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The Ethereal Euphony of Elvish Enchantment

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Poetry Contest

Explore the emotional and psychological landscape of erotic relationships through poetry. I am looking for sensual and introspective poems that delve into the complexities of desire, vulnerability, and intimacy in erotic connections.
I invite you to explore the complex and intimate world of erotic relationships through the lens of poetry. In this competition, I am looking for poems that delve into the emotional and psychological aspects of erotic connections and the vulnerability and intimacy that comes with opening oneself up to another person.

Your poems might explore the joys and challenges of erotic relationships, the complexities of desire and intimacy, the power dynamics that can shape erotic connections, or any other aspect of the rich and diverse landscape of erotic experience. I welcome a wide range of perspectives and styles, from sensual and steamy to introspective and reflective.

As you craft your poems, I encourage you to consider the many dimensions of intimacy and vulnerability in erotic relationships. What does it mean to open oneself up to another person physically and emotionally truly? How do we navigate the risks and rewards of erotic connections and the potential for both pleasure and pain?

I am excited to read your submissions and to celebrate the power and beauty of erotic poetry. So grab your pen, let your imagination run wild, and join us in exploring the depths of intimacy and vulnerability in erotic relationships.

All styles and perspectives are welcome as long as submissions are respectful, consensual, and adhere to appropriate content guidelines.

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Where's elvish in this?

Tyrant of Words
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God jr. was sitting at his desk
Tired of looking at silly theological-philosophical
Such as how many angels can sit on a pin
Or did Adam have a belly button
He needed action
The really bad news Lucy Fair was on his mind
He could not go there.
She would bring him down with her directly to Hell
So what
He called.  She was pleased to hear from him
They met at the Cock and Croc sports bar
A  table at  the back where, in the midst of all the noise and the haste they enjoyed a chat
God jr was obviously stressed
Under the table she put her hand on his knee
She felt something....and so did he
She led the way to one of the plush rooms above
Dim lights, four poster bed
His high morals were giving him trouble
But he was weak, too weak to resist
''Oh, Jesus'' he mumbled as Lucy Fair showed him the way
As he discovered the pleasures of Hell
And as he also discovered Paradise.
Written by robert43041 (Viking)
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Twisted Dreamer
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never seen such a glee of eyes...... like i see in your eyes                                          
look at you, dear muse....like a lily in blue                
Your lips, your cheeks....oh my god! how crisp                                                                         
somebody go, tell the world....there you say, i have fell                                      
damn these perky curves....when i see my eyes blurr                                            
let me be, with eyes closed...kissing you to the throat                                            
sliding clothes down your hips...... oh my god my breath slips                      
it tease my wand....what you want? do you wanna get laid ?                                           
Why you smiling when asked, from deep my heart "oh baby, you will bleed"                          
if thats a wish, then let it be... get on four like a pussy,                                        
rub your ass against my shaft, sometimes roll sometimes snag                                        
ohhhh baby i'll love that...........haaaaa baby i'll love that........
Written by magichearts
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poet Anonymous

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there will be no
of semen
and cunt juice

there will be
of energy

and cane


there will be no
penile perforation

there will be
of mind
and spirit

like the priest
god and sinner

like the spider
spinning the web
of the universe
Written by Kinkpoet
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Dangerous Mind
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fuck me like we fell in l*ve

Baby, just tonight,  
let’s get drunk  
on the taste  
of fingerprints  
on naked  
Just tonight,  
scoop me up  
in your strong  
arms and cross the  
threshold with  
my heart,  
even if it’s all ashes  
in the day;  
and just tonight,  
fuck me  
like we fell in l*ve  
Wind your fingers through mine,  
and keep me here  
all night,  
wet skin, damp hair, pure need,  
until your shoulders shake  
until your name is a whispered prayer  
until my toes curl into the bed  
and I half sob  
then, baby, take those last  
ten strokes like  
a man unhinged,  
while my hips  
buck hard enough  
to bruise us both  
and when you drop your  
weight on me,  
heart racing,  
breath ragged,  
cock twitching  
I’m going to hold you  
closer than my  
own skin,  
like I’m a just  
a little in l*ve  
Baby, I’m drunk  
on the taste  
of my fingerprints  
on your naked skin  
Fuck me  
(just a little)  
like we fell in  
(just tonight)
Written by Betty
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Dangerous Mind
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Locus Amoenus

