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I don't care to debate religion and politics because the people who like that aren't generally listening to each other anyway. I am very flirtatious and will say things that are way out there if it is funny. I am also very married and very in love (even after 10+ years). Anyone who thinks my joking and playfulness would lead to anything my husband wouldn't approve of can stick their nosy speculations right straight up their...
I have a hard time saying mean things and tend to care very deeply for those I let close to me. Sometimes to my own detriment. Once I care, I will always care. I am honest, sometimes to a fault, and I love... I love to love. My priority is my family, but if you need something and I can be there, I will.
I write about pain I've been through, and anything that makes me smile. About love and it's expression.
I hope you take a look through my work and find something that makes you smile, and something that touches you.
From my heart to yours, and I hope we can make some connections.

Mellow, I am not.
Excited quite a lot.
Love unconditionally.
Inspiration's what I see.
Smiley, sweet, and touchy feely.
Sensitive and also silly.
Angelic, hardly, but I'm trying.

This is me, there's no denying.

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☎.. by lepperochan (Craic-Dealer)
Twinkle Toes by PierreTheMad
My Companion by DrLove
Bare by DrLove

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