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The Perversion of Molly Tasnim

- The Perversion of Molly Tasnim -

   It was during the hottest day of August, when Molly Tasnim was feeling rather lethargic after she had consumed far more blood, than was of her usual want. As a member of an ancient race of dark Jinn, she needed to consume blood and a certain degree of spiritual energy from her victims in order to keep her own immortality and eternal youth going. Human flesh was a delicacy she had become fond of actually consuming as well, and she could never quite determine if it was required of the species she had been in every way inducted into or if it was simply another perversity that the Black Jinn simply indulged in to satiate the twisted cravings that had become a part of their existence since time beyond memory. All of the rules of her kind were quite elaborate it seemed, but also the lines between what was necessary and what was desirable had blurred so long ago that it was now impossible to determine which was which. She never gave it too much thought, she simply indulged and did as she pleased, and continued to exist. She was eight years old, only a little girl, and in a short span of time her mind had become that of a far more mature adult than her young years should have allowed to be possible. Her master, and the others that he had inducted into what had become their family, were indeed the only family she now  had left. The fate of her other actual biological kin had been brutal and unimaginably inventive in the sort of fell ways that only the most vile and sadistic of minds could possibly conceive of. Her master was far from a vile man, but he could be quite sadistic to those he looked upon with contempt, and she did not know exactly for how long he himself had been as he was... she only knew for a certainty that within the past decade or so she herself had changed greatly in her thinking and in her expression of herself. She liked to wear clothing now that accentuated her feminine charms, and despite being a child she could be very charming indeed and when she behaved seductively it was impossible for anyone to resist her will. Her master had become a slave to her desires and whims, and she was certain that if she but clapped both of her soft hands together and asked him for a thing, he would grant her heart's desire even without her so having to formally wish for it. She was not manipulative, not exactly, but she was inclined to getting all that she wanted and she was far from patient about expressing her wants. To speak of her beauty, she so had rich brown eyes and equally rich brown skin. Her hair was raven black and curly, and she had in the recent years grown it quite long and she wore it loose and almost wild. In length, her hair was down to her lower back, and she was slender of build and quite strong for a little girl. She had big eyes, and an equally big and welcoming smile. Her lips were plump and luscious. Her master always told her that as he kissed them it was like indulging in the savoring of succulent fruit, for he found it sweet to kiss her, ever sweeter with each time they kissed. He was much, much older than she... in the middle age years of his life though he never aged a day beyond the apparent age that he was right now. For like all of the Black Jinn he was immortal, undying, and of a supernatural nature. Though perhaps once he had been human, just as Molly herself had before he claimed her and made her like he himself. To be sure, what he had done to her was technically a seduction. He knew that he desired her, and in acting upon all the desires that coursed through him when he looked upon her for the first time, he did far more than just initiate her into the fulfillment of his desires and the acceptance of her own. He had brought out in little Molly a nature that otherwise would surely have become suppressed until she was fully grown. Now, it was that she had become all that in time she would have anyway but with the addition of now being of an eternal and perhaps infernal kindred. She was of Middle Eastern descent, Arabic mostly, and all of her facial features showed this. Her round face was beautiful and her features splendid, but most of all she was quite unique and special. She had become a somewhat decadent little hedonist, no mistake, as with each passing year she grew more and more accustomed to doing as she pleased without restraint or any need for the censorship of her heart's urges. At present, she was laying upon her back, upon a couch next to the window of the mansion that she lived in with her inhuman family, and her master was firmly between her legs heaving atop her vigorously but with care given to her smallness of size and her youth.