Fair damsel eye, though you be ephemerist
your hot blood for her won't let you deny
her visage, with brief vision was gently kissed,
     by your helpless eye...  
wandering always as it forever will
It saves the heart when it skips a lusty beat
in contemplation of her as your thrill
     on a satin sheet...
for there would be candid perspiration there,
of an inalienable desire...
for her to breathe as well the very air
     you can both admire.
Then inviolately from the mind of man
around their bosomy orbs they more explore
and rapidly expand their amorous plan...
     for esprit de corps.  
And henceforth in derision is man pride held
by ladies with mutually tongue tied twats
whose misogynists they effectively geld...
     via caveats.
Now rude men will surely fade into the past  
because the issue is as simple as that;)
and only dildos will be the cocks that last...
     in requiescat.  
No more complications by testosterone
or by meat injection some foul disease
and only by the semen from a stud farm loan...
     will we aim to please...
and all because men could no lessons discern
like whispering care into a lady's clit
to show her skittish mare like soul, we learn,
     but with half a wit.    
Written by MidnightSonneteer
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Tyrant of Words
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spitting it out.

I want it  
like sheer madness  
that's weeks starved,  
gnawing each thought to the bone    
craving utter destruction in complete    
my hidden, rabid lunacy    
is uncontained fire    
 scorched earth,  
breathed with every breath    
The taste of evil coats my tongue    
I need it    
like I know you do    
wickedly, I laugh inward    
intentionally pushing buttons-hard    
fucking your mind - up    
for the unparalleled pleasure of reaction  
Is it evil when it's required sustenance    
we both feed of?  
I hear my voice - brutally biting and beautiful    
(saying something about unfit fathers)    
and you,    
being like yours    
knowing just how fucking shitty that is    
and how deeply the wound slices    
Clawing , Ripping , Tearing    
I must draw serious blood    
from each searing word-puncture—  
bleeding plentiful    
I feel you sweetly and horribly teeter    
making my wet pussy    
crushingly grind against my drenched panties

I can see your delicious rage-desire    
building and viscerally course    
just under your skin    
my foul bitchiness is fully automatic    
the selfish cunt that I am,    
relishes inflicting pain    
a means to an end    
of my own second by second aching    
His control, is epic    
yet I. am. relentless.    
I need it    
to be fucking punished    
brutalized and contorted    
like I know you want ...to do    
Must. do.    
We, must do.    
I know what I have buried,    
(all that is disgusting and depraved)    
and what my actions will solicit    
I double down  
releasing any submission    
to vicegrasp onto old weapons    
without thinking    
it flows, mercilessly    
just, do it    
Only you know and accept the filth fuck that I require    
Mouthing off with—    
"you fucking idiot, pussy"... "It's no wonder they left you" kind of meanness    
needing that moment    
where controlled mastery    
slips into the severity of payback.    
My truth is harsh and scary and honest    
I need you to abuse me    
need this heightened fear state    
brutalizations, I command silently    
you need the convincing, I supply    
soothing a darkness we both    
more than understand    
raping all semblance of reality    
throwing me against the wall-floor-bed-sink    
slapping my tits until I'm screaming    
with consensual, terrified eyes watering    
is a welcomed communion    
decorated of welted beet red rewards, pulsing    
Instantly trust to fill every single part of me    
over and over and gloriously over again    
caressing ornate pain with savagery    
waves of it, anoint and exalt    
turbulent tears    
stream down my cheeks    
even I can't tell if they're tears of pain or joy    
making them the sweetest kind    
I want it    
like I know you do  
like I know you did    
and I take it  
Written by Bluevelvete
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Heroics Erotic

The Sexual Vulnerability of the Seventy-year-old Hip  
"The greater the sexual risk at ninety, the greater the sexual risk at ninety."  
-- an antic Realist antique  
In being several eons past the April of my prime,  
my intimate relationships have grown a bit complex,  
this bone arthritic vexed each time it strains and sweats to climb,  
my eighteen-year-old mistresses demanding endless sex --  
the steamy virgin landscapes of a rich, erotic wild  
a challenge hard to but a brittle bone of sickly skin  
plus one old feeble bladder leaving vistas vast defiled,  
each boner leaking flopping out and in and out and in --  
though worse than yet the vistas wet the sensual terrains  
the sec the shriveled bony bowels loose lose full control  
till over every country, matter splattering the plains  
across a sweep and panorama plugs each waterhole --  
still all my countless mistresses the risk of drowning dare  
on opening themselves up to a backbone sans compare!  
a dedication of Respect  
the Pain of the shape of each erotic relationship  
to come  
a revolving helios sonnet menippean satire on  
the sexual joys and challenges of the gray-haired  
penis pooped
past its prime  
(not to mention the botoxed lips of the blue-haired vagina jaded)  
march, 2023 -- yet each sexual landscape inevitably turning  
a wasteland  
Written by Jordan (D.O.C.)
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Sabrina Kirk-Caldwell
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Damn, that was misleading. I was so excited because I saw the title and thought this would be about Elvish magic and possibly ethereal other realms. Whelp...off to make an actual Elvish comp. (No hard feelings, BTW.)

