The Firm's close circle of closet Queers and Dykes: family and staffers alike, who won't do a Schofield or Kelly Holmes!

By Stanley Collymore  
In 1967,  the Sexual Offences Act    
became law in Britain, and male    
homosexuality was accordingly    
decriminalised! Howeve, no actual  
similar exact measures, were ever  
required essentially so relative to    
lesbianism that really in contrast    
was never banned! Yet, 55 years    
after homosexuality basically so    
became legal there are crucially    
still, hugely significant numbers    
of males throughout the length    
and breadth of Britain, actually    
holding undeniably prominent    
status and obviously powerful    
influential positions, distinctly    
with significant power and its    
accompanying influence also    
within our Government, also    
our Parliament, per se; large    
corporate business empires,    
the actually odious litany, of  
tangible toxically verminous    
MSM hacks along with their    
incessantly tax evading and    
rabidly, vilely racist owners.    
Local government officials and  
longstanding councillors too,    
as well as the actual surfeit    
of ingrained, state-created quango  
beneficiaries made from cronyism
and nepotism; major ranks of the    
Civil Service, distinctively also the    
the British Armed Forces, as well    
as other state regulatory bodies!    
Unequivocally also, the teaching    
services, and likewise the forces    
of law and order; a multitude of  
evilly rogue charities operators;    
the judiciary, deceitfully and so
discernibly pathologically lying    
religious sects, like the Church    
of England and clearly too the  
actually, serial sexual abusing    
and so paedophilia ingrained    
RC Church! And all this firmly    
unsurprisingly, accompanied  
by the family Windsor Firm's    
own panoply of their deeply    
and desirously willing, quite
brownnosing, sychophantic    
inured stooges rather keen    
and actually publicly risible
pretences, to be what they    
evidently aren't; and most    
ironically then, repulsively    
and evidently dishonestly    
contrively fashion as well    
as vilely pass themselves    
off very blatantly as very    
flawless individuals, and    
likewise clearly faultless    
heterosexuals that they    
literally distinctly aren't.  
Thus, quite attendantly    
and very ironically also    
lesbians essentially, as    
lesbianism was clearly    
never made unlawful!    
(C) Stanley V. Collymore    
8 July 2022.    
Author's Remarks:    
Gratuitously fawning to anyone in the 21st Century especially when on merit alone they're discernibly not worth it, and to compound that already rather implausible situation that these said individuals are the epitome of distinct morality and likewise too conscionable and irrefutably unrelenting empathy towards others who're evidently not that fortunately blessed, because the former are themselves actually unquestionably ordained for the roles they've assumed by God Almighty to be thus, is not only a clear travesty of the truth but equally also, a grotesque insult to one's own intelligence!    
The Windsors wealth and power came not from God or any supernatural deity but from sheer greed, gratuitous and egregiously indulged in conquest, barbaric plunder and also outright murder! Evidently the current lot spend most of their lives doing very little while wallowing in opulent splendour; this as the real workers actually toil and suffer! Moreover, they only patronize charities so the actual dimwitted members of the public will believe them to be genuinely benevolent people, which they distinctly aren't, and thus enable them to hold on to the immense privileges that are clearly wantonly afforded to them by an absolutely compliant country.    
The monarchy, quite literally, is all take, veneer, PR and deliberate proselytizing propaganda. And frankly the distinctly, very cynically indoctrinated among you, need to take off your Rose tinted glasses and get home of some essentially decent and reputable ophthalmologists; because obviously the Windsor family and its Mafia-esque Firm quite literally, really don't give a rodent's derriere about you, Joe or Jane Public; other than you financially keeping them personally and permanently hereditarily in the style to which they're addictively and obsessively become exceedingly addicted to! And more the fools, you!  
And as for them quite literally and ludicrously being the supposedly enlightened and transformative means of aspirant societal morality and human dignity in Britain, or anywhere else on Planet Earth for that matter, I earnestly suggest that you significantly and also rather sensibly, actually try looking up this most crucial word: "decadent", instead in a decent dictionary. And I guarantee you that in doing so you'll undoubtedly discover that the Windsors are the clear antithesis of everything they're supposed to be and most duplicitously also, would likewise have you continuously believe that they are!  
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Published | Edited 3rd Aug 2022
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