   Her body had become accustomed, to the penetrative sexual acts that he did to her... she had loosened up enough as time went on to allow for her to find these acts pleasurable with no pain involved in them any longer. Unlike her first time, which had been very painful indeed. The man was a rapist with a very unquenchable lust for children, and of a certainty if anyone in society knew what he got up to they most surely would call him a monster. Not the least, because of the great number of adults he casually killed, or had his child paramours kill, in order to allow himself to indulge all of his appetites unopposed. She liked the fact that he was a beast clad in the appearance of a civilized man. He liked the fact that in her, there was a child that he could both love with all his heart... and he had a tremendous capacity for love, in contrast to his bestial side... and also, in her there was a beautiful little angel to defile as much as he pleased. And oh, how she had come to enjoy that defilement! He had not been gentle with her today... as soon as he saw what she was wearing, he went crazy and fell upon her with his lust burning until it became a fire that enveloped the both of them. It was a pretty pair of semi-transparent palazzo pants... scarlet red in color... beneath which she wore a pair of red bikini style panties the same color as those pants. She paired that with a tight tube top that showed off her midriff. She was barefoot, and had not gotten to chance to put on any jewelry yet for the day, or makeup, before the man decided to play with her. That was what he always called it... playing with her. Playtime. Or some variation of the term. She would have to buy a new pair of those pants, since he had torn them off of her and quite ruined them in so doing. Her top was pulled down to expose her flat eight year old chest, and her underwear he simply yanked to the side in order to expose the hairless cleft of her girlhood. The other children were all out in the gardens and the back yard playing, whilst the servants tended to their tasks with unquestioning and perhaps zealously fanatical obedience. And why would they not be obedient? They, were Black Jinn as well now, and so bound to the will of the Master who had transformed them. They simple went about as many chores as they were expected to perform, and so were they engaged at present when one of their number, a maidservant, heard little Molly cry out in the throes of what ecstasy one so young could be able to savor whilst engaged in the sort of sex that would make a streetwise hooker blush. Molly lost all track of just how many profanities the Master uttered and how many lusty things he said, or how many sweet nothings he spoke to her whilst indulging in his latest ravishment of her body. It felt good to her, better each time her did something like this unto her, and she allowed her body to react to it in much the same way an adult woman's body would react to sexual intercourse. The Master's snarls and grunts and his occasional expletives such as shouting aloud that he loved fucking her like a lovely little slut... all of this, the servants were used to, but it never failed to make that one maidservant blush. Even as she had remembered what it felt like when the Master took her, the day of her initiation into the Black Jinn. She was a beautiful woman that maid, and if there was one thing the Master could not resist... it was beauty. At one point, one of the other children raced passed the window and looked in for a moment to see the sight of Molly with her legs wide apart and her face the picture of a person lost in ecstasy whilst as she lay thus the Master shot his seed up into her with all of his passion. She could not count how often this sensation, this feeling, that overcame her when he did that had seized control of her wits, drawing her mind into a bliss that was unimaginable to most girls her girl. The child outside smiled, for he had also been the object of the Master's attentions on countless occasions. The man did not discriminate when it came to what he found desirable... and the boys if they were possessed of a feminine beauty filled him with the same passionate longings as did the girls. The maidservant did not look forward to cleaning up after her employer's trysts with the children, but she did so without question since that was part of her job and she was paid in more ways than one to do that job to perfection. August, the maid mused, may as well have been mating season for the Master and his little paramours, given that it seemed as if they cavorted in these ways most oft during that month of the year. Though it was not as if they did not do it every month! Every night, the Master took Molly and also one other child chosen at random to his bed.

   When the previous owner of that mansion, a highly famous and esteemed art dealer by the name of Millicent Antoinette Bordeaux, turned up savagely raped and murdered in an alley of the nearest city years ago... the work of the Master during one of his most feral moments... all that she owned was left to her chief servant since she kept to the wishes of the Master and Molly and left their names off of any legal papers including her last will and testament. The chief servant had already been brought under the sway of the Master, and thus he and his unholy progeny were the true masters of the mansion now. They had been living with Millicent for only one year prior to her murder. Something about her had caused a bestial, uncontrollable urge to boil to the surface within the Master. For her part, the art dealer so was a mature but still beautiful woman in her early forties who dressed ever for business in the very finest of pantsuits that money could buy. She was light skinned, blonde, and had dark brown eyes that made it an easy thing to spot her French heritage whenever she smiled... as if her rather evident French accent was, in truth, not an obvious giveaway already. She had saw the man as a business partner prior to when he asked her for permission to live in her mansion along with the children. And there were many children by that point though in the beginning there had been but few in comparison. All of them, the art dealer had procured for the Master through nefarious and highly illegal methods, kidnapping being one such method, with the families of the victims being killed during the abductions. Always from random, very randomly chosen small towns in states far enough apart from each other so as for the crimes to not be able to be linked together. The criminals who did these abductions were members of organized crime... often working for hire. And Millicent had money to burn! At some point, the Master felt that he had all of the children he needed, and his dominating nature did not allow him to want to continue living in a house that was not his own. Also, sometimes he and Millicent argued, and it was because he insisted on her joining him as a member of the Black Jinn before she grew older and lost her beautiful looks. She felt it was an undesirable way to exist for her, and the Master took it as an insult against his kind. It had not been that, however, which caused him to seek her death at the last... there had been a violent sort of altercation between them one night after he sexually assaulted her in one of the upstairs bedrooms. She had not enjoyed the experience, and the two of them were never quite on perfect terms after it occurred. The Master had many motivations and reasons to seek the woman's death, but which one it had been he never said nor shared even with Molly. And little Molly, he looked at as his wife. Perhaps he merely did wish to protect the little girl, and that was how the child rationalized the whole horrible matter. In the year of her murder, Millicent had been exactly forty three years of age and still beautiful. There were no more child abductions following the art dealer's death, no more dealings with organized crime, and not any further employing of criminals for personal gain. To keep the money flowing, the butler who kept all the other servants fixed with diligence upon their daily tasks and chores continued to engage in all of the same art deals that had made Millicent so unbelievably wealthy. All the money was kept in a safe in the mansion's cellars, and out of any traceable bank account of any kind. And that was all that happened prior to the day that we opened upon that August when Molly was engaged in a bit of fun with her love, the Master, whilst the maidservant heard her cries of sexual fulfillment. It was a house of devils, and it was a place avoided by most sane individuals. The butler went out to do the art deals, and had all of his business partners meet him at neutral locations. After the Master withdrew his penis from Molly's cunt, which was soaked from what just took place, a bit of his seed went forth from her and unto the couch. Though the bulk of it was in her, and she was happy for it! He kissed the little girl on her lips with no end to the passion between them, and after that told her that he loved her. He then walked off to make use of the nearest downstairs bathroom, leaving Molly to rush off to clean herself up likewise. As she began the usual cleaning, the maidservant... whose name was Tracy... sighed, resigned to the task. That child who had looked in the window scampered off, by then, and it was just another typical day in that mansion after that. “Whatever did I wish for, to deserve having to clean of these messes?” she laughed.

