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Blendology Poems [ for 18+ adults ]

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Love Changes

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To want me my love is to need me
Your hands from my feet
Roaming up my thigh
As passion comes upon the greet

Take your fingers
Slowly slip inside me
Lick them, the rapture
As you come to please

Mmm.. grab my hips
Let your tongue slowly slip
Let the trickles of my essence
Softly drift unto your tongue

Roam them over my body
Let me know such a butter rum
I am your, passionate hottie
To my lips taste of me

Taste my essence
Taste the Psalms of my soul
Please me with each touch
As our bodies cajole

My moon ingress
Upon the gift of your skin
The sins of our bodies shifting
With the love of us shall start upon our begin

I love you, I love you not
Sss….oh my soul you have got
Oo..come here my love
Spread me so wide

Kisses upon my inner thigh
My hands you bound behind my back
Oo…the souls are gyrating inside this, sweet kitty cat
You are my love my dear

Oh… such a wonderous, as my soul you peer
Mm…love me through time
In and out, in and out of time

You take me through the skies
Of the nighttime oh on the midnight nigh
I love you my love
In and out of time

Dangerous Mind
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OMG —- the wonders of your rhyme
               Takes me through
                both space and time

Tyrant of Words
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What Is The Meaning Of Love

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There are so many degrees of love, there is physical love, the passion that drives another to feel the heartbeats, relish in the presence of that special person, then there is emotional love, the love where you two bond, mind to mind, heart to heart, as strong friends between the opposite of sex may occur, yet never crossing the boundaries to engage physically, then there is mental love, ahh the cream of the crop for someone who is Sapiosexual, a love that connects the intellect of one’s mind, the adoration and gifts of muses who bestows the flattery of words, without the physical bonding and the absence of their being.  

Therefore, it is not really a right way to describe love; it is a feeling for another who caters to the heart and pampers the mind, and then both coming together to partake in the union of one’s fleshy desires.

Tyrant of Words
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The Scent Of A Man

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Umm, the presence and scent of a man  
Magnetic attraction where his feet stands    
His natural body charismatic aroma    
Element of charms, seeping to awaken a woman out a sexual coma    
Is it his eyes, the soul behind his life’s mysteries    
Flirtation in his smile, tells me he has an undercover sexual history    
It is his nose that smells out my charms    
An enticing deep baritone voice, which turns me on    

Is it the erratic heartbeat he has for a woman, his passionate relent    
Stealing my breath, as he tenderly seals my lips in an impassioned moment of content    
The strength in his biceps  
His triceps    
Strong, yet such comforting arms    
An epitome of steel circled around a woman in winter life’s storms    
In the cold of night, his body providing your heated warmth    

His chest, a hard pillow to tell your doubts, your uncertainties, your fears    
Pulling you closer onto it, his reassuring words eradicating your tears    
His intellectual mind to think as a man    
Sexual, slam bam and thank you ma’am, or your personal grand slam    
Woman from Venus, your handsome Man for Mars    
His groin, and the hard dick from which it springs forth    
Erected and pointing North    
A woman's reservation to tease, please, stroke, or allow it to choke    
His loud grunts shadowing your moans, echoing in the wind    
Damn, I love men, and his undulated sexual sins    
From the first taste of me    
As his giving tongue is traveling free    
Siphoning my carnal juices that deems to flee    

His hairy legs as he stands to lift my weight    
In the shower, no wait, as I anticipate    
The thrust of his gyrate, hooking my twerking pussy bait    
His physique in general…Oh, God thank you    
Without the scent of a man, we women would not know what to do    
Your presence to a woman is our earthly food    
Our je ne sais quoi for our every bodily mood    

Rather you are standing, lying still, or upside down    
The blissful 69 position conquered as we’re fooling around    
The scent of a man, the whiff under his balls    
Dick sucking moment for me says it all    
Aphrodisiac behind his release, no regrets    
His dripping sweat    
As he’s on top of me, droplets to my skin have been met    
The presence and scent of a man holds me throughout the night as our eyes finally rest

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Another K Production™

Tyrant of Words
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Savored In The Softness Of Nirvana’s Cloak

