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The poem unwritten

Thought Provoker
United States
Joined 4th Jan 2024
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The poem unwritten † † † †  
† † †
are the kisses we missed † † † †
when fear † † † †
meets pen and paper † † † †
ink unspilled † † † †  
tongue untwisted † † † †  
as mind retracts in doubt † † † †
† † † †  
† † † †  
Overthinking † † † †
over-processing † † † †
brain strain exercise † † † †  
† † † †  
† † † †  
Hands we couldn't hold † † † †
playing this game † † † †
of love-rhyme-romance † † † †
† † † †  
† † † †  
Prospecting † † † †  
your thoughts and mine † † † †
which words to choose † † † †  
what rhetoric device † † † †  
† † † †  
† † † †  
Reading lips † † † †
eachother's gaze † † † †
where to place † † † †  
our story that behold † † † †
† † † †  
† † † †  
A thousand metaphors † † † †
hun-dread analogies † † † †  
they curve within your lines † † † †
† † † †  
† † † †  
Hapless attempts † † † †  
to weave clever retorts † † † †
in-between † † † †  
every other sentence † † † †  
† † † †  
† † † †  
Digging our heads † † † †
in a bag of letters † † † †  
we try to spell † † †  
the places we went † † † †
† † † † †
† † † †  
Connecting pieces † † † †
finding every taste † † † †  
and color we wore † † † †  
† † † †  
† † † †  
together † † † †  
we wrote †  
without notes on paper †  
† † † †  
The poem unwritten † † † †  
† † † †  
† † † †  
† † † †  
† † † †  
† † † †  
† † † †  
† † † †  
† † † †  
† † † †  
† † † †  
† † † †  
Written by ChocoLaaTTe
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Lost Thinker
Nigeria 1awards
Joined 10th Apr 2024
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The poem unwritten.
The voice unheard.
The cold unheated.
And the scream unexpected.
The day you decide to express.
The day the decide to depart.

Running away from this.
You can't say how you feel but it's seems more better in writing.
My instrument
My hands shaking.
Emotions breaking.
And feelings changing.

No way to escape.
No way to explain.
The feeling of regret.
Fighting for the approval.
Leaking the most and regretting.

Failing to understand what you even want.
The test too hard.
The pain too long.
I can't explain.
No one understand.
I guess it makes sense now.
Doesn't it...
My unwritten poem of longing..

Dangerous Mind
India 5awards
Joined 9th Mar 2023
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an unwritten poem  
which was to be written in the coolness of the moon  
which was about to scream with a devoted love and infinite pain.  
in which a black rainbow was going to be visible on the bookmarked background
in which someone was going to sit on a bench in autumn and smile brightly  
in which the royal silence rising from the east was to be whispers in one's ears  
in which one had to kiss someone's lips  
in which someone wanted to eat someone's tender flesh  

someone was going to understand the art of someone's unexplained love  
someone was roaming around with dry leaves in her black soft hair  
someone was trapped between the faint light and the broken face piece  
tears filled with half-truths and empty words were about to kiss the cheeks  

time was about to grow and the rose in the envelope was about to fade  
there were no stars shining on the dark background  
the soul steamer was going to imprison someone for eternity  
an unwritten poem full of mysteries was to be evoked in narrowed eyes...  
Written by dimpy (dimpsmoon)
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Lost Thinker
United States
Joined 8th May 2024
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The In Between

The poem unwritten,
It exists in the downstrokes,
In the moments just before lighting strikes.

It exists in the inbetween,
The awkward silences,
The wordless symphony.

Thereís poetry in the undefined,
In the blurry and hidden,
In the spaces between words.

There is beauty in the shadows,
In the downbeats,
In the breath before you drown.

That beauty,
The poem unwritten.
Written by Nixprty
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Tyrant of Words
United States 151awards
Joined 11th July 2012
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The Poem Unwritten

The Poem Unwritten
Is the one that starts as an idea in the mind
Taking shape so perfectly
Before the pen begins to scribe the first line

Itís like a dream weaved
Conceived with flawless rhythm, flow and pace
Sincere and yet so eloquent
Able to transcend the limits of time and space

Every poet knows it
We have felt it at the very core of our beings
Itís something to be captured
Before the words and feelings go out fleeing

We all fall in love with it
The very nature of writing has us smitten
But if the notion escapes
The verse then becomes the poem unwritten
Written by wallyroo92
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Dangerous Mind
United States 16awards
Joined 20th Apr 2013
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Tales Of An Adlibbed Mind

the poem unwritten †  
kinda reads like an epitaph †  
graphic images of death...tomb-stoned calligraphy † †
lace with the toxicity of lamentations †  
perhaps something of contempt...regret...revenge.. †  
despair...disgust...disdain...distrust †  
hoping in vain to avenge something in past tense †  
poetically paid forward †  
scribbling incoherence in invisible ink †  
sinking in lyrical quicksand †  
smudging all of my fuckin grudges...unreconciled †  
knowing never to be made whole †  
i stab and stab and stab...taking jabs at the Aether †  
a fusion of a hot mess of a human being †  
disillusioned...artistic confusion... †  
searching for that infernal bitch of a muse..
from write to flush left †  
i am bereft of conversational breaths....forever introverted †  
the depths of me never to be faithfully converted †  
just perverted by the un-poetic gallery †  
yeahhh...they may laugh at me with backhanded compliments †  
yet my ticket into the afterlife has been stamped †  
in bonified confidence...hidden in plain sight †  
as the poem unwritten †  
Written by Naajir
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Fire of Insight
United States 16awards
Joined 4th Apr 2019
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the poem
and again,
the empty page,
a smattering
of disconnected
poetic fakery,
stupid word play
that girl's big ass
big tits
thick thighs
the way she shakes it
takes it
and too much wine
and the way she left
and took the kids,
the car
and the goddamn bills piling
the heart to
squeezing the
joy out,
the life out,
the mind
and leaving the poem
Written by javalini
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Tim Eros
Thought Provoker
United States
Joined 6th July 2019
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His Only Regret

The poem unwritten  
Still in his head  
Words left silent  
Thoughts left for dead  

Not just his poem  
His whole expression  
Lost in the calm  
of his innermost passion  

Sitting in the dark  
corners of his mind  
is the home of his mark  
he'll never leave behind  

When the life if a poet  
comes to an end  
His only regret  
The poem unwritten  

Tim Eros  

Written by eroseternal (Tim Eros)
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Strange Creature
Joined 9th Apr 2024
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Echoes of the Unseen

A poem unwritten, like myths and the gods,
Holds power unseen, to the unreading minds.
Hard to believe, in what's not been read,
Like faith in the unseen, it's where we are led.

To me, as a mother, it's the feeling within,
When the unborn kicks, life's hope does begin.
To the father, it's the longing, a bond to be worn,
A connection that blossoms once the child is born.

Like the burnt canary, both lively and burnt,
To the poet, it's the heartbeat where life is bred.
For the reader, it's a love yet to be requited,
In the heart, excited, a poem unwritten
Written by BurntCanary
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Dangerous Mind
United Kingdom 41awards
Joined 1st Jan 2018
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Emotions laying dormant

The poem unwritten, sits just dormant
waiting for release
sparkles that never quite ignite
not showered with a sparkle steeped
incendiary flare that fizzled out
love; its promises, fluttered hope
love letters tied with granny knots
when you were lost, and so besot
 written then interred, †embossed
and faded like a flower preserved
its precious essence never lost
 just waiting like some old remains
for you to dig and use again
archaeology of time precedes
whispers for the poet buried, not to deep!
for love is always, words not deeds
 lies to forever tease, the poem unwritten
Written by slipalong
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