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Dangerous Mind
United Kingdom
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The Nurse Who Loved Me

I'm taking her home, with me
all dressed in white
I don't want to share all
but this I will say
I fucked a nurse, once or
we might, have made love twice..

She had a Vampire fetish
my neck, still sore at the thought
Should have seen
the marks, I left on her back
For I let the Leopard out
she stuck a catheter in
drunk deep, my blood

Say hello
She acts just like
the nurse
with all the other guys

Lost Thinker
United States
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Cause me pain
hurt me good...
i like it!

Bite me hard
scratch my skin,
let out all your rage within
take it out on me.
i like it!

oh hurt me again
please cause me more
i like it

demon of mercy
Thought Provoker
United States
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Donato said:I take offence to the discrimination.
your problem
not mine

Dangerous Mind
United Kingdom
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deathheadforlife said:[quote-207091-Donato]I take offence to the discrimination.
your problem
not mine[/quote]

Gypsy Red
Tyrant of Words
United States
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Tyrant of Words
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Donato said:I take offence to the discrimination.

it's to prevent me discriminating against everyone else o.O on DUP masochist spanks you.


thanks for all the fabulous entries so far.

Thought Provoker
United States
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i watched him above me
as he swindles my eye
and each plunge never dissipates.
Eyes roll back and the pressure is more than the average pleasure

i could never default my feelings
and trade them for a god's glory over my head
but the choking comes before i do,

and his palm matches the measure of my edge
O' goddess'!
There's silk between my legs

and i know he loves me more

Fire of Insight
United States
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Joined 9th Dec 2011
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I kneel, supplicant before you
my will
offered up in quiet surrender
awaiting your approval
or reproach
the fine line between pleasure and pain
becomes ever sweeter drawn by you,
with every touch,
Tormenting desires awoken,
I quiver
enslaved by heat and hunger.
Bend me to your will
My Master
show me what you most desire
my purpose but to serve
through your dominion I find myself
You, the Master of many
my only

Make me your confidant
pen me your deepest thoughts.
Your dreams, I keep as if my own.
I want to feel your writing
and surrender to you
or nothing at all.
I am your page
stain me with your ink.
I want to be your lover
and find the passions
that move you to action.
I want to be the wickedness
that drags you back for more.
I want to please you.
No it is no secret, Master
and to put it very simply,
I want you
like never before.

Fire of Insight
United States
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Smooth and soft,
the sensual curve
of the arch.  
her feet.
The first fleeting
(for fear of 'you weirdo')
of her perfectly proportionate,
toes aligned.
The dips and contours
of skin wrapped tight
over the ankle,  
sleek and feminine
all that is woman
in the way that
women are women.
Not only
and perfect
and soft to the touch,
her feet
the very essense
of her perfection
through life,
sorely devoid of love,
no more.
Deep in sleep
and not even a peep,
asleep on your side,
feet together
(arches soft atop one another
and ready for sexual slide)
I will
(deep in her slumber)
and discrete,  
to explore
this new obsession.
The most unappreciated
and under loved part
of her
no more.
precariously hovering
so as not
to awaken his queen,
loves the unlovable.  
And so...
A climax thought odd..
sexy flesh of feet,
you are my fetish.
My love,
Slowly stirred awake,
sly smile
upon my money maker
"Are your feet sticky, love?"
'No, why?'
"Cause I cleaned them off"
wink, wink,
nod, nod...

Marcus cooke
Dangerous Mind
United Kingdom
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"I Was Lost In A Sex Shop" By The Marcus De Sade

I was lost in a sex shop;
the gimp had got me marked
“nice day for it”
In jest, i happen to remark.

The leather clad gimp
takes exemption to this,
with dark glowing eyes
looking into the abyss.

She tried to dominate,
she tried to make me flinch,
I only came here
because one of the ass beads
rolled under the fridge.

I was lost in a sex shop,
curiosity had been replaced by fear,
the hands of time had not been kind
exactly how long have I been here?

I started to run,
this was considered rude!  
I was felled by a broken bottle of lube.
I awoke, feeling the worse for wear,
tied and bound a wooden chair.

A latex covered hand appears out of nowhere
and ties me to a chair,
pulling my pants down,
dazzled by the glare of her shiny p.v.c outfit.
“You’ve been a naughty boy?

My hopes and spirit sank,
with a glee in her eyes
she proceeded to spank.

This feeling was new
as my ass was beaten
new shades black and blue,
Unable to think let alone walk,
my jaws clench involuntary
as I tried to talk.

