The Truth

This country, is blind
its messing with my mind
 to see people, go about their everyday lives,
 feeling patriotic while sending the youth to fight
against enemies of leadership
Im talking bout the ones who run the U.S
And by leadership, I mean that slavery isnt dead
 they are the ones who lead our ships
, feed us our bread , we eat it up, while they crack their whip
, wake up your votes all amount to zip
Electorial college, ha the presidency is predetermined, knowledge
 but little do you know, hes only a face to all our problems
no im not a conspiracy theorist, but thats put in your mind
 so that you wont hear this
 just like the fear is to ask no questions
A theory is only a theory untill there is evidence
The facts are all around this nation,
 the land of the free is ran by corperations,
That leaders of the world are in cooperation, with
The richest one percent, who out of all our money own 90%
Population kept unaware, and affraid of a terrorist threat
The threat lies within
They haves plans of doing us in, disposing, of men, women, and kids,
They treat us like trash, citating the citizing for littering
But litterally, have body bags for each  and everyone us to be sitting in
Did you know that biliions, litterally billion of tax money is secretly spent
, so secret, that it is not known to our branches of government.
Evil, pure in its darkest sense,
But wehave the fight, and im helping shed a lil light on the subject
, so please, if your even, upset, feel it's lies , or really surprised, quit leading the blind
, unless you yourself have opened your eyes
This is only, a tiny bit, of what is
The haunting truth,
Counter react like whats the proof
Besides your gut feeling being the proof,
 lies slip n gather more lies, the truth is always the truth
Written by kiko_the_poet
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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