Mm... you are my morning hero    
When I’m laying naked in my bed    
Hair tousled all over my pillow    
Wetting my two fingers    
Slowing dragging it downward to my sacred chasm    
Exploring the gratification of my creamy lust    
Ravishing in the arched rainfall trickling to my fingers    
Nirvana essence kissing the dewy panting of my reverberating Chi    
Oh, sweet mercy yes    
The ending of your flesh start in the steam of our cloak    
Cleansing the silhouette of our souls    
As we entwine in the carnal commune in the dusk of dawn    
Souls entwined the coming together in sacred hedonistic pleasures    
Breathless pants, lips coveted in the saturating anticipate    
Hearts racing, time suspending    
Cresting in the pulsating    
Legs wrapped around the spoken offering his body is giving    
Prisoned within the domination of his thrust I am receiving    
Getting mellowed in the domination of his throbbing    
My eyes closing, softly submitting the will of my soul he's relishing in his robbing    
Deeper and deeper, stilling his progression    
Squeezing my creamy locket as he strokes inside me his master key, unlocking the flood gate to my emotions    
Palms to palms, sweaty, sedated, our bodies shifting.    
Lust and desires drifting in the uplifting      
Loving when he takes my body to the promise land of infinity’s rapture    
Eyes to eyes    
Yearning in the slow burn as the reflection in the window of our souls speaks    
Inscribing unbridled debauchery all over our sheets    
Our bodies drawing a collage of emotions in the abandonment of liquated heat    
Hungered dueling tongues    
Gyrating, my body tweaking    
Honing the long stroking of his kingdom, thy will, we shall come    
My essence pulsating, sharing as one, oh yes, fusing us in serotonin divine incarnate    
Fate receiving the offering of destiny's ecstasy    
Back arched, submitting my soul    
Totally surrendering to the mirage of his flame    
Soothing in the drowning depths created by the fusing rainfall    
Giving me the playwright of his soul    
Branding our story on the softness of my lips    
His tongue slipping inside the promise      
Mm..hum papi    
Whispering endearments in our raging release    
Echoing blissful minds, we cry out    
Whew... sedated in the aftermath of his seal of emotional armor    
Savored in the blending

Tyrant of Words
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The Sultry Whispers To A Beguiling Wizard

Sweet Kitty, what is this I am hearing
You got the village men laughing, fist-to-fist bumping, and jeering  
Say what  
A Warlock is claiming last night you gave him some pussy, mouth, and then the butt  
Girl, you know in our paradox that is a no no  
You now have every supernatural being within a one hundred mile radius of Transylvania making bets whose tongue can make that butter rum flow  
And girl, I even heard the Witches Counsel have on the streets their Crow’s eyes, and their concealed spies  
With wicked intentions to seek your divine power and weaken you like kryptonite. And girl get this, all using their dicks in the sexual demise    
Then draining that tasting creamy gift to make their nature rise, those trickles of euphoric between your thighs    
Encase it for the worth to give the joy of the Heaven feeling to their women to make them feel like they can fly to the sky  
Girl your loving is in demand and the natural high  
Elvira, you read too many romance novels, but I can understand why... it’s that butta love  
Ordained and blessed to give unto the right man’s loins from above  
But seriously, witches, mixing the pangs of their spooks and spells against the diplomacy of our ordinance is death by instant burn  
A price some are willingly to sacrifice when it’s known can send them to Hell in an Urn  
Have you seen these new millennium witches  
Not the old Cronies of old, the high arc ones they are some fine looking btiches  
So, watch yourself and that is a fact  
They will be the ones sent for the attack  
You may need to place more than salt around your doorpost to ward off that temptation and trust my word they are no longer wearing black  
Mm… interesting… I have nine lives sayeth the cat  
Not worried, my elements never lack  
And I would love a Wizard to have my legs in the air, moaning, while laying on my back  
His witch can watch... but don't touch, until I drain him of his nutt  
Girl, I heard their dicks is ruler long, solid as a rock, and can do some strange things  
While their tongues, can send you on a dream, pleasing at the same time if you know what I mean  
You are too much, just be prepared to hide your castle, I heard the search party is going down tonight  
I will need a pedicure, manicure, partial Bikini waxing, my hair shampooed and styled, I have to look irresistible to set this right  
Kitty... I know you are not thinking about entertaining that madness in that pretty head  
And how many dicks you think you can tease, then please, having them make you climax one by one, putting them under a spell to have then on their knees in your Queen size bed  
So, no threesomes, you do remember what happened on Halloween many moons ago with Freddie Kruger, Jason Voorhees, and with Michael Myers  
Yes, after I let them, all fuck me, they start fighting, I saw Jason pull out his machete, and threatened Michael to hack him to pieces if he did not leave, then Michael got peeved flung off his mask and raised his knife to strike in defense, the melee angered Freddie, in the end he ripped their skin with his bladed glove and set them both on fire  
I never seen grown men run so fast while their skin was smoking, calling each other punks, and they are the best lover, and bold face liars  