   Molly took a cool shower which relaxed her a great deal, and once she took a towel and dried off after that, she dressed herself in a short leather miniskirt with a black bandeau top wrapped around her chest that was no less tight. She picked black thong underwear to slip into beneath her skirt and put on a pair of black leather boots with blood red laces that came up to her knees. She put on a very expensive pair of earrings, black gemstone stud earrings, and around her neck she put on a black leather choker. Taking her time to do her makeup, she applied black eyeliner and eye shadow, doing a cat eye look with curved wing-like tips to either side of her eyes. All in the style of the late singer Amy Winehouse, whom Molly enjoyed the music of quite a bit. She always thought the singer's look was cool, so she decided to copy it and this had become Molly's default makeup style ever since. A bit of blush to her cheeks in a darker shade that showed up good against her skin added to the child's beauty, and some blood red lipstick did complete her overall look. “I look like a hooker.” she thought, followed by: “Awesome!” and after that she tied her hair back in a high ponytail to keep it out of her face for the remainder of the day. For his part, the Master loved this look when she did it! Something about a little girl dressed like a hooker and looking like a beautiful singer turned the man on tremendously. It was a late breakfast that day, and the meal was delicious! The cooks served up tacos, and the meat was ground up from the latest victims to fall prey to this family's nocturnal murder sprees. All prepared as deliciously as normal tacos, and these were a big hit especially with the children. The Master arrived at the table dressed in a pair of long silky baggy looking pantaloons in the harem pants style. Over those, he wore a sleeveless tunic top that came to just about his knees, which itself was of a matching shade of purple. He preferred loose, comfortable clothing of a very exotic fashion... exotic to western eyes, that is. He always went barefoot whilst about the house, as did all of the children except for Molly who sometimes wore slippers or like today boots. She called those boots her “hooker boots” and did not care that this had negative connotations to it. She craved deviance, and delighted in every imaginable perversity. Breaking taboos was something that she perfected into an art form, and to her all art was performance art. The Master was pale, with a very, very slight yellowish tint to his skin. He was bald, lacked eyebrows, had long feminine eyelashes and he had a very regal and unusual appearance with almost shaped eyes, an aquiline nose, a small mouth and high cheekbones. His face was round, and overall he looked to be a middle aged man almost fifty years old... but with an unusual look to him that suggested a slightly effeminate nature. He had slender fingers, the sort of fingers artists are known to have, and a bit of a pronounced abdomen. This was not fat, but due to some sort of birth deformity that the man never talked about with anyone except for Molly, and she herself revealed his deepest, darkest secrets to no one. The man had grayish blue eyes, and it was hard to determine just what his nationality was. The Master's eyes were almond-shaped, and sometimes due to the look of them he appeared to almost be squinting even though this was not the case. The man had a slightly tapered look to his ears, and the overall shape of those ears what something that Molly always referred to as “Elfin”. She used to think he looked somewhat like a vampire, but had grown to instead ascribe an Elvish nature to his appearance, although if Elvish he had ever been prior to becoming one of the Black Jinn, he had fallen far from the Fair Folk and become something more tortured and terrible. In every way, he had impeccable manners befitting an old fashioned gentleman of days gone by. This of course was a mask and his true nature was something between a child trapped in an adult's body and an infernal beast from out of Hell itself. And all of this made Molly find him very attractive. He sipped the blood from his cup... for everybody drank human blood in this peculiar household... with all of the fine manners of ancient nobility whilst his eyes always were fixed upon Molly, as if she was the only child out of all those he was surrounded by whom he truly had eyes for. They made a very unusual couple the two of them, but they were happy with each other. The other boys and girls were like lost children who had found their solace in the twisted mockery of childhood that they had come to savor and delight in. But Molly had come to possess the mind of a grown woman, for she had an old soul akin to her love's.

