I Want to Destroy a Monarchy

I’m coming for YOU, death.  
Your monarchy of pain and destruction  
will soon be over.  
There’s no begging or pleading or praying to you, for we all know you will never answer.  
The gut-wrenching hopelessness  
creates cortisol  
which raises my heart rate  
and alters my breathing  
and panics me.  
You can’t miss out on that.  
He was everything to me,  
but not what you would expect.  
Maybe he was better than you.  
so YOU ended him  
I am broken now,  
indefinitely the damage is two-fold.  
How proud you must be.  
I lay here injured,  
my wings broken,  
pieces torn away from my own soul.  
You watch me crawl  
knowing every movement  
makes me bleed more.  
The pain is so harsh,  
my crying brings you the real joy.  
Slowly, I am coming for you,  
regardless of how disastrous my injuries.  
Laugh if you will as I lay weak and weeping. Continue to build your monarchy of pain  
for you have gone too far.  
the pain, the unimaginable torture  
isn’t mending my spirit,  
it’s fueling my revenge  
and revenge in this case is a good thing.
Revenge is the healing fury  
which is gradually cauterizing these wounds.  
I am not the only one you have crushed  
and we will rise  
and the ones you canceled will rise.  
There will be a resurrection  
and it won’t be on your terms.  
There is no permanency  
in decay or burning or freezing.  
There is no stability in anything
you played around with.  
There’s only stability in entanglement  
and I am deeply entangled.  
I am coming for him,  
the technology is here.  
Anything can be undone,  
including YOU!  
Written by NightGoddess
Author's Note
I always knew it was you. You always supported me, even here. I will never see a comment from you again.

Now I search. Billionaires are funding resurrection sciences. Quantum scrambling can undo anything.
I’m not in denial, I’m on a rescue mission and I’m not the only one.
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