies are only known for these opiates —  
Weak and broken, as we awoke in erroneous  
reasoning; each a demon who reeks of foreboding soullessness —  
Sleepless dreaming, as seen decoding felonious    
secrecy; it’s intriguing and eases shouldering hopelessness —  
private gatherings are happening for regulation;  
grappling tenacity, their tapestry of legislation —  
It was more than just our apathy, a resignation;  
mastering depravity would atrophy a generation —  
It was maddening, the magazines and emulation;  
nothing but a strategy unravelling our education —  
Dedicated to status and fashion, actively —  
Demonstrating our sadness and laughing passively —  
Living lavishly where flattery’s a reparation,    
’til they felt the gravity of tragedy and devastation —  
With a baffling capacity for separation,  
scavenging for batteries and rationing their medications —  
…Turned to savagery,    
while having these Earth shattering revelations —    
Or to piety, the blind will lead the deaf in the dark,  
then hide the meaning; there's no rhyme or reason left in the art  
to find the irony —line of questioning, charges;  
silent treatment led to violent beatings; mentally scarred  
by wily mind readers piloting the menacing guards  
of high society —time, regretfully ours  
to find sobriety while spiraling incredibly far from our reality —  
Life legacies marred by lean banalities —  
…Wage slavery, chasing a meager salary,  
competing with the neighbors and faking congeniality  
at day’s end —“savior”’s a weak analogy  
for teaching paganism and praising convenient fallacies  
of made men —allegiant, albeit callously;  
maybe they think the boundary’s egregious, although cowering    
to lame trends —they’re entertaining tradition  
while contagious entertainment’s used to tame them —  
…it will mitigate desensitization  
as they inundate assimilated mechanization —  
Then disintegrate collectivization  
while they “liberate” through innovative weaponization —  
Speaking of armed foes and cynical principles,  
you can borrow your tomorrows like a “free individual” —  
…then Anarcho-Syndicalism    
is seen as trivial, but teaching Neoliberalism  
will keep us “civil” as they barcode political systems —  
We, the indivisible, pleading, if being literal;  
as harrowing, as we are sheepish and pitiful —  
Need no other reason for proceeding as criminals,  
we’re breathing —even though we’re reaching the pinnacle  
adjacent to forsaken places made for human waste —  
As if our state of nature was awakening too late —  
This is our innate capitulation to The State —  
Where change has been abated by the chains that keep us safe —  
© Travis J Gibbs, The ANT1-HER0 Project
Written by Ant1-Her0-Project (Travis)
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Lost Thinker
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Congratulations to eswaller and Travis! I really liked all the entries and the general theme of this competition, thank you Starlite :)

poet Anonymous

It was a hard decision but all three of your poems were amazing! Thank you for participating everyone and well done Foxface for another awesome entry.

Dangerous Mind
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Congratulations Foxface and Travis!! Thanks StarliteStarfright for hosting this competition!!

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