   Molly had always found much older men incredibly attractive to her, and it probably had begun when she had pretty much seduced her own father into allowing her to perform a hand job on him once. She had only been six years old at the time when her hands wrapped around her father's cock and stroked it until he let his cum squirt all over her face. Her mother had never found out about that, but at the dinner table her father always gave her a certain look and she gave him one back, and there was something to be seen in that look and remarked upon... but it was lost on Molly's mother, who was oblivious to what was going on between the two of them. Molly's older sister had been having sex with their father for a few years by that point, and their mother never even knew that the older girl was no longer a virgin. For her part, Molly had lost her virginity to the Master when he came upon her in her backyard and took her out into the night with lustful intent. She had all but forgotten about what she did with her father, by the time this master of the Black Jinn began her full instruction into the carnal arts. But what the Master so did with her reawakened that memory within her, and made her realize that she had not been perverted by her experiences with the Master. Rather, she had always been the way she was... she simply chose to repress it, until now. The Master was very different from the little girl's father, but she was glad for the difference, for there had been much about her father that Molly did not find to her liking. But, in all full truth, the Master was the very epitome of everything that the eight year old child had ever wanted in a man. He had all of a man's passion and strength, but all of a woman's grace... with the sort of air that no man alive today can be said to possess about him. His libido was such that the Master was rather quite a demanding sexual partner, but Molly was submissive and thus was the nature of their relationship very complementary and mutually satisfying. She used to believe that her father had forced her to jerk him off that time, but now she wondered how she ever could have seen  herself as a victim of any sort. No, she had seduced him to allow her to do that to him! That had to have been the case. After finishing her tacos, she smiled at her beloved, and the inhuman man smiled back at her. One of the other little girls, who was sitting next to the Master even as Molly was today sitting across the dining room table from him, was delighting in putting her hand on the man's thigh and moving it up higher and higher until her hand was upon his cock. That girl was about twelve years old, certainly not a year older than that, and she had very light blonde hair, and hazel eyes... her name was Abby, and she had a rather light skinned cherubic beauty to her that was pretty much not all that dissimilar in respect to how a child version of Marilyn Monroe might be. Abby was even wearing her makeup in a style evocative of that late movie star, and her hair was done like Marilyn's as well. As if to emphasize the resemblance, the twelve year old girl even happened to be wearing a white dress that was unmistakably a child-sized version of the classic dress that everybody always associates with Marilyn Monroe. The Master felt the girl's hand on his penis, and moved it off of there whilst whispering to her: “Not now, Abby my angel! Tonight, you will share my bed... alongside Molly. My little Marilyn!” And she giggled when he called her his little Marilyn, and he fondled her between her legs in a way that made her blush. Abby crunched on her tacos after that, and the look she shot at Molly told the dark skinned child that there was a bit of jealousy to a certain extent in Abby's heart towards Molly. For his part, the Master was oblivious to this and if he did notice he said and did nothing to indicate that he did. The sound of the television on one of the counter tops in the kitchen could he heard, and the movie that was playing was “Interview with the Vampire”... the part where the little girl vampire Claudia was screaming about not being able to grow up, about how she always had to dress like a doll and be like a doll, but never like a grown woman. Molly often had, in all honestly, wondered how she herself would have looked as an adult... if she had been able to grow up to have a woman's breasts, hips and figure. Abby was a bit more developed than Molly due to being twelve years old, and sometimes the dark skinned little girl felt jealousy towards Abby no less intense than Abby's jealousy towards Molly due to the Master favoring the eight year old child above all others. The two girls did not hate each other, at least yet, but there was the beginnings of hatred between them.

   For many hours, the Master took Abby out into the nearby woods for a long while and Molly asked if she could come along... but her beloved told her that he had to be fair to Abby who rarely got any of his attention compared to Molly. Molly decided to sneak off to spy upon them and see what they did in the woods together, and so she climbed out one of the downstairs windows, picking a window in one of the rarely used storage rooms off from the kitchen. Honestly, Molly did not know why she had decided to steal a carving knife from the kitchen to take along with her... but she did so regardless. She had not at all been planning to use it on anyone or anything, but all the same she grabbed it and clutched it as she ran off towards the woods in search of her beloved and that little slut Abby. Oh yes, that girl was such a slut! Sure, Molly might enjoy dressing like a hooker... but Abby played the part of one to perfection. In no way was this something that the eight year old child found tolerable. And so, in this state of mind the little girl rushed off into the thick of those woods, rushed off so fast that she was surrounded by the tall towering trees and the sounds of birds, insects, and small animals, before she even realized that she was there. Meanwhile, the Master was holding Abby in his arms and kissing her passionately, his tongue in her mouth entwining with hers playfully. Her voice was almost musical as she said to him once the two had finished with their kiss: “Master Jadray, what is it you see in Molly?” and this finally was the airing of what had been building up inside of the twelve year old girl for a long time now. Jadray said in reply to this: “Abby, you know that I love all of you, all of my little angels. There is not one of you whom I love more than any other! Molly and I... we just have a certain history together is all, and you need to understand that and respect it. In time, we two will also come to have a certain history that is uniquely ours... and it shall be the same between myself and all the other children likewise.” But Abby was not having it, she grew angry and her face turned a bit red as she screamed: “That's not at all good enough! Not for me, it isn't. Babe, look, I love you... do you understand me? I, love you! You're all I have in the world, my own family was totally shit and this... this is the only family I've got that matters. I