Untied, I made my escape;
this had to be some sort
of silly fetish mistake.

Pick a door, any door will do,
as a gimp stood in front,
brandishing a large jewel
encrusted dildo.

Underneath the mask
I wasn’t sure if it was a he or a she
so I kicked it in the bollocks
and began to flee.

Diving for cover,
fast on my feet,
the gimp will never catch me
it should look before he leaps.

I was lost in a sex shop
……..I bloody Loved it!!!!!

Thought Provoker
United Kingdom
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The sight of the belt

makes my heart flutter

as it glides through the loops

I melt like butter

the anticipation of the sting

the patterns it will bring

the feel of the leather

such painful pleasure

Lord Viddax
Guardian of Shadows
United Kingdom
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And Vanilla is now Neapolitan

Mild is Wild
Plain is insane
And Vanilla is now Neapolitan.
A few ropes here and there
is all thats needed to make me wild
Because for me the ties that bind
opens up my boxed passions,
The wonderful pandora in bondage
is bound to become my paradise.
Forget ultraviolence and extremism
That force the boundaries too far
pushing the envelope where the message fades and falters.
When all I need is a few changes
And therein I will blow your mind
If only you'll change your world
to a more constricted one.
A little light bondage goes a long way
for my darker desires.
Talk with your eyes for the gags on
Move with your lips for the ropes are on
Wear a collar to flip my switch.
Just a minor deviance makes it a fetish
But the love will be as true as any other.

Strange Creature
United States
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Fabulous Feet- Deja Vu

On a warm and sunny day
A beautiful woman walked my way
In spite of the summer heat
I could not keep my eyes off her feet
Those nicely painted toes caught my eye
As they were painted like the sun lit sky
So shiny, smooth, and bright
I could not get them out of my sight
She walked over and said with a smile
Would you go with me for awhile?
I stood right up to my feet
Held her hand as we did greet
She led me to her place of rest
This day so far was the best
We walked in through the door
She asked me if I wanted more
With a grin upon my face
Said lead me to the special place
To the couch we walked with ease
As my mind raced with ways to please
She washed her feet then sat by me
Pleasure she desired as I could see
She laid down as I took her foot in my hand
She moaned as I sucked,  it was so grand
Her other foot rubbed my cock
As I sucked her hips did rock
My hands slid down her thighs
She let out seductive sighs
My cock was hard and she was wet
How much better would this get?
My fingers traced along her lips
More and more she rocked her hips
Up and down her foot rubbed my cock
Then all of a sudden I was in shock
A horn sounded loud and I was awaken
Then I bus pulled up my bench started shaking
Startled by the driver as he opened the door
It was only a dream and I wanted much more
I got on the bus and walked down the isle
This head lifted up looked at me and smiled
It’s like we had met some time before
She looked like the lady who wanted more

Alexander Case
Dangerous Mind
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Rule Number 4: If you care to fuck it, take good care of it.

He tightens the belt around my neck. My breath is restricted, deliberate and slow. His hands and fingers are everywhere, groping my breasts, violating my mouth, probing deep in my cunt and taunting my ass hole. He is smothering my clit and biting my neck. He is dominating every inch of my body, every piece of my flesh and he is holding my fragile breath. I long for his cock to be slid deep inside me. I moan and beg for him to fuck me. But he ignores me as he is in control, so I hold my breath and wait for his mercy.

His hand starts to linger around my pussy, working my citreous with three fingers, spreading the lips apart and reeling in my flow. He inserts each of the fingers one by one, alternating between the index, middle and ring fingers, pushing them up inside. I can hear myself moan as he fucks me with his manly hands, I sound like a cat on heat that’s been tied up to a tree. The sound expelled from my mouth is hideous, but I’m well beyond the point of self-consciousness. I can feel my muscles clench around his hand, I don’t know how many fingers are inside me and which holes he’s penetrating, but it feels fucking amazing.

He spreads my legs apart and eases his appendage up into my dripping swollen cunt. I’m gasping for air as he begins to drive his cock inside me slow and strong. With every lunge the belt tightens and slackens on his withdraw. I’m breathing to his rhythm and for his rhythm I do exist. He builds up speed with each thrust, which makes me groan with satisfaction. My legs grow weary and I start to slump against the wall, the belt gets tighter as he pounds faster and deeper than before. My body is numb all over, my mind is cloudy and I begin to feel faint. Suddenly there is a surge of heat around my pelvis and realize that I’m rubbing my own clit as he fucks me. The build up is long and intense. My body feels like it is being engulfed in flames as I begin to implode into oblivion. The intensity of the fire grows and in an instant I am burning out of control.