I will be good, although my fingers were crossed, what is the harm in a little fun  
A few bites here and there, letting their throbbing girth pump and dump all up in this sensation, giving me some bed shaking vibrations, before the rise of the sun  
A Wizard and his bedroom skills, getting dominated and fucked by his will    
Breast teasing his hard pulsating knack  
Surely, he will keep me dazed in a stare of euphoric, whereas, I may not want to come back      
I have to go Elvira, talk to you soon  
Yes, and be weary, this evening there is a full moon  
And you know how you get, when you send out those sultry pheromones    
I am a sorceress, I suppose to make men swoon where they never want to go back home  
Bye girl  
Looking around my castle... strolling into my bedroom laying across my bed  
Closing my eyes, listening in on words floating on the comic’s air, blended dialects, attuned to what was being said  
Yeah, I fucked her, and I fucked her really good  
I broke her off a chunk of this hard wood  
Had her talking in French and in Haitian tongues  
Then I sunk my dick in that tight pussy, around these parts, known as some addictive butter rum  
Surely, to make a man fall to his knees to want to lick it, then stick it, then let her make his Kingdom cum  
I swear I thought I had gone to Heaven when I start long stroking all up in it  
Then she seesawed those curvy hips and damn my mind started to drift  
Peep this, I swear I saw the Birds, the Bees, and the Honey Trees  
Made me pop off and give up the dick in the late twilight hour  
On the read deal  
Yeah... and get this, she pleased me and, licked me all over in the shower  
Took me deep in her mouth… whatever she is... “A sorceress my love.” Ya’ll hear that.. Oh Yeah, a sorceress... Well anyway, took this Warlock’s mind past the Eifel Tower  
So, my dick should be dipping in that sweetness real soon, without, no wait or no maybe  
Don’t be fooled, she looks damn fine, smells really good, intellect up to par to match, and a very shrewd lady  
Once you get those clothes off  
Damn, her skin so soft  
The body of a Greek Goddess and knows how to seduce  
Under her soothing voice, whispering in your ear, you can’t lose  
I just might creep back in the woods and pretend to be lost  
We move out on your command, you’re the Boss  
She left me still feening for her, I need her when I am not around  
It may sound crazy, but I feel the touch for her and its strong like it’s a human pulsating sound  
My soul just cannot get close enough  
I need her aura around me, her scent, her mind, I don’t know what I’m saying, don’t look at me like that ya’ll... what  
She already got you pussy whip with one droplet of her pussy drips  
I am a Warlock, I have never got my dick stuck in a pussy I cannot and walk away without the Key  
“Yes my Warlock... until in my bed, you thrust deep inside me, my emotion transferred after you gave me your mysteries fulfilling the ancient rite to give you clarity of your destiny.”    
Ya’ll hear that… she speaking to me  
Man, you are losing it... and be ready when we move out  
I need to see what’s all the fuss about this woman who has a pussy like all these other village maidens with nothing but chest and mouth    
I suppose my handsome Wizard the proof will be one kiss upon my lips as yours travel in the path of ecstasy, rapture to soothe you in aftertaste of my wet dewy South  
What was that man… what about South  
Let’s go… we are going to do this... no doubt  
Mm... so the hunt is on.. sorry Elvira but tonight unto a Wizard my skin will sing such beautiful lustful songs…