wished for a family like this and I wished for a man like you to love me as if I was a grown woman. You did grant me my wishes, to be honest about it, but I never wanted to have to compete for your affections or to have to share them in any way with other people. I'm not happy about that!” Abby hated her family, her whole life prior to her abduction and the beginning of her new life the Master's mansion. Now, that family was dead and this was all she had... she did not want to lose it, or have the joy of it diluted in any way. But as reasonable as that all was, her love for the Master had become obsessive to the point of in time becoming something dangerous. And the Master sensed it in part, and could not risk the danger to the other children should Abby seek to do any of them harm our of jealousy or her obsessive desire to keep him all to herself in a way whereby she would not need to share him with anyone ever again. He asked her: “What do you want from me, Abby? I love you also, and in truth other than Molly you are my favorite of all the children in our family... but I need to know what you want, what you wish for at the moment. I cannot grant you your heart's desire if I do not know your mind. So share it with me! For both our sake.” Abby's face got upon it an almost insane expression as she said in a singsong tone that if she had been a singer would have made her a natural at singing the most splendid of arias: “I want you, and I, to run away together... leave Molly in charge of the other kids if you have to. But let's just take a bunch of money, I mean we have enough to live like fucking royalty no matter what in any case, and we can just go and do whatever, together. Like a real honest to goodness couple. I was never gonna grow up anyway, I was born with a medical condition that would've made certain I'd still look twelve years old even when I hit my late twenties and early thirties. All making me immortal did was make certain my appearance would always match my physical age. We can just tell people I'm older, and I have the card the doctor gave me to show people explaining my condition... people will just think I'm an adult, and that we're married or something. We won't have to hide as much and live in the shadows as much, we can go out together on normal dates and do things like a normal couple. I wish... I wish for all that.”

   Molly arrived in the clearing in the woods just in time to witness Abby telling the Master this. And for her part, the eight year old little girl could not bring herself to lash out against her rival. “She loves him, every bit as much as I do if not more. I can tell he is torn between us, he doesn't know what to do. How can I make this right for all of us?” All of that, Molly said to herself in her mind, silently, being certain not to divulge her hidden presence. She looked at the knife in her hands and for a brief moment she did in fact contemplate committing suicide with it before realizing that her beloved would never want that. “I am all that stands between him and Abby being able to have a normal life together... but what about me? What about my life!” she thought to herself, and she began to feel the tears streaming down. She was crying silently, watching the love of her love listening to the pleas of a girl more desperate, more in need of love than she herself ever was. It was breaking her heart to witness this. Any jealousy she had... it was gone now. Now, she simply felt sorry for Abby and guilty for having ever made the twelve year old girl believe that she had anything to be jealous of. She listened whilst Abby cried and pleaded with the Master... telling him every horrible detail of the things she suffered at her family's hands during the course of her early childhood until the man himself was crying, sobbing to hear the things that she thus revealed unto him. “That is why I wished for them all to be dead! And you granted that wish also.” she told him, before adding: “That is why I love you so much, and need you! Only you... and no one else.” Then, Jadray said to Abby whilst holding her and stroking her hair as he tried to calm the girl down: “I do not know what to say, and even less what to do. What if... what if we just took Molly with us, and it could just be the three of us. We can always tell people she is your kid sister, and no one would ever be the wiser. If we are indeed a family, that is technically the truth anyway. We could be happy, and leave the rest of the children in the care of the servants. We'll leave them the mansion and enough money so they'll never have to worry, and we'll take just what we need... the three of us... and move out west, to start our lives over. How about California? It is the most progressive state in the country outside of this one. I know, it is a long way from Massachusetts, but we could travel in comfort and style, and a buy a house just big enough for us. You'd be happy, Abby... and so would Molly. I would be willing to grant you your wish, but only only those terms. I can never abandon either you, or Molly. Especially now that I know what you lived before coming to live with me.” Molly stabbed a squirrel with her knife whilst she thought to herself: “What if she says no to these terms? I can't live with that! Not one of us could.” She picked up the dead animal and sucked out its' blood through the wound before ripping off its' fur and skin and devouring the meat. All whilst being careful so that the noise of her having this snack thus would not be too loud so as to give away that she was still present spying upon what was happening in the clearing. The Master then told Abby every detail of his history with Molly and what it entailed, so that the girl understood well that her perceived rival was every bit as needful of the pale man's love as she herself was. Abby then, almost meekly, said to him: “I never knew any of that about you and her, I just thought, given the way she dresses all the time, like she was some... well, you know how she likes to look and act half the time.” Ironic, given that Molly had not too long before been thinking similarly about Abby, calling her a little slut in her mind. Now here was Abby, saying much the same about her... and Molly had to admit, her rival had a point. Jadray then calmly said to Abby is as soothing a way as he could manage: “We are, all of us, more than what we appear to be on the outside. Molly is not some casual fling for me, not a favorite of the moment or anything like that. Nor are you less to me than she is, sweetie. You are both my precious princesses! And I am your prince. Will you agree, then, to those terms I offered for you, to have your fondest wish of all be granted?” And the twelve year old girl who looked so uncannily like a little Marilyn Monroe said to her beloved who was so much more to her than a master or even a lover: “I will accept your terms, babe. It'll be just the three of us from now on? Make a promise! No more sharing us with other children. I'll share you with Molly, but that's it.” And hearing that made the Master smile and feel much, much better. His tears ceased, and he said only: “Granted.”

