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Poetry Contest

Write about a sexual fetish or paraphilia
I can't be the only unrepentant kinkster around, can I?

- write about any sexual fetish/paraphilia
- be as mild or wild as you dare
- one week
- old/new entries
- any length
- no-one under 18 please.
- no collaborations
- and no Donato

Have fun!

poet Anonymous

The tight vinyl satiny silk shimmered.  On the voluptuous figure in the moonlight.  

The crack of the cat of nine tails on the bare bottom
as the red lights flickered dust strands in the air.

For this lady in control with her man as a harnessed in slave.  Was her luxury of value at the end of a
hard working day.

To her it was like a cannery that would sing in a cage.  His cries where melodious.  And in-rapturous
a special praise and love to her heart.

Then it was time to slide in the huge silkily dripping cucumber.  For his aching ass had its purpose
and she knew it would be in store..  

poet Anonymous



I have Lady Godiva’s syndrome

my doctors do not know what to do

I go to bars and find a man I like

while I wear a see through top

Sometimes late at night

I travel on the subway

the car is empty

except for one handsome man

then I lift my skirt

so he can see my rose

Since the internet has started

I have got a good webcam

take pictures of myself

as I self gratify

my generous breasts with their pink nipples

are captured and sent to men I don’t know

my boyfriend is kinky and enjoys the video

of me being used - by two men at the same time

I go on cruises and find men - take them to bed

I don’t even know their name

some are very generous - buy me beautiful gifts

then I come home feeling fine for a while

This urge for exhibitionism never lets go

even going to bars in the better parts of town

with a Marilyn Monroe dress made from see through cotton

pick up a straight laced man who wants just to fuck me

while his wife is not around

My doctor said: get a job you love

but all I love - is love to fuck

so now I am the star of an escort service

I am booked six months in advance

they pay me well

best of all they pay me - for what I do

I love fucking so I do excel!

Tyrant of Words
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Damn, Kitty!

Tyrant of Words
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In spite
of the fact
of the spikes
on her feet,
her skin was
still tender
when under
the sheet.

She opened
and let in
the length
of my quest,
and even
and rested
my chest.

But it was true
wherever she walked
commanding demanding
whenever she talked,
her feet led the way
when her shoes were still on
which led me to think
that each step was hand sawn.

Built by an architect,
nailed and arrayed
unless she was naked
she made me afraid.


Tyrant of Words
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Thank you to everyone who got things started ^.^

Guardian of Shadows
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Wrong Turn

I took a wrong turn in town, you see
And ended up where I probably shouldn’t be,
The seedy side of Pleasantville
Filled with smut and all cheap thrills.

No GPS, I’ve no recollection—
I probably should ask someone for directions.
I park my car and out I hop
And enter an adult toy shop.

Oh goodness me, just look at this store—
What the hell is all this stuff for??
My shock is obvious as I look around
While the owner eyes me up and down

Yes, I know I’m out of place,
Maintaining composure and my grace.
I’ve never even heard of these things—
Whips and ball-gags and cock rings.

And nipple clamps that look like they hurt
And will show right through underneath your shirt.
Butt plugs—ugh!  How obscenely perverse.
(Must feel like you’re shitting in reverse….)

Demonic clothing?  I can only guess…
Looks like some sort of torture-vest.
I think I’ve seen enough for now
Please, sir, could you tell me how

To get back to the Interstate,
It’s getting dark,  and it’s getting late…

Twisted Dreamer
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Being Used

Heat rises and builds
Between my legs
As he slams me against the wall
Hand to my throat
While he growls for me to
Shut up
Kiss him
And be his whore.
I throw my head back
As he bites at my neck
The passion building, tension mounting
As he brutally slams against me
Pinning me tight,
Scratching against my
Legs… and thighs…
Until he picks me up, only to
Throw me down
On the bed, then tie me to it
Face down, ass up.
He rips my clothes off
Until I am nothing but a
Naked, writhing mess
Beneath him,
A human toy for him
To play with.
I am a slave
With nowhere to go
No say at all
And I love it.  
To be taken over,
Controlled by another
Used for pleasure,
And only for pleasure,
Is a feeling
That never tires
And never gets old.

poet Anonymous


You boys
can keep those double D's,
those thong clad asses
that age too fast,
trout-pout lips,
the garter clad hips-
I need none of that shit
when she's wearing heels

in the black leather patent
and her blatant dominance
oozes from the tips
of those well heeled shoes,
and I forget who I am
as I kneel at her feet
and she looks at me; just meat
as she plays with her food.

For I am a giver
and I don't deny her,
as I beg to climb pins
that taste of her name-
in black denier veils
she points with a kick and I lick
with my eyes pointed north,
no shame

for the wants of a goddess
should never be ignored-
she should be adored,
outlawed to rooms in my mind
where her heels slide my neck
and we silently embrace
with my lips on her ankles
and her soles on my face

and if lust is simply poetry
then let it be said
that pain is pure pleasure
running through my head
and I worship those heels
as they walk her wood floor;
though it's never enough
I need more, always more.

poet Anonymous

Thank you to everyone
no problem my softly sweet gagged vixen....:X

Fire of Insight
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Oh what the hell!
Why be repentant when everyone is happy?

The Game

You watch me dress,
knowing that
I do not belong to you.
I leave you full of thoughts;
his hands on my skin
caressing flesh
kissing trails
to anywhere he wants
as I indulge him.
Thoughts of his tongue
exploring hungrily
as I writhe and moan
in pleasure.
Knowing how my tongue
will twist around his shaft
as I take him in.
Wondering if I will
or tease him
leaving him
to plunge between my legs
every inch  
I have aroused.
You will be incapable
of shaking from your mind
visions of me atop him
or the sounds you know I make.
You drown in doubt
as you entertain the thought
that he could out perform you.
Make me want him
again and again.
I will taste him as often as I want
and I will wear him home,
saturated in his sweat and his scent.
If you are lucky
I will allow you the chance
to kiss him from my skin.
To reclaim me as yours.
If I find you expectant,
I will deny you
even the opportunity
to relieve yourself
with your own hand
all the tension that built
imagining your sweet wife
fucking another man.

demon of mercy
Thought Provoker
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bleeding pleasures

in the forest
on the moonlite night
waiting for the blood to flow everywhere
biting at my neck until the pleasure rushes through me
blades everywhere we lie on them
cuts all over my back
her nails digging in my chest
ripping inside me
shes soaked in my blood
i chain her arms to the tree
i drag a blade across her shoulder
push needles through her hard nipples
cut her inbetween her breasts
our blood mixing together
all over her waiting body
i cut her cheek
lick her wounds
we share a kiss soaked in eachothers pleasures
the pleasure and excitement
as our bodies throb together
until i let go of my resistance
ozzing and bleeding
this my bloody pleasure

poet Anonymous

I take offence to the discrimination.

poet Anonymous

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I'll be back

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