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spitting it out.

I want it  
like sheer madness
that's weeks starved,  
gnawing each thought to the bone    
craving utter destruction in complete    
my hidden, rabid lunacy    
is uncontained fire    
 scorched earth,  
breathed with every breath    
The taste of evil coats my tongue    
I need it    
like I know you do    
wickedly, I laugh inward    
intentionally pushing buttons-hard    
fucking your mind - up    
for the unparalleled pleasure of reaction  
Is it evil when it's required sustenance    
we both feed of?  
I hear my voice - brutally biting and beautiful    
(saying something about unfit fathers)    
and you,    
being like yours    
knowing just how fucking shitty that is    
and how deeply the wound slices    
Clawing , Ripping , Tearing    
I must draw serious blood    
from each searing word-puncture—  
bleeding plentiful    
I feel you sweetly and horribly teeter    
making my wet pussy    
crushingly grind against my drenched panties

I can see your delicious rage-desire    
building and viscerally course    
just under your skin    
my foul bitchiness is fully automatic    
the selfish cunt that I am,    
relishes inflicting pain    
a means to an end    
of my own second by second aching    
His control, is epic    
yet I. am. relentless.    
I need it    
to be fucking punished    
brutalized and contorted    
like I know you want do    
Must. do.    
We, must do.    
I know what I have buried,    
(all that is disgusting and depraved)    
and what my actions will solicit    
I double down  
releasing any submission    
to vicegrasp onto old weapons    
without thinking    
it flows, mercilessly    
just, do it    
Only you know and accept the filth fuck that I require    
Mouthing off with—    
"you fucking idiot, pussy"... "It's no wonder they left you" kind of meanness    
needing that moment    
where controlled mastery    
slips into the severity of payback.    
My truth is harsh and scary and honest    
I need you to abuse me    
need this heightened fear state    
brutalizations, I command silently    
you need the convincing, I supply    
soothing a darkness we both    
more than understand    
raping all semblance of reality    
throwing me against the wall-floor-bed-sink    
slapping my tits until I'm screaming    
with consensual, terrified eyes watering    
is a welcomed communion    
decorated of welted beet red rewards, pulsing    
Instantly trust to fill every single part of me    
over and over and gloriously over again    
caressing ornate pain with savagery    
waves of it, anoint and exalt    
turbulent tears    
stream down my cheeks    
even I can't tell if they're tears of pain or joy    
making them the sweetest kind    
I want it    
like I know you do  
like I know you did    
and I take it  
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