Euphoria has become me. The orgasm has the intensity of a train derailing from its tracks. For the moment that I explode, tremble and convulse, I do not breath, I can not see, the world is silent except for the ringing in my ears that drowns out my own frenzied screams.  This is my nirvana, my enlightenment, my religion and my cocaine. This is my life and death fused together in one single perfect moment when a complete stranger makes me come.

Written by Alexander Case

Fire of Insight
United States
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Choke a Bitch

       We had already fucked four or five times that Friday morning and afternoon. I lost count. We hadn’t left the hotel suite all day. The king size bed sheets contained pools of her twat juice and my dried up semen. Samantha and I were planning on touring the town that evening. First, one more quickie, which for us, meant at least a half an hour.
     I lied on my back and she wrapped her lips around my tired cock, trying to suck the blood back into it. She was on all fours on my left side. I reached around and began to play with her pretty little pussy. My right hand was twisted up in her long blonde hair and gripping the back of her skull. As my cock rose, so did she, giving me a long passionate kiss. She nibbled her way down my neck, chest, and stomach, ultimately swallowing my entire cock back down her throat. “Come here,” I said, tapping her ass with my left hand. She swung her ass around and straddled my face, lowering her sweet pussy onto my lips. I grabbed her hips and pulled her in tightly, burying my tongue in her twat while she continued sliding her expert lips up and down my cock. After a few minutes of this heavenly give and take, she got up and exclaimed, “Fuck me. Now!”
     I mounted her. I slid in and started plugging away on that hot cunt of hers. The lights were off but enough sunlight was shining through the curtain for me to look into her eyes while penetrating her. I started at an average rhythm. Not too fast. Not too slow. We had things to do though and after shooting off four or five loads of cum already that day, it wasn’t going to happen quickly this time. I lifted her legs above her and rested her ankles on my shoulders, placed my hands on the bed for support and started drilling her with long, fast strokes. Our eyes were still locked. I grabbed her ankles and spread them apart for a deeper penetration. Whilst I am usually a very giving lover, I only had one goal at this point. Empty my balls into her.
     I lowered my body down right on top of hers, felt her nipples press against my chest, and kept stroking away with more vigor every time I pumped into her. Our eyes were still locked.
     “Fuck me harder!” Samantha moaned.
     I started pumping her with everything I had. My hips thrust back and forth. I grabbed Samantha’s wrists and pinned them to the bed above her head while I still had her petite body pinned down by my large torso. Her moaning got louder and faster as I kept plunging into her pussy. I felt her cunt squeeze my cock. The first of her common multiple orgasms, caused more blood to rush to my cock.
     “Come on Frankie! Fuck me harder!” she screamed out.
     I gave her everything I had left in me.
     “Is that all you got?” she asked, provoking my masculine ego.
     I put her little wrists together and grabbed them in my right hand above her head, releasing my left.
     “Shut the fuck up, bitch,” I ordered.
     I wrapped my hand around her neck and squeezed her throat. She responded by gripping my cock harder with her cunt as she released another orgasm.
     “Oh my fucking god,” she managed to utter.
     “I said, shut up, bitch!”
     She came again.
     “You fuck like a pussy. I’m gonna find someone who can fuck me like a man,” she said, provoking me to fuck her even harder.
     I clamped onto her neck tighter now and asked, “What did you say bitch?” She couldn’t respond. Her pussy was out of control, having orgasm after orgasm. Her eyes were full of fear and excitement. Samantha’s mouth was open, gasping for oxygen. I kept pounding her cunt with everything I had. I felt her juices dripping down to my balls.
     Still looking into her eyes, I saw them slowly start to roll back. As they did, her cunt clenched my cock with the strength of a vice, as tight as a sixteen year old virgin. My cock started to convulse inside her and I began spurting my hot cum into her while her eyes continued rolling back. When I was sure I’d released all of it, I quit thrusting and I let go of her throat. She gasped for air, breathing heavily as I got off of her.
     “You okay, baby?” I asked.
     She nodded, caught her breath, and said, “I love you. That was amazing!”
     “I love you too baby.”
     She snuggled up beside me with her head lying upon my chest. I wrapped my arm around her and we both nodded off into a deep sleep.
     We never got around to touring the town that night.

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