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ImperfectedStone (The Gardener)
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Fly Me To The Moon!

Dangerous Mind
United States
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America went to the moon
And the moon was like,
"There's nothing here.
Fuck off!"
And so we did.

jade tiger
Tyrant of Words
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jade tiger
Tyrant of Words
United States
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At last it’s here, I knew it’d come when Man
Is able to “mine” water from Moon rocks.
Across bleak tundra in the strike field north
Akin to squeezing blood from turnip greens.

But is this anything we all should cheer.
I roll my eyes and think that’s all we need;
The ghosts of Forty-Niners rising up,
To hitch their covered wagons to a star.

But worst of all, Sea of Tranquility,
Converted into condominiums.
With special rates for senior citizens,
And fuel-up mini-marts with cola slush.

Across the flatlands sprawling on for miles,
With blacktop parking lots absorbing heat.
Range rovers, and saucers from out-o-town
Displaying fuzzy dice, galactic flags.

Eventually, a stagnant ring of trash,
Will, over time, be following the Moon.
As keeping a straight face the one we know,
Green cheese will mold & be like sweaty feet.

It’s near the condos where there’ll be a park
And dedicated to Apollo’s flight.
In honor when the journey first began,
And ended once the auction gavel fell.

Written by Jade-Pandora (jade tiger)
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Jade-Pandora said:

The Gardener
Dangerous Mind
United Kingdom
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AHH! Love it! I'll be back. ✓<3

jade tiger
Tyrant of Words
United States
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Thanks Poppy, that has me over the moon!🌛

Twisted Dreamer
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Midnight's Muse

Bathe in the light of a lesser sun
dance soft in a star filled cloak.
From dusk to dawn the lone sentinels done
our sleeps dreams in her awoke.
Luna marks the passing time
though never shall she age.
Where clouds she'll hide till hard to find
are drawn curtains before the stage.
Far away yet so near
achieved and touched thy face.
Yet in tales of you we still fear
oh, how you have shaped this race.
Written by midevil
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Tyrant of Words
United States
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We Came in Peace

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We Came in Peace
beyond our blue realm
of existence -  
fear clawing our throat  
through a countdown  
to a new era in space;  
how were we to know
 it was only the beginning  
and many would follow
 in our steps
We were the root  
 of all master numbers: 11  
A sign of enormous power:  
 mental, physical
    and supernatural
Our liftoff Life Path was 3:  
  The Star- a determined spirit  
recognizing value of knowledge  
We were a personification of dreams
  for those stargazing -  
 wishing they were with us  
Space seems distant, cold, unknown-  
 yet- we felt a hearth, absorbing
into our senses of perception
 leaking recognition in our blood  
Looking back at Earth
 we were awestruck  
by a desire to learn
 expand, discover-  
be all we can be  
 as a human species;
submitted to our greater destiny  
 despite those saying.
It could never be done – so this,
this is for all the crazy ones, the misfits,  
the rebels, the troublemakers,  
the round pegs in the square holes...  
the ones who see things differently --  
they're not fond of rules...
for future generations, the lovers,  
 the believers, the patient in spirit  
and those who never abandoned hope
the weird, the black sheep, the eight balls
 the left of centers, the wallflowers,  
the bizarros, the loners, the outcasts,  
the rejects, the outsiders, the odd ducks
the eccentric, the broken, the lonely
and most of all, the lost and forgotten
 reaching for the Universe’s hand:
This is “one small step for a man,  
  one giant leap for mankind”
We came in peace-
 and left forever changed

Dangerous Mind
United States
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Follow the Moon - Visual Poetry

Follow the Moon - Visual Poetry
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geoff cat
Dangerous Mind
United States
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As Moon Converses Slow Its Path Through Night – Sonnet Seventy-Seven

As Moon converses slow its path through night
To charm the stars to form their pictured frames
With songs traverse in brilliant movement’s light
Once sung with grace in godly verses claimed.
Though Sun may gain its sky with slanted dawn,
And seek to quiet Moon’s more subtle songs,
Its orange deranging heat brings frenzy on,
That leaves no quiet place for calm’s belong.
But Moon, in pirouettes of ancient rhyme,
Let’s fractious Sun in spot lit tumult rave.
As heathens will destroy themselves in time,
So vac’ous Sun becomes its own day’s slave.
E’en as the Sun in anxious unction seethes,
Behind the earth, the Moon, its night, relieves.
Written by Hepcat61 (geoff cat)
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Fire of Insight
United Kingdom
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Where dreams are made (Moonbeams)

