Incompatible Wings...

I still remember the song he played while crying.
Unaware of me sitting in the corner.
He took another shot of whiskey.
The next day I noticed something was missing.
How I searched but she was nowhere to be found.
I asked  
"Father, where has Mother gone? Please I need to know."
He turned away, a saddened look upon his face.
"My Son listen to me. Your Mother won't ever come back."
What did I do now?
The years went by so quickly.
Everything about me has changed in some way.
I'm still missing a single wing.
My Father has finally met someone else.
Although that wing doesn't fit with me.
All I want is to be able to soar throughout the skies.
But how could I with these wings?
These wings that don't match.
That dream will have to take flight without me.
My baby sister's an angel.
Whom I adore with every ounce of my heart.
When she takes flight.
Envy fills my eyes as I follow close behind.
Just a confused and lost person.
With a pain lashing behind my heart.
I can't deny I'm still sore.
Of having my wing torn away.
I hope she'll never lose her wings like I did.
Dear Mother.
Please know I'll always love you.
The separation could never sever our bloodline.
I'll always forever remain a one winged angel.
These incompatible wings
cause me to crash down upon the ground.
Still I'm glad.
My heart's split in two, between what's real
and the imaginary line to a dream.
A dream.
If ever given the chance to regain my wing back.
I'd turn away still.  
Because everything isn't the same  
since the time that doesn't seem so long ago.
To watch her in flight is enough for me.
I've accepted what I am.
I'll make sure she'll always soar.
Further than I ever could.
Forever soar...
Written by O_Blue (CiRcLeS...)
Published | Edited 17th Mar 2021
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