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The poem unwritten

Dangerous Mind
United States 17awards
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Poetry Contest

Poem prompt
Write a poem that begins with the line the poem unwritten and ends with the same line.

°3 weeks
°New writes only
°Any genre
°50 lines maximum

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Fire of Insight
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Dangerous Mind
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in nature there is a poem unwritten  
conversation had through root systems  
about the nature of itself, smitten  
with all of life’s pulsing rhythms  
the psalm of melodious birdsong  
or show of a soulmate dancing along  
life as we know it witnesses, each dawn  
what is unspoken from mother to fawn  
lives entangled together in chaos  
words woven upon a bed of damp moss  
poetry, a hymn among woodland gods  
from forest river to mountain tops  
from sun-kissed fields lit up bright  
to the dark depths of ocean’s dive  
the song of heaven’s miraculous life
this poem unwritten is nature, divine

Written by nightbirdblue
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Fire of Insight
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The Poem Unwritten

The poem unwritten    
Emotion to be spilled    
A purposeful intention    
Still yet unfulfilled    
The poem unwritten    
Holds captive hopes and dreams    
Rage and anger dwell there too    
Trapped in silent screams    
The poem unwritten    
Begging to be heard    
Feelings stuck in limbo    
Waiting to be put to word    
The poem unwritten    
No greater tragedy    
Let it flow onto the page    
Set your spirit free

Don't leave the poem unwritten
Written by The_Darkness_Insid
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Dangerous Mind
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Left Unwritten

The poem unwritten
As I put the pen to paper.
As I close my eyes all
I can picture is you,
My muse and knight.
All the spilled emotions
And feelings I try to hide
From everyone else.
But you and the paper
Know all my secrets.
You read me like you
Read my poems, able
To grasp everything I say
And do not say out loud.
You and I are like
The poem unwritten.
Written by eswaller
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L.C. McQuillen
Thought Provoker
Australia 5awards
Joined 17th Dec 2015
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The Poem Unwritten

The poem unwritten unravels in my dreams
A swirling of light, colors, things unseen
Experiences of floating and drifting by
People I haven’t known
In strange places I haven’t arrived
The poem unwritten unravels each night
And in my subconscious I pledge to remember this time
The epic feeling of a twisted world
The adventure of unlimited swirls
Of fantasy and fiction
But each day I wake the promised dreams
turn into forgotten reality of the poem unwritten
Written by Isgyppie_ (L.C. McQuillen)
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Guardian of Shadows
United States 88awards
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Words Yet Written  

The poem unwritten
lives in your lips
as they touch upon mine
whispering my name
on winds
on seas
where we are.
And so  
I return
what you give--
the gaze
the caress
the every thought of you
that takes over
each day.
I cannot speak,
I have lost my voice
the world
In your fingertips
that play me
like your guitar.
Words can wait
while I give in
to everything you want
something new
that demands
to become  
the poem unwritten.
Written by MadameLavender
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Dangerous Mind
United States 8awards
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Now it's written

The poem unwritten
Has ideas and thoughts,
but no words
A masterpiece kept hidden
this one's for the birds
The poem unwritten
Written by Vision_of_insanity
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Thought Provoker
United States
Joined 19th Dec 2017
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Words Gathered

Words gathered into the poem unwritten  
Out of his mind and onto the sheet  
How he ached to describe her skin  
She melted his heart, his blood began  
    to heat.  
The words he wanted to write  
Complimented and teased  
His thoughts of her, ravishing and tasting  
Eyes closed as his writing had ceased.  
Listening to her laughter in his mind  
Years from now he would still love  
This woman who had become his wife  
In sickness and in health from God above  
Laying his pen down he left the poem           
Written by QuinnARichardson
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Thought Provoker
United States
Joined 19th Dec 2017
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The Unwritten Poem

They had fought all day over the poem  
She had believed it to be a letter    
A letter to another girl besides her  
He had known the other, way before he 
    had met her.  
The jealousy she felt to know that he had      
Put words and feelings on paper down     
Brought tears to her eyes as she felt      
Betrayed and hurt as she made no sound.  
Looking up at him with eyes opened wide    
Love and sorrow shined bright
How could he feel this way she thought        
Gathering her things to leave his sight        
He grabbed her arm to say a word
To show her that she was the one he
He loathed fighting with her
She should know he loved her he thought
He placed her on his knee and kissed her face
Baby, you are the one I want to love in the
My arms want to hold you each day
He opened the paper to stop the fight
To show her his love in actions and not in
    the poem unwritten.
Written by QuinnARichardson
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Thought Provoker
Canada 3awards
Joined 24th Apr 2021
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Ode to Gen X

The poem unwritten, words rarely expressed  
not ever the host, never asked to be guest  
in your childhood, left feral, uncared for, discarded  
tending to self, armed in latch-keys; unguarded  
Apologetic, serene, your work-ethic on par  
you cover your bruises, aware of your scars  
where your face is forgotten you lead with your eyes  
an adult at eight, and at fifty you rise  
to the rather oblivious; your plans laid backstage  
preparing for battle, persevering with age  
you survive in your values; placid, hard-bitten.
Ode to you, X: let not your poem be unwritten.
Written by ursa
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Thought Provoker
Norway 5awards
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Guardian of Shadows
Jamaica 14awards
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unrepentant wisdom

a rhymed, mirrored octet with a coda  
battling darkness,  
languishing  for  light,  
unrepentant    w i s d o m  
that could heal a broken world!  
let  its  lyrics  fill  the  pages  
of  inconsequential  sages;  
let  its  eloquence unfold  
in the verseless kingdom  
of this sultry night.  
for the starkness  
full smitten,  
© Copyright 2024 April 28  
by cab♫
Written by cabcool
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Lost Viking
Fire of Insight
United States 8awards
Joined 2nd Apr 2020
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The Poem Unwritten

The poem unwritten.
Harms left undone.
Our souls unsaved
By a faith now shunned.

The kisses I missed.
The loves not made.
The songs not sung
Left this boy not laid.  

My world undone
By a love forbidden.
Now all that’s left?
The poem unwritten.
Written by LostViking (Lost Viking)
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Dangerous Mind
United States 18awards
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White Ink

The poem unwritten
has me smitten.
Curious of what it would say
on a day like today.
When I am at my worst
and the first
thing on my mind upon waking
is taking
on more hours of sleep.
I keep
dozing off between thoughts.
I have been caught
and cradled by depression.
Tears gather as my expression
because I cannot speak.
I am too weak
to pick up a pen
and write again.
Inspiration has not bitten,
leaving the poem unwritten.
Written by Ljdynamic
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