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The Abduction

Skylar wrapped his arms around Brice and kissed her cheek.
   "Why are you so interested in a girl who has four older brothers?"
      "Because you're beautiful. You look so much like your mother and you  are so understanding and trusting."
Brice smiled and hugged him to her. She felt him hug her back and she smiled to herself. She pulled away and looked at him.
      "I'll be right back I have to go to the bathroom."
      "Ok, I'll be waiting."
As Brice walked up to the bathroom she thought she heard a noise coming from the trees but she ignored it. As she came out of the bathroom and went walking back towards Her friends when someone grabbed her from behind and covered her mouth. She was about to scream but a knife was placed just above her throat and  sucked in chloroform and felt weak but still tried to fight it. Skylar and Niki were running towards them yelling but stopped instantly when her attacker threatened to kill her.
      "Don't follow us, or she's dead!" The man hissed before picking Brice up and running into the trees.
      "Call 911!" Skylar shouted to Niki as he went running up into the trees.
Niki quickly dialed the number and listened for the operator. She was shaking in fear thinking of Brice being gone.
      "911 what's you Emergency?"
      "My best friend was just kidnapped. Her name is Bricelyn Kalakowa, She is 16 years old and we were at Pipeline shore."
Skylar came back and looked at her an shook his head. That son of a bitch. He thought as he stared at the trees.

Dante stood on the beach looking at Brice's smashed cell phone they found by the road and her flip flops. Niki was getting yelled at by Mecka about her skirt and Skylar was being questioned by Kevin. He watched as Adam Knox came walking up to him.
      "Dante, is it true? That Brice was abducted?"
      "Yes, Adam it is."
      "I hope you find her soon. She didn't deserve this either did you and your brothers."
      "Adam, thank you for expressing your sorrow. Can I ask you a question?"
      "Of course?"
Dante about asked if her knew they we siblings but stopped himself before he got it out.
      "Do know anyone who would want to hurt my sister?"
      "You didn't hear this from me but, look into my father."
      "Your father?"
      "Yes, I'll explain later but it's past my curfew already." He whispered.
      "Ok, thank you Adam."
Dante watched as Adam got in his car and drove off. He shook his head and went to his squat car and drove home. He will let Kevin and Mecka handle the evidence. When he pulled up to his house he saw that every light in his house was on. When he came through the back door he saw all his brothers and Kate standing in the kitchen.
      "Is it true Dante?" Travis asked.
      "Yes, Bricelyn was kidnapped."
      "Why would someone take our sister? Brice never did anything to anyone."
Dante looked at Michael and shrugged. He wished he knew why someone would kidnap her.
      "Dante, was it her dad?"
      "What the hell do you mean Charlie? Our dad is dead how would it be dad?" Travis hissed.
      "Wait, Brice isn't our full sister?"
      "No Michael, Bricelyn's dad is Wyatt Knox. Wyatt raped mom and got her pregnant with our sister." Dante explained.
Travis punched the refrigerator as hard as he could and turned and stared at Dante.
      "How long have you known this?" He spat pointing his finger in his brother's face.
      "Since last night when we found an envelope in Brice's room with all the evidence in it."
      "I told you she was hiding something! This is why she has been so distant and you guys thought letting her handle stuff on her own was the answer wel..."
      "Travis Shut the Hell up! You have been an asshole towards Brice ever since mom and dad were killed and I'm sick of you treating her like dirt. Right now I don't care what she was hiding I care if my little sister comes home safely" Charlie snapped.
Dante and Michael stared at Travis and Charlie. No one usually stands up to Travis like that. Charlie wiped a tear from his eye and looked at the picture of Brice on the fridge.
      "Guys, I need to call Laura and I am going to have a long day at work tomorrow so I'm going to head upstairs to my room. If you would like to stay here until we find her you're more than welcomed to." Dante whispered before going upstairs.
Written by Countrygirl96
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