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Just here... A humble scribe addicted to parchment with a penchant for words...

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Lord Alfred Tennyson, Dr. Maya Angelou and Pablo Neruda, Emily BrontŽ, Sarah Teasdale

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*Miguel Cervantes,*Jane Austen,*William Shakespeare,
Homer,John Keats,D.H. Lawrence,Toni Morrison,
Emily BrontŽ/Charlotte BrontŽ,
Maryse Conde,E.E.Cummings,
The literary powerhouses that feed my creativity.

Plane Jane

How does oneís own face describe,
without sounding vain and full of pride?
To me I am as plain as Jane can be,
forehead, nose, mouth, chin and eyes,  
that about does it to surmise.
But I guess you want more;
My skin is fare with a sprinkle of freckles,
a prominent nose and european features.
A flaming mane of red curly, unruly hair
that refuses to be tamed so I donít even dare.
My lips are perfectly pouty (so I am told),
but it is my eyes that arrest and take hold.
They are the color of warm golden honey,
with flecks of sage when my anger is running .
My forehead creases severely when I am angry,
the fierceness of my looks has sent many scampering.
I have been told I can make flowers wither
and a strapping manís testicles shrivel.
Yet when my sight turns compassionate,
you feel  the sentiment is fathomless.
And if it is passion that in my eyes you perceive,
the intensity ignites  all your synapses with ferocity.  
More than one time I have been told,
that I have bedroom eyes, bewitching to behold.
That I could possibly see into a manís very own soul,
and discover all the secrets that there he may hold.
But all of that means nothing to me,
I am just a plane Jane as anyone can see.

Gypsy Red

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