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The Corruption of Molly Tasnim

- The Corruption of Molly Tasnim -

   It was a fair day in early summer, in the month of June. A warmly caressing heat was about the day in clear places, whilst in the shade it was a pleasant coolness that there could be found. The flowers in the meadows were bright and many colored, whilst the leaves of the trees were a rich green shade as pretty as one could wish to see. The sky was azure blue, with precious few wispy clouds to be seen as the mild breezes of the upper atmosphere upon that day blew them at a leisurely pace across the heavens. All the grass on the lawns of every neighborhood was freshly cut, and the giggling laughter of children playing outside could be heard clearly if one was inclined to listen. Their laughter was accompanied by the song of birds, and imagination might lead one to believe that the birds and children laughed together or sang together in turns. If this paints an idyllic picture, then the deception is well achieved, for even in such a seeming atmosphere of delight there can be things not apparent at first glance. Such was the case with a little girl by the name of Molly. She was outside playing for most of the morning with friends, and after suppertime was through the afternoon was upon the small town and everything began to feel different... but Molly could not quite put her finger on why this was so. The brightness of the day had been so fair to experience, and yet as the golden rays of the sun flitted through the trees in her backyard the child so felt a certain disquiet within her rather than the peaceful serenity that normally comes with the slow and eventual unwinding of the day as it prepares to become night. Her older sister was out with a boy once again, for she was of that age when girls started dating and she had their parents' full permission, which in Molly's far from expert opinion she sorely abused and misused as it suited her. Often, when her sister was thus engaged about town, Molly would steal into her room and read her diary which was kept ever and always within the easy reach of anyone with a brain to think with and eyes to see. It diary was full of boring details of this or that, nothing that could get the older sister into trouble if anyone read of it. In this way, Molly thought, that her sister was very sneaky for she knew that she was up to no good but no proof of this ever came into the child's possession. She did not hate or dislike her older sister, but all the same she never felt like there was honesty with her. And despite her many faults, and they were quite a numerous amount of faults indeed, Molly was an honest girl with an honest heart. And so, bored near to bursting, Molly had gone out upon the back porch to sit and watch the fireflies that by then had begun to flit about in the early evening gloom. It was going to be a late supper tonight, since their parents had much to do about the house and some of it was adult business that Molly could understand nothing of in the least. Things about renovations, costs, and the ins and outs of business that seemed to be another language whenever the little girl heard her parents speak of it. For at eight years old, Molly was still of a mind that could not quite grasp the things that adults talked about. She was a curious child though, for she always asked questions and poked her nose into practically everything and anything that intrigued or excited her imagination. Sometimes, it led to trouble, and sometimes it led to fun times. But never it was that she could tell which it was going to be... at least until her father was called upon to give her a bit of a spanking for misbehaving. But was it misbehavior? She tried her best to do good, and to please her parents, but sometimes she realized a very adult thing. In the end, you have to be yourself, and you have to be able to please yourself in order to be a complete person. Every time Molly watched her sister when the older girl was with a boy it seemed as if Berenice, for that was her sister's name, was trying to be like the boys she was interested in, taking on their sense of humor and even some of their speech or mannerisms and this always felt quite less than genuine and even rather a bit of a hint that Berenice did not have a complete sense of her own identity. Say what you might about Molly, but she was herself in all things and never would have thought of being like anybody else in any capacity. She was bright like those fireflies she loved to watch, and sometimes she wondered how brightly she could glow if she had a mind to. It was these sorts of musings that troubled her upon this occasion, as she brooded upon many things in a manner most uncharacteristic for a little girl of her age. Her life, oft, was bright and yet dark.

