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Atomic Unified

Sacrificing her lack of faith
in my conviction, by breaking her
mouth;she then broke my hand.

I threw her near the edge of an abyss,
she attempted to crawl back to freedom.

Each fingertip and thumb is laced with
a unique metallic insignia,
to which has been emplaced
upon them since birth.

The right thumb's insignia shape,
is in the shape of a titanium crane.
The right index's insignia shape,
is a pale brain, dripping
rainbow hues from the cortex folds.

The right middle finger's insignia shape,
is a translucent light-bulb, with scarlet
flames entrapped within.

The right ring finger's insignia shape,
is a alabaster opened locket, with no
portraits, just a silhouette of the locket,
and it's shadow cascaded down an inch.

The right pinky's insignia shape,
is a multicolored back.

The left thumb's insignia shape is,
a charcoal building engulfed in misery,
descending into reality.

The left index's insignia shape is,
a blank canvas with a clear easel.

The left middle finger's insignia shape is,
a closet door that's cracked, light lurking
onto grey floor temptatious opportunities.

The left ring finger's insignia shape is,
a question mark, that is dark up top,
then gray in the middle,
and finally white at the bottom.
The same follows for the dot that follows the mark.

The left pinky's insignia shape is,
a punctured spine.

When the person's feelings are heightened,
their metallic insignias come into fruition.

I grabbed the back of her left hand,
with the left of my four fingertips,
and thumb; engraving:

[W]hat it is to fail,
[P]erlexed confusion,

I then grabbed the back of her right hand,
with the right of my four fingertips,
and thumb; engraving:

Logical and creative coherence
Fierce passion,
The structure of relationships,
and a back bone to wither any
storm that'll corrupt the core

Her hazel grey irises
clicked into place with my
mahogany irises.

I then let her dissipate into
the shadows of rebirth,
I snatched a glimpse of
her pupils,
they were glimmering
the silhouette of our emotions,
as she was perishing;
leaving myself to dwell.

When in love, contemplation,
isn't in your vocabulary,




I threw my left arm at her,
like a safety raft.
I pulled her into my chest,
nestling our triumphs and downfalls
as one.

Welcome to atomic unification.
Written by Manley_Pointer
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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