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Poet Introduction

I write a lot more fiction than poetry these days but I never know when a poem might decide to bleed out of my pen. -Gemini †P.S. When someone tells me to go fuck myself, I screw Holly.

Favorite Poets/Writers

Charles Bukowski, Ernest Hemingway, Axl Rose, Layne Staley, Roger Waters, Quentin Tarantino

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Poetry was the gateway drug for me as a writer and while I still enjoy poetry, I am more of a prose writer these days. I've written roughly two dozen short stories (some are posted here) and I'm currently writing my second novel after a three year hiatus from writing anything at all. Yet, poetry is always in the mix and I still write the occasional poem. I find peace, truth, and therapeutic value in writing poetry. I don't rhyme much anymore and my poetry now days takes on more of a prose-like style. Anyway, check it out for yourself and let me know what you think. Please remember, one comment on my writing that gives me honest constructive criticism is worth more to me than twenty comments stroking my literary ego.


"Why I Write"

At times it comes out masterfully like
Bukowski or Fante
but more often than not
itís as pathetically piss poor as the work of
Paterson or E.L. James
reeking of a writerís most gut wrenching enemy;

I donít do it for you
and I couldnít give a ratís ass what you think
any more than you give a shit what runs through my demented dome
I donít write for money or fame or notoriety
however, Iíll gladly accept it if it comes my way
If you want to publish me, then publish me
but if you expect me to edit to suit your readers
you can tongue fuck my rectum
and while youíre down there
be sure to anally intrude me like angel
with a serpents tongue
until She leaves my mind

Ďcause everything brings Her to mind:

my lighter
the reaper
my bookshelf
the ringtone
even the plaque in the god damned park
reminds me of Her;
and the list goes onÖ

I write to remember Her
and I write to forget
I write to sort through the clutter in my skull
as a cheap therapy
that allows me to converse with my soul
because itís more freeing than a cocktail
and less hassle than shooting smack
and unless I leave all of me on that page
itís unsuccessful;
no matter how many people
read it or
love it.

Copyright © 2013 Jackson Kane

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