Britain and Europe for us whites only but we'll retain those genocidal acquisitions globally that we call our own!

By Stanley Collymore

Undeniably it's high time to
quite emphatically get rid
of the British monarchy,
then most assiduously get on with
the rather evidently and basically
distinctively far too long delayed
process of effectively embarking  
on and educatedly ensuring that  
the UK can both unquestionably  
and finally, either collectively or
as actual separate independent  
countries fittingly then become  
what logically, plus intelligently
also, they crucially, literally and
quite absolutely democratically
ought to be! Decidedly, natural  
grown up countries, instead of
them most laughably and very
ludicrously so as they are now  
and have been much too long
stuck in this ridiculous  lunacy
of sickeningly embarrassingly  
forelock tugging so effusively
joined with medieval fantasy!

(C) Stanley V. Collymore
14 July 2022.

Author's Remarks:
Britain should only have  Prime Minister and MPs whose grandparents were born in Britain, says a Daily Mail enabled and Pavlov dog controlled troll, a sentiment enthusiastically approved by other such racist trolls; and who proudly goes on to boast that Australia has the right immigration policies regarding Blacks and other non-whites and why it is that this white country - irony completely lost on him regarding the history of that genocidally acquired country and that the indigenous Aborigines lived there ongoingly for in excess of 60,000 years before any white man or woman knew of the existence of that Antipodean island continent they arbitrarily renamed Australia, and even had the effrontery to asininely claim was Terra nuliius when these whites essentially got there.

Nevertheless, this guy idiotically but quite proudly goes on to say Australia's treatment of non-whites and its marked preference for whites were among the principal reasons that his son, his sibling sister and her husband have emigrated there from Britain. Likewise, this dimwitted but inured racist Brit, or those that delude themselves that they are like Tom Bauer, perhaps born in Britain the consequences of European pogroms by their own kind as well as Europe's holocaust, affect an English accent and the compulsively obligatory name change then pretentiously set about being more British than Stonehenge itself, but in essence are the detritus of Europe wide and Russian pogroms and of course Europe's holocaust, fleeing to Britain a country they had no links whatever previously and obviously hadn't made any contributions to but were humanely given sanctuary there but which, true to their indigenous character, they have in multitudinous ways quite egregiously and thoroughly barbarically misused, so essentionally though possibly born in the UK aren't really from there but effectively belong elsewhere and always will; this prat, previously mentioned, then openly and proudly goes on to praise Donald Drumpf (I always give this rather treasonous first generation USA ex President and also an innate criminal his real German familial name).

Labels too, what Donald Drumpf has racially done with the Republicans, his keenness in keeping out non-whites from the USA and applauds the Republican states generally for curtailing Black Civil Rights to democratically vote in all forms of elections, national as well as state wide.  

Racist sentiments echoed by another Daily Mail Pavlov controlled dog, a racist Karen this time; suggesting that all Blacks should be deported not only from every European country, regardless of whether or not they were born there, the worthwhile contributions which they made to those countries or how long they've lived there, but likewise countries like the USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Similarly too, South Africa and Zimbabwe should be retaken by whites, their white population urgently and arbitrarily increased to ensure that there's a markedly and a permanently dominant white demography in these two countries; and Blacks, other than those with limited and easily revocable work permits who would naturally cater for the menial and other required needs of whites wouldn't be allowed to enter South Africa and the once again named Rhodesia; with Blacks, though indigenously from these countries, now permanently expelled from what would be officially categorized as solely white owned countries!

Quite interestingly so, all this openly , enabling and totally unsurprisingly also with the full blessing of the Daily Mail, distinctively and rather odiously manifestly belligerently, coming from and actively supported by supposedly white Brits, a majority of whom as the popular and renowned TV programme Long Lost Families succinctly display, would be very hard pressed to know who they actually are let alone who their genuine biological progenitors were/are in bastardy infested Britain, where significant numbers of them clearly don't even know who their biological parents are; and simply so, because their biological mothers who dumped them at birth were either victims of family incest and rape or the characteristic slapper mums who themselves didn't know with any precision who actually got them pregnant!

But these are the said ones who quite readily fawn to the Windsors and the other sickeningly repulsive and very instinctively purportedly aristocratic elites whose distinctly dysfunctional and basically discernibly licentiously amoral existences, give a whole new meaning to the words verminous and insufferably decadent. And these are the same people too that brainwashed pillocks and dimwitted serfs, likewise yourselves, who're so irrefutably intellectually challenged, are asininely desirous that highly intelligent persons should similarly, as you fervently and instinctively do, brownnose to in the 21st Century because you are yourselves so distinctly lacking in all intellectual acumen. Frankly, do advisedly try to hopefully acquire meaningful and as well essentially productive lives; and on you way to doing so, do take your discernibly rather vilely and Borgia type Windsor monarchical family and their utterly pathetic, palace stooges personally and quite permanently with you!

Written by Academic
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