   “You can't always trust boys, Molly.” her father often told her, remarking: “They are not always quite as they seem.” He would explain, but left vague his precise meaning regarding these words. He did this a lot, the little girl noticed, and it irritated her to no end. “Why can't grownups just say what they mean? And why do they always treat me like I'm stupid.” she asked the family cat who crept over to sit down at Molly's side whilst she was still idle upon the porch with nothing to do and a lot on her young mind. She pet the cat, which purred as it always did, it was a black cat and an outdoors one for the most part. People always said black cats were bad luck, but honestly Molly never understood why they believed it, and other weird things. She had a wild imagination, but the child was definitely not superstitious. That was what set her apart from her sister who was oft a big coward when it came to supernatural things. In contrast, Molly... who had seen plenty of ghosts in her time and other weird things... never shrank back from them. But neither did she hold to ridiculous beliefs such as that black cats are bad luck. To her, it just seemed absurd to think such a thing! Molly was as pretty as she was smart. She had hair that was of a raven black color as dark as nighttime, and eyes as rich brown as was the color of her skin. Just like it was with her birth parents, she was of Middle Eastern ancestry. Arabic, she knew, but not from which of the many countries that could be found in that part of the world. She was still young enough to believe that the whole of the Middle East was a magical Arabia full of genies, belly dancers, magic lamps and the sort of things that old Hollywood movies always depicted with ludicrous inaccuracy. He new, foster family was Muslim just like her birth parents had been. But these were more progressive, and a whole lot less traditional, and the little girl was grateful for that. It gave her room to breathe and grow more as a person without feeling bound to centuries of rigidly strict religious tradition. Sure, her current family was religious but they were also reasonable and quite willing to get with the times. Her birth parents did always, for instance, insist that a woman should wear a head scarf at all times and yet these people that she now lived with felt that head scarves for women were decidedly optional. It felt good to be able to shake her hair about without a fabric holding it close to her head. Sometimes, she did wear one, and it was a pretty pale yellow hijab made from a very soft material that felt good around her head, but it was only when she wanted to and never because she had to. She always wore one to the mosque for prayer, however, since such was only right and it showed she was of a modest and pious nature. And she never once complained about it! It was part of her culture, and she was if anything proud of that. She was of a slender build, with a round face. Her smile was big and bright, and her eyes were big as well. She was a very active child, which likely contributed to her being so slender, and she was strong and could easily in a fight kick any boy's butt if she had to. And she had done so with certain bullies in the past! Much to the frustration of her teachers at school, who found her to be a bit confrontational at times despite that in every other way she was the perfect student. Her hair was shoulder length and curly, and it was not so unlike her new mother's so as to have people not believe her to be the woman's actual daughter. On this occasion, she was wearing a pair of comfortable yellow pantaloons of the baggy, draped style known as salwar. They were made from silk, and had a floral print consisting of tiny blue and white flowers. Over these, she wore a short dress known as a kurti that came to about her upper thighs. It was sleeveless and made from a light, cool material that was perfect to wear on warm summer days such as today had just been. The kurti was light green, with a similar floral style print as her pants. The flowers were the same color, so the outfit matched very well and looked beautiful on her. Molly was barefoot, and nearby the pair of blue ballet flats that she liked the wear the most this time of year sat near to the cat. The cat went inside, leaving the little girl alone with her thoughts. Molly's full name was Molly Tasnim, and that was the name she had gone by ever since she was adopted into her new home. She had forgotten her original birth family name, and that was for the best. She was not thinking about them at the moment, but rather she was thinking about her life in general. She sighed, wondered what was going to be for supper when it finally got made, and decided to got out into the back yard to practice some gymnastics... just for fun.

   Her father's car drove out of the driveway, leaving Molly to realize that it was just her and her mother at home at the moment. Her mother was busy cooking supper, and her sister was still out on her date. It was dark out, so it had to be late, and normally the little girl was inside by this hour but at present it was fun simply to practice her cartwheels and other acrobatics that she had learned in gymnastics class just this past week. Her mother paid for her gymnastics lessons, and they seemed to be paying off. Whilst it was so transpiring, Molly heard a man's voice coming from right behind her. She turned around and she saw a stranger in her back yard with her. He must have been quite quiet, since she had not heard him as he approached. He was of an average height, shorter by a head than her father, and her father was about six feet tall. The man was dressed all in black and seemed to be wearing a pair of black salwar. Over the pants, he wore a black sleeveless blouse that looked very silky. The pants were of a soft rayon material, and the blouse had a skirt-like bottom part to it that draped over them and came to about his thighs. He had on a pair of black sandals, and if the night had been any darker he would have blended in with the shadows. He looked very pale in the moonlight, and had small lips in contrast to her plump lips. He did smile at her, so she reasoned he meant her no harm. He had grayish blue eyes, an aquiline nose and very high cheekbones in addition to a somewhat round face overall. There was something almost feminine in the man's build, and he had slender hands with delicate looking fingers. His voice was soft, kindly, and sounded almost like an older teenage boy's voice, yet the man's features were very much that of a man in his late forties despite a certain youthfulness that was about him. If she could think of a single word to describe his face, she would say this strange man looked kindly. That was the word she would use to describe it. He said unto her once he was next to her: “You do those moves quite beautifully, little girl! Are you practicing to become a gymnast... or a dancer? I could see you in either role.” She smiled back, as she replied to his question: “Neither, I'm just doing this stuff for fun.” And he smiled at that, warmly, before asking her in the same quiet tone that he had been speaking in thus far: “Are your parents home, by any chance? I did not see a car in the driveway and your house's garage door was left open it seems.” Molly told the man honestly: “Just my mom, she's inside making supper. My dad's out, and my sister is on a date with her boyfriend. Her fourth new boyfriend this month!” And the girl giggled a bit only to cease doing so when she realized she was giggling a bit loud. Instead, she thought it might be a better idea to talk quietly since that was what the stranger was doing and she knew her mother would not be happy if she saw the little girl talking to a stranger of any sort, a kindly one or otherwise. She said to the man after dropping her tone of voice to a much quieter level: “Why do you wanna know?” And he said to her in answer: “Because, if you're bored and hungry... you could always come with me for a bit of an adventure! There's no telling when your mother might get around to cooking supper, she might wait for your father to get home first and that could be quite a long time. My place is a ways of from here, but I can cook pretty well if I might brag, and along the way we could get up to all manner of mischief or fun in whatever degree of either you might be up for.” Molly thought that sounded like a great time, and as much as her father told her she could not always trust boys... this one seemed very different. “Sure, let's go! Let me get my shoes on first, and we'll sneak off.” The child ran back, put on her ballet flats, and in short order the two of them climbed over the fence in the back yard and disappeared into the night. This was not the first time Molly had sneaked off to go on a crazy adventure, but it was the first time she had done so with a grown man rather than a girl friend her own age. They hurried quickly at first for a ways, only to drop to a more leisurely stroll of a pace once the two of them were several streets away. She put her hand in the man's hand, since that was what she always did with her mother or father when they did take her for walks and she figured this man was older than her father so she could certainly trust him to understand the gesture. He reciprocated, and held her hand tightly but not uncomfortably so. He looked down at her, and said sweetly: “I like you already, Molly! You're as spirited as you are beautiful.” It was the first time someone other than her parents told her she was beautiful, and it made her feel very good.