   Molly then rushed into the clearing, having tossed her knife to the ground previously, and she said to her beloved once she was there with him and Abby: “Thank you! Thank you so much, my love.” And as she threw her arms around him, Abby joined in their embrace and the three of them embraced lovingly. And there was warmth and love within them to rival the heat of that late summer day, whilst they all did cry tears of joy at the realization that they were to be a normal family at long last. They would still need to hunt for prey in order to continue to live eternally, but at least there would be times in which all three of them could go out together on dates or to have fun, memorable times doing this or that... and nothing would be able to deny them the simple pleasures of a life lived happily, and also well. In order to show that he was willing to regard Abby as his wife, going forward, Jadray adopted her last name which was the Finnish family name Härkönen. And so, this became his last name as well officially. He spent a bit of an affordable amount of money to change his original last name in court to this new one, and it was the butler who drove him there to get things done whilst Molly and Abby waited back at the mansion. In doing that, the Master decided that it was time to put his own past behind him. Things were put fully into motion after the name change was complete, and plans were begun for the trip out west. There was nothing left to hold things back from this any longer, and so it was time to set the proper plans well into motion. They purchased a small ranch style house on the outskirts of Los Angeles, and then booked an airplane flight out west whilst sending some servants on ahead to see to setting up the house's utilities and getting it fully furnished. By the time their plane touched down at the airport, Jadray Härkönen and his wife Abigail and their adopted daughter Molly were ready to burn their bridges and begin their new life as a small family. The police had never bothered to search for Abby since when Millicent Bordeaux had her abducted she took the extra (and rather elaborate) precaution of faking the young girl's death by having a homeless girl who did look a great deal like her murdered in the same homicide that claimed the life of Abby's parents and her older sister. The girl's teeth were pulled out by her killer, and her face was smashed in prior to the home being set on fire, and her body was left with those of Abby's parents and sister so that it would look as if it was a triple homicide that claimed the whole family's lives. This was a cunning detail that made it so that Abigail was now considered legally dead. Naturally, she had been a redhead and her legal first name was Madeline, so no one was looking for a blonde girl named Abigail no matter what her last name was. The fact that “both children” had the same medical condition and last name was something so coincidental that no one ever even remotely considered the notion that Abigail was actually Madeline all along... even if anyone had bothered to delve into the matter, which no one did due to Madeline Härkönen being considered legally dead. And their last name was common enough in Finland so that such a coincidence was highly believable. Of course, Jadray would not ever be able to legally marry the girl, but it was enough for them to have a common law marriage of sorts... with personal vows sworn only between the two of them. It was easy to claim that the adoption papers for Molly were lost during the move out west, and no one questioned anything pertaining to it. Prior to the move, Abigail's medical card was taken to a person skilled with forgeries who changed the name on the card to say Abigail Härkönen instead of Madeline Härkönen. This person also altered her birth date on it so that it would appear that she was an adult woman in her thirties rather than what she truly was. A fake state identification card and a fake birth certificate were also created for her, and thus was it so made possible that the planned deception could be enacted without anything going wrong. The girl she was, was dead and literally buried, the woman she would be henceforth was all that mattered. Abby was pleased with her new life, her loving husband Jadray, and her sister Molly. And for her part, Molly was not at all sorry to be rid of her own last name, Tasnim... at least now, she would not have to have further reminders of her father and of the things he did with her or that she seduced him into letting her do with him, or however it actually went down. To be certain, there was a strong perversion within little Molly, but at least now she could be at peace with it and consider it truly of her own making. A new beginning!

