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What inspires you to write?

Twisted Dreamer
United States
Joined 3rd July 2021
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Usually pain, writing is how I get through all that life throws at me

Tyrant of Words
Canada 36awards
Joined 30th July 2020
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A need to get rid of the stress, the negative energy inside me.

Tyrant of Words
Joined 15th Oct 2018
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well, with no muses left after the last letter bomb, bombing ~
i have only current events (global, online, neighborhood courtyard) You know, everyday shit that irks me as my fuel to keep the lanterns lit

Metaphorical Disposition
Thought Provoker
United States 1awards
Joined 22nd Apr 2023
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I would say my outlook on life, as well as relationship with God, and appreciation that I have for creativity in words, are 3 things that inspire me to write.  I am moved when I hear inspiring lyrics in a song or see something that stimulates my perception.  Knowing, understanding, learning, growing, and maturing in faith, there is always something to fuel the fire of the mind.  I don't know, I just get excited, and before you know it, I'm halfway through a poem.  Inspiration and innovation are difficult to maintain, especially when you hold yourself to a high level or regard in your rudimentary discipline.  I tend to mix some of that into my work (obedience, discipline).  Anyway, other things inspire me as well.  Inspiration is just something that comes and goes at the right moment, at least for me.

Strange Creature
New Zealand
Joined 6th May 2023
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I have long had the urge to create something worth reading, being both dyslexic and having ADHD this is something I struggle with.    I guess writing has always been a way of putting myself to the test as well as clear my head and put things to rest.
The next logical step, take the plunge and be brave enough to share.

Strange Creature
United States
Joined 21st May 2023
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Typically strong emotion whether pain or joy. Occasionally a unique phrase will prompt a whole poem.

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