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Poet Introduction

Intellectual, romantic, and philosophical... within my writings you will find beauty even in the darkest of places, and light even within the blackness of night itself.

Favorite Poets/Writers

William Blake, Dante Alighieri, John Milton, Edgar Allan Poe, and Many Others

About Me

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I am Kara Lucielle Pythiana-Ashton. Spiritual, androgynous, romantic, and philosophical. I seek the light and beauty that lies within the velvet darkness. I am a divine being in mortal form. A poet, an artist, and something of a dreamer. And that is only the very surface of who I am. Also, I am triple-souled, with three souls inhabiting one body due to the extremely unique circumstances surrounding my birth... with each soul being ancient and having the full memories of their respective previous incarnations. As a result, my spiritual beliefs are quite diverse, giving me a highly unique perspective. My favorite quote is: "Do as thou wilt, shall be the whole of the Law." by Aleister Crowley. Love, Light, and Illumination! I am married to Chloe Abigail Harper, who posts here on DUP as CrazyPrincess_Chlo. She is the love of my life, she is the girl of my dreams, and she is the fire in my heart.

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A Living Lullaby by CrazyPrincess_Chlo (Chloe A. Harper-Ashton)
The Happiest Smile by CrazyPrincess_Chlo (Chloe A. Harper-Ashton)
Love Conquers Winter by CrazyPrincess_Chlo (Chloe A. Harper-Ashton)
Flying Without Wings by CrazyPrincess_Chlo (Chloe A. Harper-Ashton)
Mad Princess by CrazyPrincess_Chlo (Chloe A. Harper-Ashton)
Magical Day by CrazyPrincess_Chlo (Chloe A. Harper-Ashton)

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