   The man talked with Molly all about the myriad things that little girls always love to talk about with friends, and she felt that he understood her as well as any of her friends ever did, if not more so. There was a strange sense of familiarity she felt about him, and it put her very much at ease. He knew about a great many of the cartoons she loved to watch, the pop music that was most relevant right now, and he talked about fashion and dolls and toys and video games... and all of it was things she loved and found easy to relate to. Adults never usually spoke with her on her level, and it felt nice that this one did. Her own parents never even did that! She corrected him on occasion, explaining that she actually preferred this or that, and liked or disliked this or that... but mostly, this man seemed to totally get her. After a bit of this pleasant banter, the man asked her to tell him her name, and she did so. He then said to her: “My, that is a very pretty name you have, Molly! My name is Jadray, and I would actually very much prefer not to mention my last name if that is alright with you, sweetie.” She nodded her head in agreement as she said to him cheerily: “That's fine! No problem there. So, where are we going?” And she noticed that as they had walked they had seemed to go very far out of her usual neighborhood. Jadray said to her in answer to her question: “Like I said, my home is a good ways from here, and it could take a while to get there. In the meantime... we can do anything you want to do, go anywhere you like. Pick a direction! As long as we do not go near the bad end of town, we'll have a good time.” She looked around, and since she was unfamiliar with this area she simply pointed down some side streets at random knowing not a thing about where any of these streets went. Her strange companion nodded his head, and said to her in the same kindly tone that he had been using with her all along: “Your wish, is my command.” and thus they walked in the direction the little girl had indicated. The street ran past some curio shops and a shop that was an occult bookstore, all of which were closed at the present hour of the night. The man pointed out the bookstore as he explained to Molly: “I've done a lot of shopping there over the years. They sell a lot of unusual books there, about things you would never learn in school. Do you believe in magic, little Molly?” She nodded her head enthusiastically and said in a loud, delighted tone of voice: “Of course I believe in magic! It's like fairies, unicorns, dragons and genies and stuff. Right?” The man nodded back and said with a growing smile upon his face compared to the serious expression he wore a moment ago: “Exactly right! All of that stuff and much, much more. What if I told you that I have lived in many ages of this world's past, in other lives and in other time periods? And... that I sometimes can see the future.” Molly then said unto him: “I'd say you were some kind of magician, or a wizard or something.” He did have a knowing expression come upon him at that, and he replied to her statement: “Yes, something of that sort is what I am.” And he told her nothing further about it than that. He pulled her close to him as soon as they passed the shops and were in a shadowed corner of the street, and he said to her: “You are such a beautiful girl, Molly! Have you ever been kissed before?” She said to him in reply: “Sure, by my mom and my dad before bed and stuff like that.” But the man explained: “No! I do not mean that kind of a kiss... I mean like how men and women kiss each other in the movies. Like... in romantic movies.” to which Molly said reasonably given her age: “Nope. I've never met a boy who wanted to kiss me like that, and my parents always tell me I'm too young to be thinking about those kind of things.” The man had, as a ready answer for this, the following which he told the child: “Let me tell you a magical secret, dear Molly! You are never too young, to think about kissing. In fact, if you let me kiss you right now, it will make something magical happen. But you have to promise me that you will never tell your family about our kiss or about what happens afterward! Deal?” She was excited over all this talk about magic, so she agreed and said to him: “Deal!” after which she puckered her lips, making cutesy kissing sounds. The man leaned down, cupped her face in his hands, and kissed her in a way that no one ever had prior. His lips met hers, his tongue entered her mouth, and entwined with hers as it did so. He kissed her very long, very passionately, and during the kiss he touched her between her legs in a way that made her feel somewhat tingly down there. He then kissed her neck, nibbled her ears, and the tingling thus increased.

