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Poet Introduction

In my spare time I have been known to end pointless threads with a quick kill. And rarer than that is when I write poetry.

Favorite Poets/Writers

Sheogorath! Terry Pratchett, Adam Roberts, Philip Pullman, Nietzsche

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[I can be sent a Private Message should you require a Moderator to talk to in confidentiality. Especially if you feel you are at your wits end with something DU related.]  

Welcome you down there. Welcome and greetings aboard the abode of the rambling alter-ego 'Threadsecutioner' of DeepUndergroundPoetry known as Lord Viddax. Salutations to those that are familiar. Warm welcomings to those are new, to here, there and anywhere.

A poetic, prosaic, philosopher, who favours diversity and the world of Discworld.

Poetry itself can be as simple or complex as you choose with more ways to make poetry than you can shake a shaking-device at. It can be a few words or an entire story.
For me, it has a certain tempo with movement that provokes ideas, intelligent and mad at the same time. Often fitting into a certain rhyme.

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and at the death by dartford (Paul S...)
after work by dartford (Paul S...)
doesn’t ring by dartford (Paul S...)
book clearance by dartford (Paul S...)
Poster in a Seaside Bank by Casted_Runes (Mr Karswell)
the road ahead by dartford (Paul S...)

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