Deliver the Fear (Sick Of It All)

Stop breathing
my god damn oxygen.
Anger simmers in my heart,
like embers..
Clenching my fists tightly,
fucking sick of it all.
No regrets
you've taken her from me.
Defiled her innocence.
A broken man I am.
Any saving grace has forsaken me.
Nothing to contain,
not a thing to control
Your life grows short,
delivering the fear
living in the moment
without a care for the law.

Blood sprays upon me
as a drive my elbow into your face.
over and over again,
shattering teeth and bone.
Delivering the fear with every strike.
Sick of it all.
Striking out of hatred
for what you have done.
An animal I have become,
living purely on instinct.
Satisfying my murderous rage,
in a desolate back street alley.
A night of drinking you were hoping?
Here, drink your own fucking blood.

Never will I forget
and never will I forgive.
She was helpless
You were weak
and struck the innocent.
You escape punishment through
a pathetic justice system.
I will suffice
as your judge.
And executioner.
You scumbag
Rapist pig.
You will
touch her again.
You are scum
and I will end you.

You're struggling?
Struggle some more!
Yeah, that's better.
You beg,
like pigs beg for shit.
Roll around in your tears
on the ground,
right where you belong!
Sick of it all!
Raining down pain,
delivering the fear.
You have nothing left
and I am finally satisfied.
Leaving you to your blood,
stray teeth.
And shattered facial bones.
Leaving you to your pain
I rise.
Standing over you.


Written by AscensionES (Aptilneilrionaltion)
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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