   She had not yet been given that talk so many parents bestow upon their children about how if a person touches you down there it's wrong and all that, and to tell your parents if someone touches you like that. It felt interesting, different, unusual, when this man felt her between her legs with his hand and slid that hand up a bit before withdrawing it. That along with the kiss felt very magical indeed to Molly, but she was curious about why he touched her. She asked him, and he responded: “That is part of what is called making out, and specifically what I just did is called feeling you up. It's what men and women do when they want to show that they love each other.” She realized that this meant that this man loved her, and it felt good to be loved she realized... it felt a lot better, and more tingly, than the way her family loved her when they said that they loved her. She told him this, and his smile was that of pure elation as he did so say to her next: “I love you, Molly! You are a little angel in my eyes, a gorgeous goddess, a princess of the prettiest and most magical sort.” The little girl had seen enough movies to know what it was as she was supposed to say next. She said to the man sweetly and in a very clumsy attempt to sound a bit more mature than she actually was: “I love you too, babe!” And he kissed her again, this time as he did so he ran his hands through her hair and when he was finished she asked him: “Jadray, if you keep feeling me up... which, you just did again... because you love me, then am I supposed to feel you up back to show you that I love you too?” This was clearly some kind of fun game that adults play, and she wanted to be sure she understood all of the rules correctly. “Come on, let's sit down over on those steps for this next part.” the man said to her in a whisper, and the two walked over to some old stone steps that went up a hill to a nearby cemetery at the far end of the street. There, they sat down next to each other on the steps and there the man told the little girl: “Well, you see, a girl can... if she wants to... choose to touch a boy back if he feels her up. But, since a boy has something different between his legs than what a girl has, it means she has to touch him differently. Here, let me show you!” He then took her hand and put it right between his own legs where he was beginning to get very aroused. Her hand was now upon something that so bulged a bit beneath the fabric of the man's pants. He told her to stroke that bulge, and guided her hand to make certain she was doing it perfectly. “Yes, that's the way! Close your hand around it a bit and move your hand up and down... yes, just like that. Oh... that feels so good! You're a natural at this.” She could feel it getting harder, which he then told her would happen so she would not grow alarmed at this, and he explained that this was normal and that it meant he loved her a whole, whole lot. “You see, the harder it gets the more it means I love you tremendously.” It was becoming so hard that even within the man's underwear and pants it stuck out and was very stiff to the touch. He told Molly to stop after a bit of that, and he took it out of his pants and underwear and instructed her to put it in her mouth and to suck upon it. It looked somewhat wet at the end, and she wondered what it was going to taste like once it was in her mouth. “Now, don't bite on it at all, since that would hurt me and when something squirts out of it, that only means I love you greatest of all. It will taste very salty, and if you do not mind that it is okay to swallow it... it is a bit like salty pudding. Otherwise, just spit it out on the steps away from us and that will be alright also.” Once her lips were upon the shaft of this man's manhood, and his cock so was in her mouth... as much of it as could fit without it becoming uncomfortable for the little girl... she began to do as the man told her to. She moved her mouth so that the penis was going in and out of it as she stroked the shaft of it with her small hands. This caused Jadray a great deal of pleasure, and after a while of this the expected liquid squirted into Molly's mouth. She spit it out upon the steps, since it was not to her liking to swallow it, and she asked the man how she did. As innocently as if she was asking at school if she had gotten the answer to a lesson correct or not. The man's smile was a visible testament to the level of ecstasy he was presently in. The bobbing of her pretty head between his legs, and all the expert ministrations she had bestowed upon him were beyond perfect. He told her so, and that now the two of them were romantically bonded. She had just given her first blowjob, and in her mind it was just another part of a game that she was learning how to play. The man then put his penis back in his pants.

   Then, he led the little girl into the cemetery... and soon they came to several rows of mausoleums that were closely packed together. It was the darkest, most shadow filled part of the cemetery, and never had the little girl been to such a scary place before. But she had no fear of such places even so, and with her hand in Jadray's she felt very comforted and stronger than she would have felt were she by herself here. After leading Molly behind one of the mausoleums... the man then told her he was going to do what he called making love with her. She was ready for this new aspect of their game, ready to master the rules of it and become the best at it that there ever could be. She laid down on the grass as he then instructed, laying on her back. He crept down like a spider, lifted up her skirt, and untied the drawstring of her silk pants, savoring every minute of what he was doing like some sort of depraved artist. All the while as he did this, he explained that they had to both have their pants off for this to work, telling her that it was a kind of magic they were going to be creating together. She was excited, eager, and far too innocent to be able to truly comprehend what was about to happen to her next. He pulled her pants down, sliding them off of her legs after removing her shoes from her feet. He pulled off her underwear next, and after that he felt her up again only this time her virgin pussy in its' full nakedness felt his fingers as they did whatever they pleased with her. The tingling sensations, and other sensations came upon her and it felt more intense than before, as if something was awakening in Molly. It was desire, only she had not even a word for that since no one had taught her about such things until now. Her new playmate smiled as he looked at her, and this time his face was almost hungry looking even as his smile was welcoming and as kindly as ever. He took off his pants and his underwear, and then inserted his hard penis into the cleft of the child's girlhood. She never knew it would be painful the first time, since no one taught her about it... and even her pale lover had not told her that it would hurt. He had to cover her mouth, when she began to scream whilst he fucked her. He tried to be gentle so as not to hurt her, made certain not to push his manhood's shaft in too far whilst he did all of the wicked things with her that