   Molly sat in a lounge chair on the beach, smiling whilst watching her “father” Jadray as he splashed about in the water with her “mother” Abigail. To anyone looking on... it was the picture of a happy but quite unconventional and interracial modern family. Molly wore a black one piece bathing suit, whilst Abigail wore a sky blue bikini top and bottom. Jadray had on a pair of dark green swimming trunks, as his hairless chest made Molly lick her lips when nobody was looking. He turned her on a great deal, if possible more than ever before, and she was becoming increasingly comfortable with her sexuality. In their everyday home life, the Master treated his two brides with equal love and passion. Only when the three of them were out and about by daylight or when people were looking did he revert to the pretense that Molly was his adopted daughter. He learned just enough of the Finnish language so that he could make people easily believe that he had been from Finland originally, and it was not as if this was even the first time that he created a new identity in order to reinvent himself to start fresh. There was only a single maidservant who lived with them and took care of the cooking and cleaning and all of their legal and financial affairs, and sure enough it was Tracy. She felt obligated to remain with the Master and to see to his every need either great or small. She was his mistress on the side, although both Molly along with Abby knew of their beloved's dalliances with Tracy. She had the breasts and hips of a beautiful and young fully grown adult woman, and when Jadray felt like squeezing Tracy's breasts and licking upon her nipples prior to fucking the woman far more roughly than anything he could do with the two girls... the two children always understood that he was slaking a thirst, indulging a need he had, and that when the time came for bed it would always be the four of them together. Tracy had decided to share the bed with Jadray, Molly, and Abby and the four of them engaged in passionate acts of love and lust together that made bedtime a ripe time for amorous experimentation and shameless indulgences of varieties that would make even the most libertine of hearts to blush. This was their arrangement, and it was what the four of them wanted, for in this poly-amorous family there was no need to deny any impulses or urges from the most restrained to the most primal and forbidden. Thus it was, that Jadray trysts with Tracy did not long remain secret, for it was reasoned by the Master that since they all shared the bed and also one another each night anyway... there was no sense any longer in pretending that Jadray did not find Tracy to be incredibly attractive and that he enjoyed engaging in passionate activities with her. When he was so inclined, it was not uncommon for Abby to look at Molly and said: “Hey, babe! Gimme a kiss.” and then the two young girls would kiss passionately, run their hands through each other's hair, and end up performing all manner of lesbian varieties of lovemaking with each other. Each girl's fingers would oft seek out the tender places of the other, and their tongues would sometimes follow suit until one girl did end up laying upon her back with her legs apart whilst the other licked between her legs until she felt no end of pleasure from the experience. Thus did Molly and Abby become lovers, and each in turn at times would also please Tracy in any way that the pretty young woman might desire. And Tracy, for her part, was a very creative, inventive, and highly perverted woman when she had a mind to be. It was a rather delightfully, deliciously decadent life that the four of them lived... and they lived it to their fullest. All, whilst hunting across the border in neighboring states so that the murders they committed might never be crossed in their minds with the normalcy of their life back home in Los Angeles. Tracy started to dye her hair green, and she got her nose pierced and took to wearing goth style makeup and clothing styles. Black dresses or black pantsuits, always flowing and silky garments that accentuated the woman's very unique sense of fashion, style, and quirkiness. It was that quirkiness that Jadray loved about her, and it was something the maid took to cultivating more and more as the years went on. She became less of a maid to the family and more a mother figure for the two children, and so their whole dynamic at home was very different from what they presented when they went out. And for her part, Tracy was probably the coolest mother ever! She loved playing video games with the girls, and with the Master whenever he felt inclined to join them for game nights, which he did every time they had those nights. Fun stuff!

   And every Halloween, Tracy would dress up like one of the girls' many favorite lady superheroes, and the two kids had many since they over time became huge comic book fans and fans of movies based on comic book superheroes. Not that Abby had not been a fan of all those things already! But, Molly had a lot less experience with them in comparison, so for the eight year old child it was all fun, new, and a lot more normal than anything she had ever experienced with her birth family. Once, Tracy dressed up like the super heroine Psylocke from Marvel's X-Men comic books, and she had not realized just how much of a fan of those comics, and of that character in particular, Jadray was. One look at her in that sexy and tight one piece purple leotard with the blood red sash belt tried around her waist, and with her hair dyed purple for the occasion... and the Master would go crazy with passion, and practically pounce upon her in order to tear her clothes off and fuck her with all his heart. Tracy had the body for it too, with a very plump buttocks and decent sized breasts. She definitely looked the part of Psylocke, and somehow that turned the Master on even more. Tracy was half Japanese and half British by birth, so she had a kind of exotic beauty to her that the man found simply impossible to resist. Men had always found her hard to resist, and she had simply accepted that she would always be a subject of sexual fascination for certain kinds of people. People such as the Master, who harbored a great many secret fascinations that often he would keep to himself until moments such as this arose and then he would make it known. Once Tracy knew of his fascination for Psylocke and realized he had always found her to be one of several types of women that he deemed to be incredibly attractive... she decided to keep her hair dyed purple, and in the bedroom she wore that costume a lot more often than she ever realized she would end up doing. It was yet another thing to indulge in, another game for these immortals to play, and it was something that did indeed add quite a bit of spice to their intimate proceedings. As the decades passed, it became no longer possible to remain in their present home without people noticing that they were not getting any older. In the instant when it became apparent that people were certain to start taking notice of this fact, they got a new house in a different state... sold their old home... and moved, to start over elsewhere in a place that they were not known in. This was wise anyway, given their occasionally homicidal nighttime hunts. It was their way to always hunt only at night, and always before going to bed for the night. They called it their “nighttime snack” and that was for all intents and purposes precisely what it was given their thirst for human blood and hunger for human flesh. No more did they seek to grant people's wishes, instead opting to keep to themselves and so in a way retire from the usual twisted mind games that most of the others of the Black Jinn kindred so oft found much to their liking. Of the four of them, only the Master still sometimes went out alone on certain nights in order to grant the darkest of wishes in ways that the wisher probably never intended, and this alleviated his boredom with the hunt sometimes and allowed him to still indulge sometimes in his sadistic side. Sometimes, he came home with a human skull in his hands and set it down in the kitchen table where he would say: “So, Tracy darling, do you think that we should use this for a new Halloween decoration this year for the living room... once we clean the blood and remaining bits of flesh off it of course... or should I just get rid if it?” and she would consider what it was to be between the two choices. Molly still enjoyed dressing like a hooker and acting very much like a child prostitute whenever she had Jadray all to herself, which sometimes she did if the rest of the family was busy with this or that. One evening, so attired, she walked up to him wearing those boots of hers, and he was busy playing a video game on this occasion. She blew in his ear, nibbled playfully on his earlobe, licking it a bit after doing so, and said to him: “Hey, baby! Looking for a good time?” and it was impossible, simply impossible for him to ignore that. He put the video game controller down, then turned off the game console and the television, so that he could devote the rest of the evening to Molly. If she was trying to play at being a hooker, it certainly always ended exactly as one might predict. For, this was one of those perverse secret fantasies that Jadray harbored... that of spending the night with a child prostitute... and Molly allowed him to indulge in that fantasy with her, which he found delightful.

