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Poet Introduction

I write on many topics, but my favorite topics are Love (particularly age-gap, and age-gap between human and humanoid mythical creatures), high seas piracy, Paganism, morbidity, and my emotions.

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Too many to list. 😅

About Me

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Salutations, My name is Sabrina, I am twenty-six (going on seventy, it feels sometimes), Biromantic greysexual (rarely have sexual attraction but never want to have intimate relations until getting to know an individual well, (usually I am very sex repulsed and especially repulsed by the pushing of sex in pop-culture and society, and one-night stands), and I like those who present male/masculine or female/feminine, sometimes both, (but am open to the idea of other genders) (but mainly prefer male/masculine identifying individuals, and particularly, older individuals (60's-80's))), Androgyne, I am also Pagan. I am also known by the nickname "The Girl with the Magic Hat" (from when I last went to Texas Frightmare Weekend and I met Brad Dourif for an autograph and selfie, he said he liked my hat (a teal, wool, Panama hat with a teal and grayish-purple, felt, flower pinned to the side), and when I saw him again later for the professional photo op, he said "It's the girl with the magic hat!" <3). (I say relationship wise, I am taken, because I am in love with someone else and therefore have no interest in dating anyone else at the moment). I love anything Brad Dourif and Pirate themed. I also love puns, wordplay, riddles, and archaic words/archaic forms of words. I speak English fluently, and am currently learning Swedish, French, Welsh, Scottish Gaelic, Hindi, Russian, Japanese, Mandarin Chinese, and Black Speech (from Lord of the Rings). My favorite color is a tie between any shade of blue/turquoise/aquamarine/teal/sea green, and bright/burnt pumpkin orange and warm amber and sodium streetlight amber, my second favorite color is a tie between bluish-silver, copper, olive green, sage green, avocado green, and pea green. My favorite animals are rats, bats, bears, snakes, snowy owls, barn owls, ravens, crows, grackles, and mice (though I like dogs and cats too). My favorite flowers are dandelions, orange/tea stain/yellow roses, and Sunflowers. As far as music goes, I have no favorite band/singer/group or genre, all the ones I like are my favorites. I listen to a wide variety of music depending on my mood, classical, 40's (and some 50's) big band, 50's-80's Rock/Pop Rock, 60's-80's Pop (with a bit of 90's thrown in), 20's-30's big band and jazz, 50's-60's Doo Wop, 40's-70's Country, Fantasy music, 90's and early 2000's Rave/House/Trance/Dream Trance/Pure Trance/jazz trance/Electroclash, Big Room, Phonk, Vaporwave (particularly Mallsoft), Hardvapour, Splittercore, Extratone, Russian House and Trance, Russian and Romanian Hardbass, Hard Rock, Heavy/Nu/Thrash/Death/Black/Opera/Trance/Cyber metal, some Goth music (particularly Voltaire, Emily Autumn, Madame Macabre, and Jill Tracy), Goth Jazz, Pagan/New Age, Folk Music, movie/tv show/video game soundtracks, Disney music (mainly up until 2010's), Anime Jazz, Anime theme songs, and parody music (especially Weird Al Yankovic). Some of my favorite movies include Every movie Brad Dourif is in, Every movie that Fiona Dourif is in, "The Little Mermaid", "Treasure Planet", "Atlantis", "Emperor's New Groove", "Hoodwinked", "Bhool Bulaiyaa", Doris Day movies, "Hatari!", "Sabrina" (original), "Charade", "The Valley of Gwangi", "The Great Race", "Great Escape", "The Shadow", "North to Alaska", "Some Like It Hot", "Without a Clue", "Clue", "Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid", (all of the "Lord of the Rings" and "The Hobbit" movies), "Practical Magic", "While You Were Sleeping", "True Grit", "Rio Bravo", "Babe", "Babe, Pig in the City", "Muppets Treasure Island", "Muppets in Manhattan", "Muppets from Outer Space", "Pee-wee's Big Adventure", "The Lego Batman Movie", and "2001 a Space Odyssey". My favorite artists are Vermeer, Leonardo Da Vinci, Caravaggio, and Josephine Wall. I also really enjoy animes such as "Cowboy Be Bop", "The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya", and "Magikano". My favorite mythical creatures are Merfolk, Centaurs, Fauns/Sayters, Selikes, Dragons, and Faeries, and my favorite mythical monsters are Orcs and Vampires (more of the Van Helsing (2004), Dracula, Nosferatu, and Lost Boys types). My favorite foods are Mac 'N' Cheese, rice, Sushi, extra sharp Cheddar cheese, Blu Cheese, Goat Cheese, Smoked Gruyere cheese, Cream cheese, Cottage cheese, cinnamon and cloves, garlic, onions, chives, green olives, brussels sprouts, mangos, tangerines, caviar, sardines, anchovies, salmon, and tuna (I don't like catfish though, it tastes like mud to me). My favorite time of day is from twilight through just before the sun begins to rise. My favorite types of weather are steady rain with moderate-heavy dark clouds, overcast but still bright early afternoon, dappled early afternoon sunlight, and clear starry night. (Also Cat Scratch Fever is a real thing, I have had it in the past.) I am also a night owl, and have a hard time sleeping, so most of my posts will probably be during the wee hours of the night. In my free time, I love to listen to music, dance (particularly Hula, Tahitian, Belly Dance, 70's disco, Tap Dance, Industrial, Shuffle, Jump Style, and Swing dancing (as well as River Dancing which I am learning)), draw, read, sing, write, paint, play point-and-click adventure games, play fantasy role playing and first person shooter video games, watch true crime and horror films, sew (I want to start my own costuming business), bead, make jewelry, and do D.I.Y. projects, I also want to start (hopefully soon, if things stop getting in the way) my own YouTube channel for things such as gaming, music, and project tutorials, and if I was emotionally able to leave those I loved never to know when or if I was to return, and I had a seaworthy vessel, I would also be a pirate on the high seas.
(Just a word of caution, I have a busy schedule of plundering, and my be away at sea for days at a time, terrifying the poor citizens of port towns and villages. :)

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