he had done with so many other pretty little girls in the past. As her girlhood loosened from the vigorous fuck he gave her, he was able to thrust his cock in and out of her further and deeper... deeper still, until she was by his exertions upon her body utterly defiled whilst the blood of her virginity fled from her. In the eyes of the law this was rape, but in the man's heart he felt the purest sense of love for Molly. She did not understand why this hurt like it did, why she was bleeding when the man was finished doing what he did to her, or why even though it hurt and was painful there was a certain sense of undeniable pleasure, an alien sensation that she had no frame of reference for nor any words to express. She was no longer crying, since he told her not to cry, and she stopped trying to scream whilst he was still inside of her, forcing her virginity to be wholly undone until it was at the last no more. She could not hate him for doing this to her, because he was just so polite, so kind, and so understanding with her... he showed her tenderness even now, as he tended to her bleeding and kissed her tenderly on the forehead whilst stroking her hair until she felt calmer, less frightened and finally able to mentally process what had just happened. “That is how babies are made, Molly.” the man explained to her, and she asked him: “Am I gonna get pregnant now?” And he told her that he was certain she would not, though he did not elaborate further about why he was so certain. He taught her all about sex after that, and educated her in things that most girls do not learn at such a very, very young age. All whilst warning her not to tell a word of any of this to her parents, and that if they learned that she had just had sex... to tell them that it had been with the father of one of her friends, since that way they could be blamed for it and get in trouble for it rather than him. He told the child that this precaution is because her parents would not be happy to learn that their daughter had lost her virginity to a stranger, and that he feared they would do him great harm in they discovered the truth. She learned from her pale lover that sometimes you have to lie in order to save a life, and she vowed to do exactly that. Because despite the physical pain she was in, she loved Jadray and understood that this was not a game after all... but a part of life that she was not supposed to learn about until she was older.

   It was painful to walk just yet, so the man carried her in his arms as they made their way to his home, or the general direction thereof. He had a bald, shaved head and lacked eyebrows, yet his eyelashes in their length were quite beautiful and as almost vampire-like as the man looked in certain respects... he was nonetheless handsome to a certain extent. She fell asleep in his arms, exhausted beyond reason. As her eyes closed, she felt her paramour kiss her upon the head whilst telling her that he loved her in such tender tones that it felt comforting beyond measure to the child. Molly had her first taste of pleasure in the arms of this man, and now she had her first taste of deep, genuinely romantic love welling up inside of her heart thanks to him as well. It was just like a fairy tale, and she was certain it was going to turn out to have a happy ending. She loved happy endings! But sometimes, fairy tales ended in darker ways, and she understood that much about them. There were no dreams in her slumber, and the darkness that enveloped her was formless and seemingly without end. There was a strange fiery light coming from an immeasurable distance beneath her, and a more terrible light in front of her in the far, far distance. Like a pinprick of light it was, but too terrible to look upon. The fire was blue, and pretty, and warm and it so comforted her. When she was within it, she felt complete, and that was when she realized this had to be a strange dream she was having... and upon that thought she became lucidly aware of the details of this place. The darkness gave way to the illumination of the blue flames that were all around her, and what she beheld was a series of sights not meant for human eyes to bear witness to. Somehow, in some way he was in that place with her, her pale lover... Jadray... and the two of them basked in the flames with a wanton abandon whilst Molly felt herself changing, transforming in ways that had no explanation. She was no longer human, despite her appearance, and what she was now could no longer go home and be welcomed by her family. They would see beyond her flesh, they would know what she had become and they would try to drive the wickedness from her soul. She could not allow that, because this wickedness was too magical, wonderful, and amazing to be parted from. “What am I?” she asked, but in that place, in that domain of the damned, there was no answer to such a question. “Salvation is yours!” said Jadray to her, and he did something to her that changed her still further. There were no dreams in this slumber, for she was not slumbering... she realized she had died, and that this was some terrible afterlife. Hell, it could only have been! And yet, she was not dead for she remembered her sleeping body being carried in her beloved's arms as he made his way... to where? She was between life and death, and in this place of unimaginable sights and sensations she realized she had the choice to remain or to return to her body. It was an easy choice! For she was young still, and wanted not to have her young life cut short. She knew, without truly understanding how she knew, that there were two puncture wounds in her neck. He had in her sleep bitten her, for he was indeed the vampire he appeared to be... and this was how she was going to be changed into a vampire herself. She embraced the change, reveled in it, relished it as the flames of that weird bluish hue consumed her soul until it was of a different nature than it had been when first she entered into that fiery inferno. “I am yours, my love!” she told the being that had called itself Jadray and which was now revealed unto her eyes as something so terrifying that it came close to robbing the child of her sanity as soon as she beheld its' true nature. Not a vampire after all, but something close enough, she understood... something older, and more powerful, from the dawning of time itself as humans count it. “I wanted this!” she realized, and knew that this was not her being like her sister and wanting to thus change in order to please some boy... no, this was what she had always wanted but never had the words to express that want, that need. Now, she wanted for nothing... but she was hungry, thirsty in ways very different from any hunger or thirst she had known previously. “Wake up, my love!” his voice called out into her mind, reaching her spirit where it frolicked with that greater version of him that was with her in that unholy domain. It was time to choose life, or whatever passed for life now. Time to face her hunger and quench her thirst! She would have to be guided, taught how to control her new urges... and, he was there when she awoke from her transformation. There to teach her how to hunt with truly refined grace.

