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Sunburst (Wind)

Smoke and mirrors unbalances the truth of the soul †
Cleansing of the intellect is the rebirth as the Sun is to the rose †
What fables can blind men speak †
When questioning the presence of his purpose, yet dead minded to give hope in the deliverance of his speech †
Trying to ignite the spark of conceivable notions when the heart is leaking and not at peace †
His eyes cannot exult beyond Mt. Zion peaks †
Where is your Holy Oil for the lost wandering sheep †
Give universal rest for the mental weariness and spiritually weak and the promise to the afterlife in the chastisement of the meek †
Pray until the divine, we are running out of time, I tell you by the gust of time †
The war will be commenced by Earthís man-made tools against the Sky †  
People follow the broadcast on your soap box, then ask yourself why NASA continues to lie †
No, the clones of his devious and devilish invention he manipulates with the superior craftsmanship of AI †
We may not get to the promise land together †
But the vessel of the soul is comforted in the interchanges of stormy weather †  
The riddle to life is not glimpsed when eyes are opened †
Enlightenment unto the pineal gland must, arise to be awoken †
† †
Lineage of Gods do not twist the time of his creation †
Man, woman, child the divine unity is found in the agility of benediction to the constellations †
Lessening the mind when the truth is in plain view †
Death and destruction seems to be the passage you seek to abuse, misuse †  
Propaganda floating on the crest of life in droves of waves †
Within the Grand Canyon the history of my lineage are scrawled on the wall of those caves †
The echoing cries are hollowing on the wind †
Upon the treetops that swayed, unto the neck broken, upon the bend †
Signs of the times to christen unto a new origin †
Of man, when he walked in unity, his dark feet cast and brassed †
The pilgrimage of my North Star has come as many moons have passed †
The sanctuary in the validity of my faith, which will always outlast †
I cannot teach the heart what should be there by the resurrected nature of spiritual designs †
Mystical incantations to reach the sublime †
A Nightingale that beautifully speaks the endearment of the wise owl †
History of two nations birthed to seek guidance as to rid the land of man, animal of the fowl †
When earthly whispers no longer in life can console †
The upside crosses of this civilization in the Land of Nod, leads the flock to a deep sinkhole †
There is nothing more deserving to see the mind reflection is dark †
Stem cells in my melanin content, where the spiritual realm, l lark †
Sacred Scrolls must be given, must be told †
Reverence of unchained energy is not of old †
To pardon the democracy of Heaven and Hell, as blood still seeps in burial ground †
Forebode and ancestry speaks shh... you can hear if you do not make a sound †
Native land, footsteps branded on the soil by the Moorish man †
You give the world a book fables, with insect, murder, fornication, and adultery, and you ask to hold my hand †  
When the Constitution of our forefathers refuse to acknowledge blood still seeps from the vast land †
Where sacred chants from the soil your ancestors stole †
Sacred chants you may tell a stone †
Genocide, pilgrimage, ethnic cleaning the stars, the moon, can never be atone †
The Revelation of whips and chains are clamoring from the mountaintop †
Arenít we all waiting for the great tribulations, as eyes look up for glory, knees to the terrain we will drop †
Natural disasters upon the shores the beginning of trepidation †
I am not the martyr that you should never fear †
My frontier is sky miles in the remnants of fallen tears †
Occurrences from sky wars †
The battle of Heaven, Earth, and in the Sea where the water pours †
Do you know who you truly are †
I come from the vines of Israel and Hebrew is my astral star †
What good is a woman in nakedness that does not know her worth when she is clothed †
The femininity of her grace is speaking in the mystical wonders she bares deep in her soul †
We cleanse the properties of our spirits when we are bare skinned †
Birthed into the world from the consecrated womb onto the light of racial injustice, and inequality to begin †
A Sunburst †  
Bowing to give humanity the energetic manifestations of quantum spiritual rebirth
Written by SweetKittyCat5
Published | Edited 12th Jul 2023
Author's Note
I am at work here †and any errors, I will adjust once I get home much later, enjoy.

Enjoy your Tuesday,
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