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Poet Introduction

Hi, all! My name is Chloe Abigail Harper (Just call me Chloe). Or... CRAZY PRINCESS CHLOE!!! Cuz that's me. I love to read, and I am really starting to LOVE writing poetry. Hope everyone likes my poems! The better I get, the more I'll write and share.

Favorite Poets/Writers

Lloyd Alexander, Madeleine L'Engle, Suzanne Collins, C. S. Lewis, L. Frank Baum, Ray Bradbury

About Me

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Hi! My name is Chole Abigail Harper-Ashton (just call me Chloe).

I'm a 33-year-old woman who has a rare condition that's called Hypopituitarism Disorder. What that means, is that I look like a thirteen-year-old girl and am of the height and have the body of a girl who is that age even though I'm an adult woman in the technical sense. I actually really do think of myself as a little girl though, and I basically live as one for the most part. If you've ever actually seen the Orphan movies, I'm exactly like that character Esther in them, only I'm thankfully not a murderous maniac. I'm happily married to Kara Lucielle Pythiana-Ashton, who also posts on this site under the name Kou_Indigo. He's the man that I love with all my heart, he's the source of all my delight, and he's the reason for my every happy smile.

I've been working on developing my very own poetic style (yay me!), and finally I really think I've gotten good enough with it that I feel like I can start actually sharing it with the crowd. So, that being said, ready or not world, here comes Crazy Princess Chloe! Oh, and yeah I totally know it says Chlo, not Chloe on my username but that's just cuz everyone here at home calls me Chlo for short. So I did that for them. But me, I like being called Chloe better! Sounds way, way more elegant and less silly. Anyways, I'm totally rookie new at this. But like they say, there's no time like the present!

I am now on Facebook, so I can hang out with Kara even on here! Check it out:

My Reading List

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Triple the Struggle by Kou_Indigo (Kara L. Pythiana-Ashton)
Chloe and I: Night's Child and the Beast by Kou_Indigo (Kara L. Pythiana-Ashton)
Itís Cosmic by SweetKittyCat5
Dark Stars by Adelphina
Sleep:The Land of the Nod by Chere-Rene13 (Chere R Sarver)
Inside the Roaring of Summer: A Poetic Song by Kou_Indigo (Kara L. Pythiana-Ashton)

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