   Three days and three nights later, after Molly's parents had reported her missing and begun a search of the entire town, and surrounding areas, for her... with her sister putting up pictures of her and asking all over the place if anyone had seen the little girl... neither they, their friends, nor the police found even a trace of her. It was as if she had vanished off the face of the earth, and neither had anyone seen her with anyone. There was no crime to report, no kidnapping to suspect any offender of, nor any sign that Molly had done anything at all except run away. After months passed, the family despaired and began to think the worst. Months became years, and Molly's sister was a fully grown woman now with children of her own. Her parents had moved away, no longer able to take living in that house where their little girl had vanished from that one strange summer evening, never to be seen or heard from again. The house went to Molly's sister... who kept it in honor of her little sister's memory. There, Berenice raised her children, was a good wife to her husband Akbar, and remained as devoted to her faith as she had always been. It was two sons and one daughter that had been born to Berenice and Akbar, and they were raised without any knowledge of Molly so as to not have the sorrow of the little girl's loss be visited upon them also. It was a normal enough life for them, and over time Berenice almost was able to move past the loss of her sister. Almost, but never quite totally. One summer evening, on the anniversary of Molly's disappearing, Berenice was outside in the back yard picking up toys that her children had left laying about before they had to go inside for the day. Akbar was inside with the kids, and supper was cooking up in the oven. It was a normal evening, and had been an altogether normal day in every respect. After the toys had been all picked up and put in the shed, it was time to head back inside for the night. Berenice got as far as the back porch, when she distinctly heard the sound of singing coming from the yard behind her. She knew the sound of the voice that was singing, but never had she heard such a sad, mournful sounding song in all her years. She realized it could not possibly be Molly, that the little girl if she still lived would be a good deal older by now and would not still sound like she did when she was a small child. And yet, the voice that sang that song was undeniably Molly's! It must be a ghost, the woman realized, and it was a frightening realization because it meant that indeed her little sister was dead after all. She had to see for herself, she had to know the truth! She turned around and at first seeing nothing she began to walk back into the back yard again, towards the source of the mournful singing. Someone was there, in the dark of the shadows, in the midst of the night's blackness. Someone who sounded just like Molly, but who in all rationality could not be her. She expected to see her sister's ghost, to gain comfort and closure at last for herself and the whole family. What she was not expecting, was the sight that met her eyes once she saw at last the source of that singing. It was Molly, looking exactly as she had the night she vanished except that now she was dressed in clothing all of black and blood red colors but with a similar style otherwise to what she had been wearing. The little girl's hair was longer and more wild looking now, down to the child's lower back, and her eyes were equally wild and Molly looked a tad bit unhinged compared to her appearance all those years ago. She had not aged a day, which shocked her now much older sister to her core. Seeing Berenice's distress and confusion, Molly said to her in a sinister manner: “Every time, you made a wish on a star hoping for me to turn up safe and sound someplace... I could hear your wishes in my head! As if you were inside my brain talking to me. I tried to ignore it until I finally realized I had to grant you your wish and stop by to say hello to you and yours. Oh, and all the prayers you prayed... the ones in which you prayed for the same things that your wishes could not grand you... I heard them too.” As she spoke, the little girl's eyes glowed with a peculiar fiery reddish glow for a moment but then it so faded and Molly's eyes returned to normal. But there was something off about her, something peculiar that her sister felt unnerved by. Molly's words, nigh blasphemous to her sister's ears, carried with them hints of something frightening even if Berenice could not determine the nature of that fright. She had no words to say, her mouth was open and her eyes were wide with the shock of seeing her sister looking at her with a hungry intensity. “You cannot be real!” the older sister, said at last, and turned from Molly.