Karam L. Parveen-Ashton
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An Erotica of Eden

- An Erotica of Eden -

There is no need to fear the flame, so embrace me as I desire!
Cast aside thy skirts and finery, that I may view thy nakedness.
Is such love a metaphor for the spirit revealed by a divine fire?
Then let us love like the gods: run thy hands across my dress…
And find delight between my thighs, as I ready myself for thee.
Let us dip our feet into the waters that wait to caress them soft,
The waters of passion, which lap and lick to set the spirit free…
Only for the heat of the moment to carry us ever so madly aloft!
Such is the moistness of a stolen kiss, from lips willing and wet.
My tongue laps against thy mouth, my teeth biting so playfully…
As we tumble at the foot of the Forbidden Tree without regret.
The sanctity of Eden’s gardens are remade by us, so blessedly,
So that God might be moved to blush by the fierceness of lust!
Thou dost divest me of my garments, as if opening a sweet gift.
I raise my rear, and into me I feel the pushing of thy first thrust,
Making me cry for wanting you bad, until naught to want is left.
In and out of me I feel thee throbbing hard and wet in thy sport,
One hand around my waist, the other reaching for my member!
I am pinioned, between two pleasures, as I beg three for more.
Thou hast me in thy power: and my love, thou shall remember!

Thrusting, grasping, in and out, and up and down, without end.
I moan for thee like a harlot and angels weep at what is done…
The roots of the tree that was blessed, our coupling does rend.
As thou dost climax, within me, the gardens burn like the sun…
Whilst thou hast caused my seed, to fall upon Eden’s carpeting.
Our flesh pours out its’ ecstasies like wine upon a sacred altar!
And Eden dies, as our sweat coats our bodies, ever glistening.
This is not the end of our love’s play, for we dare not so falter!
I lie upon my stomach, and thou dost fetch thy flagon of wine…
Pouring the blood-like nectar upon my skin, from neck to rear.
Thy lips lick it from me, but the pleasure is just as much mine…
For thy soul is entrapped by its’ thirst for me, drawing so near,
Unto damnation, and yet thou dost smile as if going to Paradise!
Through love thou art fallen, and we shall rise together in dawn.
I am thy addiction, I am thy craving, and I am thy favorite vice!
Thou are my lover, thou art the flame, which is unto me drawn.
Thy hands squeeze my buttocks, and I giggle like a mad child…
I turn unto my back, as I find myself grown hard and wet anew.
Take me again my darling, and in the taking be never too mild!
We have entire universes to defile, our madness to thusly ensue.

How many gardens were blighted by the power of our hunger?
I am the god and goddess of thy apostasy, thy angel and devil.
Pour thy wine, my Bacchus, and let Olympus rain its’ thunder!
We shall humble the gods, and cause them to worship our evil.
Let love be their downfall, let them rue the hour of my exiling…
As thy lips caress my hardness, licking and sucking with fervor!
Thy fingers do assist thee in these ministrations until I am smiling.
I rake my nails across thy body, marking thee as mine forever…
Thou dost not wince, even when I climax into thy tender mouth!
With this act completed we have nearly sealed the demon pact.
I dip my index finger into some of the wine flowing thus down…
From where it spilled from my flesh; and before thou can react,
I trace three sixes, upon thy lovely forehead, with my left hand.
Thou are forced to kneel before me, as I don again my clothes,
Whilst behind us there is no longer an Eden, only a wasteland…
Echoing with the cries of our love, wherever the wind so blows.
Come with me, my love, for we have other worlds to despoil…
And I have others gods and goddesses, to seduce to my cause!
Thou hast made love to a serpent, and felt that serpent’s coil…
Now thou art one thyself, entrapped by desire’s crimson claws.
Written by Kou_Indigo (Karam L. Parveen-Ashton)
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