All that way with fingers crossed    
And looked in histories eye and never blinked
Each who looked in wonder lost    
That orbit crested of mans elipse    
Some say a hoax a PR stunt    
Of moonshine distilled on the studios floors    
All smoke and mirrors to put the US in front    
The doubters the cyinics would never applaud    
To go to where deamers hearts always fly    
The pull on your soul like rise of the tides    
The burn of the thrusters under starry sky    
That sonnets flight to where moonbeams derived    
Step down from the LEM and stand on the earth    
For millions their lives to look up and reflect    
To pull down the moon and be the first    
A moonstruck obsession will require hard work    
The astronauts bounded to plant that starred flag    
The cheese of their grins that beamed to shine forth    
For such achievments to bag and to brag    
 Micheal Jacksons moonwalk just dust on the floor
Written by slipalong
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Tyrant of Words
United States
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[2019] Moon Over Miasma

Something to look forward to -
distraction from calendars perpetuating
Doomsday year round; formidable reactors    
towering up around the nation adding to    
the mushrooming cloud of uncertainty  
forecasting a long, nuclear winter    
Little over a decade  
after Atlas shrugged  
was the Herculean effort  
hoisting Apollo and crew  
on shoulders high enough  
to check the Moon's vitals;  
clean bill of health was given  
Not necessarily a convenient  
place for colonization and cities  
but ... nonetheless an alternative  
escape route from atomic atrocities    
and other assorted planet killers  
cooked up in laboratories;  
one small stepping stone    
on the path to Mars  
perhaps Jupiter  
out there;  
a haven  
far enough out of range    
and away from those plumes  
for living another day  
Written by JohnnyBlaze
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The Gardener
Dangerous Mind
United Kingdom
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Moon: God Series

Wet through -  
out bleeds a creamy white in streams from your cracked, half-naked skin  
that harbours light on ships who trust your vessel,  
as no other,  

sea - she knows your name,
she sees you as a fierce force of long forgotten fantasy,  
she dances beneath you as if you were  
her Maypole,  
she fertile and swollen  
at the height of her readiness.  
A song plays when you  
are crumbling on the inside, expending your energy, descending  
into darkness -  
as dear Persephone before you.  
We know your shell,  
we who baptise beneath you  
and worship you -  
holy, in your light,  
in your rest,  
in the gift of a ghost,  
who haunts from above -  
maybe it always was you,  
maybe it got lost in the translations of time  
- dear Moon,  
I do not forget to revere you.  
I do not forget to give thanks,  
to strip down  
as day I was born and  
wade into the church of your choosing.  
Written by ImperfectedStone (The Gardener)
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Lost Thinker
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"To the moon Alice"

If ever a word, as only a song
Solace sleeps the underground
As far above, so it is below
In space and time the sound
Of beating hearts, the rhythmic pound
Flexing through the afterburn
As pupils dilate the sight
The light of streaming fires churn
The cadence of deliverance
The great divide of stars and stripes
Rests in our remembrance
The face of everlasting night

Written by TLM5150
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Dangerous Mind
United States
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Beyond This World

I want you to close your eyes and take my hand,
We’ll journey to a place you’ve dreamed of before,
We’ll rise above blue skies and across all lands,
To heights and realms where birds cannot soar.
I want you to feel the warmth of my embrace,
As we go past the layers of the atmosphere,
Going into the darkness, the void of space,
Where the two of us together won’t have fears.
And as we fly over this beautiful world,
Our bodies will be protected by this cocoon,
By this love with wings that now become unfurled,
And land on that brightest side of the moon.
From there we’ll marvel at all the distant stars,
We’ll bounce around and stroll on the surface,
Basking in a love beyond this world, it’s ours!
A haven where we find solace and purpose.

Strange Creature
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Born for this moment

We wake, wrapped in each other
Bodies warm

But the morning breeze invades our sanctuary

An epicentre near,a whirlwind picks up and speeds to us

Threatening to blow our tent away

Just as i find Ur epicentre

And work on it meticulously

The suns rays reflect gold on us

The sound of the river downstream

Can't musk our moans

"dnt stop!"

No lifeguard

As I drown in Ur wetness

Wetter than the river flowing
downstream outside

No neighbours,no regulations

We are at par with nature

As birds chip by the trees

We moan more,disrupting their rhythm

As sun breaks the sky

In retrospect,I pound as if to break Ur bones

Literal,the sun can't break the sky

Same to me breaking bones urs

The river hits rocks hard and splatters

Between Ur legs my tongue comes hard

Gasping,u splatter

Baptizing my face

I woke for this

I was made for this moment

Where I sent Ur head spinning

Ur gasping,a match to the life
Waking outside

To the break of day

To our moment
Written by Kingmat01 (Martin2019)
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