   “How rude, turning your back on your little sister like that!” Molly exclaimed shrilly, then lunging on forward and grabbing her sister by the arm. She pulled the woman hard, causing her to turn about to see and face that which her mind could not comprehend the reality of. “My master said that you would not be receptive towards me, and he is always right!” exclaimed the child, adding: “I am what he is... and it is he who made me what I am today. Do you approve that I have found love, sister dear?” Berenice had no idea what the little girl was even talking about, but she did manage in her terror to say to her: “You mentioned a master... who is he?” For she had a sense that something dark and unspeakable was afoot. Molly told Berenice: “His name is not for your ears to hear. He has so many names anyway! Why pick just one?” And that was when the woman noticed that all of the teeth in the little girl's mouth were the sharpest of fangs, and that the child's fingernails had become like unto sharp claws as well. This thing, it was not Molly after all but some demon come to torment her. That was what Berenice believed, but she was wrong, oh so very, very wrong! Screams came from the house... the screams of the children, as the being known as Jadray began the work of transforming them as he had transformed Molly. The girl and two boys were all around the age that Molly was when she went missing, Berenice realized all too late for that knowledge to be of any use towards saving them. Akbar had been easy to dispose of... all it took, was for Jadray to simply walk up to the man, whispering an ancient incantation of hellish power and diabolic art prior to placing only his index finger upon the man's chest, which caused Akbar's heart to burst, killing the man without even a struggle ensuing. The father's cries were muffled by the gugling sounds he made has the blood form his burst heart rushed up into his throat prior to expelling itself out from his mouth in a gory spray of crimson liquid. The boys would be sent off to slumber immediately... whilst Jadray took his time with the girl, ravishing her brutally prior to sending her into the darkness to face the changes that he had in store for her. After that, he would defile the boys one at a time, and the whole ordeal would last for the rest of the night. No one had heard the screams, and even if they had it was hardly uncommon for children to wake up screaming from nightmares. Jadray's unspeakable sport would go undisturbed. For whilst all of this was taking place, Molly was busy with her older sister, and so was the woman made unaware of what transpired within the house until it was far too late. Berenice, feeling a mother's instincts pulling at her heart and mind, had a strong desire to rush into the house to see what it was that had made the children scream... and why it sounded like her daughter was making horrible moaning noises and shrieks that were the unmistakable signs that the girl was being raped in a very painful and rough manner. But Molly held her sister's arm and so strong was the demonic child in this grasp that there was no way for Berenice to break free from her. “Going somewhere, sister? I would not be in a rush to interrupt my master's fun if I were you!” the little girl said harshly, and she laughed in a way that Berenice had never heard her sister do before. “Let me go, devil! You, are not my sister... my sister is gone, my sister is...” But Molly interrupted her to say with a hiss: “Right here! Time to get your other wish granted, sister mine.” And that was when Berenice remembered all those times she had wished that if Molly was facing death someplace all alone, that any power that might be called upon in all of creation to grant wishes might deem to allow her to die in Molly's place so that her little sister so might live. It was a desperate wish born of a broken heart, but something had heard her make it... and it was too late now to take it back. “What manner of devil are you!” Berenice cried out as Molly began to fondle and stroke the woman's breasts with her free hand. The woman struggled, fought, and tried hard to break free of this terrible fiend, she scratched at Molly and hit her and even punched her and kicked her but nothing seemed to do this apparition any harm or inconvenience whatsoever. It was almost a sad and comical sight to see this grown woman attacking a child so energetically only for it to do nothing... except to make Molly laugh. “Know why you aren't screaming, sister? Because you know it is too late! And, because you know that I am indeed your sister. We are older than this world, and will exist when this world is no more. We are of fire and darkness, and night. We are the Black Jinn.” That, Molly said.

   The little girl then, as if to drive her point home, dug her free hand into her sister's left breast. It then phased out of this reality and passed through the woman's bones and into her body until it came to her heart. With the slightest push of spiritual force, the heart did burst and Molly withdrew her hand which she then willed to become solid once more as it returned to this reality. Since all realities are connected, it was easy to cause enough force on one plane of existence to affect something in the same location on this plane. That was how Molly killed her sister, and as the woman did spasm whilst the blood pushed its' way out from her mouth in a spectacular spray... the gaping wound in her breast poured forth plenty of blood as well. The little girl had released her and jumped back from the dying woman by that point, a look of delight upon her once human face. She allowed her true form to manifest now, as she sprang to the body and sank her fangs into her sister's still warm flesh. Normally, she only drank the blood of her victims... but tonight, she would dine upon human flesh and consume the flesh of her sister in order to keep herself from aging for yet another year. Once a year, she required a meal of human flesh in order to stay eternal and undying, and it was that time of year again. Meanwhile... three new members of the Black Jinn were being created in the house by the master of their ancient tribe. It was no time to drink for fun! Especially when her grim duty called. Come morning, long after the three children's souls had been made to sojourn for a time in that otherworldly place whence the Black Jinn came... long after all three of them had basked in the blue flames therein... they opened their eyes from that journey to face a craving for human blood and flesh. And their master was there to serve them Akbar's blood, and pieces of the dead man's flesh which he had cut off from the father's corpse. They were crying no longer... and nor were they screaming or shrieking or moaning any longer. They had a taste for pleasure, pain, and all manner of dark delights now, and thus were they perfect instruments for the granting of dark and often terrible wishes that human hearts all too often are inclined to calling out for. Molly came inside, to look upon her new friends... they could remain children now forever, with Jadray as their father, their lover, and their master. Their former parents would no longer have any sway over them, for they were part of this ancient tribe that was itself a kind of a family. Elemental forces would flow in their blood from this moment forward, and no power in all of creation could hinder them from carrying out their doings... in the shadows of this world, and beyond. The master of the Black Jinn and his four child companions did depart from the house in which Molly had once lived, and no trace of them was seen in that small town again after that. For they had moved on, to places where the hunting for human souls, blood, and flesh had not been conducted by them before. The murder of Akbar and his wife Berenice would go unsolved and be chalked up to a cannibal serial killer... for other bodies had turned up in that town which caused the police to come to that conclusion. A search would be conducted for the three children, but naturally they would never be found. The Black Jinn, were always the most perfect killers, rapists, and devils of the night, for in the commencement of their depraved nocturnal activities they were as shadows moving across the very fringes of the world as humans understand this world to be, and still they do move thus unto this very moment, and shall for all of time to come. So altered, is the genetic structure of all those who become members of the Black Jinn, that any DNA found at their crime scenes if examined by any forensic investigators would show up as anomalous, to the point of being of a type that is unknown to human scientific understanding. It would be impossible to determine who or what such DNA actually comes from, and thus it would be written off as simply being too degraded to be of any use in solving these crimes, which always remained unsolved no matter humankind's advancements in the field of law enforcement, and likely they always will. It was the mailman who noticed the dead body of Berenice in the back yard when he chanced to gaze in the yard's direction, when he came by to deliver some letters to the house from relatives who were concerned for Berenice's well being and state of mind. He would quit his job after that and never deliver mail again, and even years of therapy would not be able to make him feel at ease with the gruesome sight that met his eyes on that day. Some things... cannot be unseen!