   In the span of a single mortal lifetime, there can be much chaos, and madness, but imagine a span of life exceedingly longer and without an end to it, and then imagine that life shared with others who are of the same immortal nature. The story of the Black Jinn and in particular of Molly, is one of chaos and madness... but despite her transformation into an unholy terror of a creature and her inclinations being most of the time beyond her ability to control, she eventually came to be happy and to enjoy something of a normal life regardless of what others might think of it. For his part, the Master can be said to have mellowed a bit as time went on, and he became more gentle and restrained in his dealings with mortals. Somehow, it was Abigail who truly changed him... for it was she who opened his eyes fully to just how ugly human cruelty can be. This made him feel far more compassion towards his victims than previous. This planted the seeds for his journey towards living a more peaceful and less brutal life than the one in which he was engaged when first he by chance came upon little Molly Tasnim. A girl who shared most if not all of his most perverse inclinations, which although perverse in the eyes of society were quite of the norm for members of the kindred that they now represented. At a solitary night club in one of many American cities in the United States, there was an evening in which Jadray Härkönen went out dancing with his beloved wife Abigail. Tracy was at home watching over Molly for the evening, making certain that the eight year old girl was not going to get into any trouble. Abby was dressed in baggy dhoti style pants paired with a tight tube top, both of shiny almost metallic silver color. She was wearing her best jewelry and makeup, and looked very much like a twelve year old girl trying her best to look as adult as possible and as sexy as possible. Everyone knew her only as a thirty something woman who happened to have a medical condition that caused her to look the way she did, and no one batted an eyelash at the sight of her and her husband Jadray dancing rather dirty, and kissing each other, and generally having the time of their lives amid the neon lights, the beat of the music, and the rush of life all around them as they danced the night away. Abby's hair was dyed a platinum blonde with two blood red streaks through it to either side of her cherubic face. Two more blood red streaks ran through her hair in the back also... and she looked as wild as her heart felt in these moments when there was no need to think on all of the pressing matters of daily life that sometimes concerned her. Her husband was wearing a pair of yellow harem style pants, very baggy and full, and paired with them he had on a tight camisole top that was of a mustard yellow color, a darker shade of yellow than his canary yellow pants were. He wore a beaded bracelet made up of light green beads with purple streaks through them, and around his neck he had on a gold neck chain with a pyramid shaped pendant hanging from it that had an emerald green eye jewel set into the middle of it. His ears were pierced and he had on a pair of emerald gemstone stud earrings. He wore goth style makeup on this occasion, very black and thick with black lipstick for added effect. He and Abigail made quite the impression on everyone who saw them, and both of them let go of any and all worries they may have had whilst the music took them to heights undreamed of. “I love you!” she shouted to Jadray whilst he held her close and leaned in to kiss her passionately each time one of the songs stopped and the dancing ceased for a bit. “I love you too, princess.” he told her, and she felt so good at being called that, that tears of joy filled her eyes. “Flatterer!” she said to him, but she liked the flattery, she loved being called princess, and it made it possible at long last for her put from her at times silly little, eternally young, mind the traumatic memories of her childhood. The pair of them did not know that Tracy and Molly were sitting in a booth and watching them, happy to see this celebration of pure joy. Tracy said to Molly: “Luckily, they let kids in this particular club... otherwise, we'd for sure have had to stay home for the whole night. Having a good time, Molly?” And Molly said to Tracy: “I'm having the best night ever. You know... Abigail has one hell of a nice ass! I can see why Jadray loves to grab it so much.” Tracy then whispered, in Molly's ear: “Hey, you've grabbed it just as much as he has, back at home!” And than Tracy nibbled the little girl's ear a bit and licked her earlobe playfully. No one was looking, so she took the chance. The four of them were bisexual, poly-amorous, and truly fabulous.
Written by Kou_Indigo (Karam L. Parveen-Ashton)
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