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The Envelope

Dante opened the door to Brice's bedroom to see her sleeping again across her bed. He was about to shut the door when he noticed the large envelope next to her. Quietly he walked up and grabbed it. On the side it read Bricelyn Lee Kalakowa.
   "What the hell is this Brice?" He whispered before he walked out the door.
The curiosity was killing him as he dumped the content onto his desk. There were three DVDs and some papers. He picked up one of the papers.  He read, "Bricelyn Lee Kalakowa was born on the 16th day of October of 2000, to Mandy Rae Kalaowa and Wyatt Thomas Knox." Dante shook his head an read it a couple more times. Then he picked up another birth certificate which was Charlies. "Charlie Sean Kalakowa born on the 4th day of December of 1997, to Mandy Rae Kalakowa and Jason Frank Kalakowa."
      "Charlie come here! He called.
Charlie walked in and looked at Dante and the stuff on his desk.
      "Read these birth certificates."
      "Where did you get these?"
      "Brice she had them in an envelope in her room, along with these DVDs and these letters from Wyatt Knox to mom."
Charlie froze when he read Brice's birth certificate. What? No way she was dad's daughter not his.
      "This has to be wrong." He commanded.
      "Not according to these blood tests."
      "Wyatt Knox, that would mean Adam Knox is her half-brother.."
Dante nodded and looked at Charlie. Mom was having an affair with Wyatt Knox. Good god mom you have to have better taste than that arrogant asshole. He thought.
      "What's on the DVDs?" Charlie asked.
Dante grabbed one and put it in his laptop. "I don't know but we are about to find out."
They watched as a security camera from Wyatt's business Knox Travel Lines came up. They saw their mom in her office and Wyatt Knox walk in. They were arguing from what they tell. That's when Wyatt slapped Mandy across the face and tackled her to the ground and tied her hands to the ends of her desk and got her naked. Charlie looked away but Dante stared at the screen. Wyatt unzipped his pants and began raping her. Dante quickly pressed pause and turned and looked at Charlie.
      "The date February 3rd 2000. Two weeks later mom told us she was pregnant."
      "Brice is a child of rape. Think about what she's going though right now. That her half brother has been abusing her." Charlie whispered.
      "How is it Bricelyn is so quiet about this?"
      "Maybe she thinks we will turn away from her."
      "Come on Charlie, We are her brothers."
      "That doesn't mean much, Travis is always treating her like shit."
Dante nodded and looked at a picture of him with Brice on his back taken about a month ago. Her smile was huge. That day at the park he saw her smile the most after the accident. He picked up the envelope and put the stuff back in the envelope. Tomorrow was going to be a long fucking day at work. He needed all the sleep he could get.
Written by Countrygirl96
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