   In the opulent mansion that was the ridiculously extravagant home to the famed art dealer known as Millicent Antoinette Bordeaux, whose family history could be traced as far back as the Crusades and who had a knight of the Templar order as one of her ancestors... her five visitors sat with her sipping a bit of wine as they discussed her latest acquisitions from the Middle East. The man seemed strange to her, but she did not question his sources when he supplied her with everything she had ever wished for when it comes to art acquisition. She would be able to sell these objects and artifacts for a fortune, and that would make her richer still. He was pale, with a shaved head and no eyebrows to speak of, and his four companions... all children, two boys and two girls... all were dressed in rather exotic looking sorts of garments by her judgment of such things, and those garments were uniformly black and red, with a bit of gold here and there sometimes she noticed depending on what they wore exactly on any given day or night. Mostly it was night when they had their business meetings, she noticed. But at present it was in the late afternoon. It was early autumn, and winter was still a long ways off. In all of New England, Lady Bordeaux as everybody called her, was probably the wealthiest art dealer in the entire east coast of the United States of America. The children all appeared to be of Arabic descent, but the man... there just was simply no telling what if any recognizable nationality he might be of. For her part, the art dealer so was a mature but still beautiful woman in her early forties who dressed for business in the very finest of pantsuits that money could buy. She was light skinned, blonde, and had dark brown eyes that made it an easy thing to spot her French heritage whenever she smiled... as if her rather evident French accent was, in truth, not an obvious giveaway already. She wore her heritage on her sleeve, so to speak... and it ever was a part of her in every noticeable sense. She looked at her guests once again, and noticed once more as she always did whenever she was in their presence just how strangely they acted and behaved in a lot of respects. For instance... the girl named Molly, appeared to be this man's companion, and Millicent so took him to evidently be some sort of a pedophile by the way he and that child were always acting just so inappropriately close. Always holding each other's hands, always exchanging rather intimate glances, always smiling at each other in ways that of course no father and daughter ever would unless there was more to their relationship than was obvious. Lady Bordeaux was no fool, but neither was she one to be looking a gift horse in the mouth simply because she found a business partner's lifestyle to be somewhat strange or distasteful to her. She was a most pragmatic woman, and money agreed with her far more, it was no secret, than society's morals or laws ever did. And, it was not as if she herself had not broken a great many laws in the course of her storied and somewhat illustrious career. She did not become one of the richest women of her generation from always coloring within the lines, after all! She was reclining upon the couch across from the other couch on the other side of the study, her eyes looking upon those five who sat there together. There were book shelves on every wall of the study, except for the one that had the window overlooking the flower gardens outside. In the springtime those gardens looked highly magnificent, but in the autumn there was nothing much to see about them, although the trees looked all manner of brilliant shades of fall colors and sometimes Millicent had to refrain from gazing outside for too long else her mind could get distracted by the natural splendors there... which was bad for getting a bit of work finalized, which was what she was doing now. The man, who simply called himself Jay, did read off a list to her of the latest objects that he had brought for her to examine. When he finished doing this, she asked him what she owed him in terms of payment this time. “The usual.” he so said, adding to that: “You know what we ask in payment, but if you are not ready to pay us of yourself then you need to do as you have done before and provide us with... alternative payment.” She knew these were devils of some kind, and she had sold her soul to them for material wealth and a life of luxury, the things she had always wished for. It was always children, she supplied him with, as payment so that he would not take her... and what he and the four children who were always at his side did with them, she never asked and she did not want to know. Molly gazed at Millicent and smiled evilly, already anticipating fresh victims.
Written by Kou_Indigo (Karam L. Parveen-Ashton)
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