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Fly Me To The Moon!

jade tiger
Tyrant of Words
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Poetry Contest

A tribute to the 50th anniversary of when mankind landed & walked on the MOON.

Here we go, Deep members:

This competition is a tribute to the 50th anniversary of when mankind landed & walked on the MOON!

And there are loads of us here at the Deep who LOVE anything & everything to do with our orbiting neighbor of many phases!

Your entry can be about that time in 1969 itself, when the great moment came as “..,one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind”.  If you remember where you were when it happened, your thoughts and so on.  It can be about the moon as legend & in mythology.  The tides of the moon as it refers to love or just about anything.  After all - What doesn’t the moon rule?  You can even get a moon burn!  

By the way, I as your host, will be including a few of my own writes as non-entries.

So here are the Guidelines, and enjoy as you plan what to enter as your Lunar Legacy for the 50th:


1.  Three-week duration.
3.  TWO entries per persona. (Updated)
4.  Any poetic style, No prose.
5.  New and/or not so new.
6.  Title your poem.
7.  One image allowed.
8.  Spoken-word OK w. text incl. for the deaf plz.
9.  No collaborations.
10.  Observe Respect.
11.  Any questions, plz PM me.

Now, fly me to the Moon!🚀

Dangerous Mind
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I saw you harness
The whole damn moon with a smile-
"I'll take it!" you said.
Written by SatInUGal (Kumar)
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Fire of Insight
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Our Moon

Remember those nights, when we were teens?
Oh, so long ago?
We were chasing our horny dreams
and the full moon was aglow!

Remember my junker convertible?
It didn’t have a roof!
In the summer, it was workable,
we didn’t need it weather-proof.

We’d find a place to park and spoon
and, sometimes, something more!
I loved it when the full-moon shone,
je pouvais voir mon amour!

Our moon was always with us,
when we went spooning in that car!
The roof? It was superfluous,
with our moon, and all those stars!

Written by ReggiePoet (Reggie)
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jade tiger
Tyrant of Words
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You force upon me  
a misty recall, bringing
our duel seasons into focus  

while segmenting an orange  
as I absent-mindedly  
walk the garden.  
A waxing crescent moon  
ascends for a  
third evening in a row  
racing the juice that runs  
up my arms  
for its first sticky taste.  
These thoughts unchanging  
a day's unrelenting heat  
that transforms a night  
that’s still too warm to wear  
my hair unbound.  
We live different halves,  
opposing lives  
same endless horizon.  
Faint light hooks the  
ends of damp hair  
in that moment of solstice  
when how lovely the  
scent of rind  
won't wash off me for days.
Written by Jade-Pandora (jade tiger)
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Guardian of Shadows
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Everything, For Sale

What shall be more
than steps, outside the Earth?

Boundaries broken, to
become antiquated
with time,
in time—
it all grows old, and
dead Presidents on paper
are traded for memories.

It’s all been sold—
the music
the masses
the world
and the moon shall be next.

They’ll find a way.

The very footprints of man
are given for wealth, and
Neil Armstrong waves goodbye
from heavenly heights,
auctioned off.


(^^that sort of saddened me, when I saw it while recently auctioning off some of my own rare ephemera items on that site.)

Thought Provoker
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A Child of God

To wrap my head around
the fifty years since a man
first set foot on the moon,

is easy for a child of God.
Who, in his robed arms
before I could walk,

would gently lift to cradle me
from a small nightlight's
shadow cast into a crib,

and while the house slept,
took me there
through the mist,

beyond the grasp of earth,
the blue marble.
And the sun was a star,

lighting up the moonscape
all around me
as God showed me that

this place too had been a
world he had made,
and I coo’d at his words

which I heard in my head.
And I didn’t know
I wouldn’t see him again

‘till I was all grown.
But I remember then
as he took me back home

how I hoped one day to play
with other children there
on our way to heaven.
Written by Heaven_sent_Kathy
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Dangerous Mind
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Fly to the Moon - Visual Poetry

Fly to the Moon - Visual Poetry
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Joshua Bond
Tyrant of Words
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Rune Visit (a quatern)

The spaceship took me slowly to the moon
to have a look at footprints in the dust
it hummed a kind of anniversary tune …
technology became the one to trust.
I stared out through the portal to the stars
the spaceship took me slowly to the moon,
too old to journey all the way to Mars
I thought I’d better make this trip quite soon.
The moonscape looked a bit like Herbert’s ‘Dune’
our landing slot came clearly into view
the spaceship took me slowly to the moon
along with many other tourists too.
And back in ‘sixty-nine was in my teens
and watched the scene as if it were a rune
which grabbed my mind to wonder what it means:
the spaceship took me slowly to the moon.
Written by Josh (Joshua Bond)
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Twisted Dreamer
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I rise above you
A reflection

Look down upon you
Sign of protection

You no longer visit
My cratered ground

Here I wait
As the years go around

I have changed over time
Grown, matured

New lands to explore
That is assured

Written by spacemod69
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poet Anonymous

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poet Anonymous

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Fire of Insight
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Moon Date

Everybody knows that the moon is made of cheese        
I’m gonna take you there so grab a jacket or you’ll freeze        
Up through the stratosphere we fly in my stolen NASA rocket        
I’ve got a bottle of red wine and a corkscrew in my pocket        
I hook my phone up to the stereo and chuck on some rock n’ roll        
While you check out all the stars through the side porthole        
I land the rocket in a crater.  All around it’s vast and stark        
The good thing about the moon is it’s easy to find a park        
You say “To make it to the moon I think we're the first Australians”        
“Don’t get to cocky” I reply “And keep your eyes peeled for aliens        
There isn't too much gravity on the cheddar lunar face        
But you knew that already ‘cos you saw a doco about space        
Due to all the weightlessness your hair is wavering free        
And my balls are floating in my pants as dainty as can be        
I cut off a chunky slice of moon and put it on a cracker
In the distance we see the dark side. I ain’t seen nothing blacker              
We take our snacks and drinks with us and go and sit up on a dune        
Earth seems so insignificant when you view it from the moon        
Written by RexDurkin
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jade tiger
Tyrant of Words
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poet Anonymous

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