Tyrant of Words
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Hunted Hill    
The Day Before Halloween    
You think you must have those villagers bedazzled by your rules      
Playing the innocent act, but sweetheart I’m no fool      
Mm... I love when a man thinks I cannot make his mouth droll      
Having these poor men all in a trace after leaving this house      
Out of their minds like a cat who have possessed the mouse      
Walking around with heads in the clouds all handy dandy      
Just what type of tricks have you got up your skirt lady or should I say candy      
I am sorry, whatever your displeasure is I’m sure it can be worked out      
No, my lady it can’t and before you start a chant...        
I have to close my eyes, you may put a spell on me      
and that means losing my clout      
Well, suit yourself Mr…      
It’s Mr. Brown      
He’s looking around      
I thought witches lived in old, tattered houses not like this      
This is a tight set up with the latest technology… hum you probably zapped it…      
What if I was a... as you stated a witch what just would you do      
Continue to speak fables and sound like a fool      
I’ve been here long before you were ever created      
Your invite into my home was long anticipated      
You think you are the first to question my sensual sainthood      
I am from the lineage by blood rites whereas the core of your mind      
will never have understood      
Before the false ideology of fairies, wizards, and warlocks,        
The supernatural, a place among infinity to the living we knock      
Intoning though the darken world let me in      
The beholder to cause discord or discontinue within the synagogue of sin      
From the Reptilian people who thrive among us practicing in      
secrecy among their secret society to live forever      
The Nephilim children extension by Mother Nature’s cruel weather      
I am not a witch I am a sorceress      
Seen but not heard in the realm midst, mesmerizing your mind, heart, body with the breath of a soft kiss      
There are interchangeable as silk and lace mm... a sweeten difference of sun and moon and its preferred tastes      
So, you are the sexy witch who lives down the street      
Honey given for all too slowly eat      
Having all these men knocking on your door on Hallow’s Eve        
Mm... not to forsaken cumming right in to savor of thee      
You may open your eyes      
No... I refuse to bow to your wicked lies      
Ring… ring      
Darn it… the telephone… freeze with the soft fold tease      
Kitty... it’s supposed to be a full moon tonight in case you didn’t know      
Elvira I’m predisposed here a bit      
Sounds to me like you got a handsome brotha frozen on that slit      
Girl you ain’t right      
Serves him best for riding all up in here like I’m a dragon and      
he’s some slaying Knight      
Then allow me to let you get back to that punishment      
Yes, when he’s done, his tongue will be sore from the pleasure unrelent      
Later… you bad kitty.. without any pity        
Unfreeze and back to you… mm... yes dip that tongue in that juicy food      
So is this how you seduce those poor bastards in oblivion      
Mm... no… this is what I call desirable living      
Then allow me to show you how it’s really done      
Mm... I see my spell has make you swell.. and do tell      
You the witch… pardon me darling, the sorceresses. I’m the      
warlock about to get a taste of that butter rum      
Then toss those hips in the air and sit you on this throne until my Kingdom cum      
Licking all over those big breasts      
My tongue salivating those pebble size nipples giving you no time for rest      
Stick my fingers in that pretty brown tight ass      
Stealing your breath baby girl you won’t last      
The hoisting you off the dick settling you on top of my lips      
Teasing that pinkish mouth gift then scaling all up in the wet slit      
Drool baby all down this man’s chin      
You feel my finger sliding in..      
Yeah, you are wondering who the prey is and who’s committing the sin      
Laying you down spreading those conjuring thighs      
Crawling over your face.. smearing that clear coating toppling from my      
nature rise      
V-shaping my length taking it all back and forth, your tonsils is the route      
See if the witch... sorceress whoever you are... can tell when I am about to pop off      
Before you choke or before you cough      
While you let me lick my tongue deep inside your gapped lines      
Oh, sweet mercy.. I got him just like all the other times      

Tyrant of Words
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The Softness Of My Creole Sentiments

I am no witch  
My Haitian blood rites I am much higher, I am the gift    
The Moon and the Sun, blending souls laid in the creation to become the blood sacrament, giving unto wind the calling of a wish    
Veiled enchantress, sorcery to appease, until the feeling of obscure leads me    
Love potion to set your loins free in the enticement of my tease    
Spoken primordial dialects, chants to Immortalize the fragile soul    
Unto my bosom, to heal, or console    
Where thoughts are coveted unto Pharaohs, Kings, Dukes, a sensual being entwined on a bed of heather with a Sire    
The Moth has soared in the alluring of my dancing fire, cocooning him within the warmth of sultry desires  
My flesh, addictive, like soothing passionate renewed as a rising Phoenix in my hot molten gently transpires    
Some have attempted to figure out my cosmic quiet mysteries    
The Cosmic deity I serve gives me the key to unlock ancient histories    

Windowing my soul as I sit upon the universal throne    
The battle of evil and good, by right, I atone    
Balancing out with my flair to instill where lust caters to its own    
Incantations to trance the state of the mind you feel the ache of me in your loins, without making a sound… mm... my Creole thighs parted, generations of ancestral pilgrimage of greatness have stood, here today, singing Mother Earth’s nightly songs    
Tender love lashes breezing over your skin    
None alike me as your loins slide deep within    
The warm breath of my ether upon your lips    
Soaring higher into the galaxy eternity upon each thrusting in and out slip    
The flow of my whispers, delve really close, hidden words, incantations spilling forth through the sublime    
Sweet myrrh of my breath, lavender in my scent, seductively making you mine    
Fixating you, in the quest of dark    
Pampering your intellect, indulging your heart is a beautiful kaleidoscope of art    
Love mummers whispered against your neck    
Come closer mankind, I do not chase, once enthralled to keep you seduced, my sacred passage gloving in the hunt, my scent upon the victor finds me creamy in anticipation, pinkish in the elude, you got me wet    
Mm… feening for my delicate hands all over your temple, needing in the want of what comes next    
Is it the spell, or have you been softy hexed    
You want me willing, in your bed, ripping off my lacy attire in heat    
My lacy entice you sniff in the alluring color of red as our bodies in carnal pleasure greet upon rose petal sheets    
The moon you feel as you grind into the sunkiness of my feverish touch    
Your lips blanketing mine, the hunger to dominate me while bathing in the creaminess of my ecstasy’s lush    
Arms above my head, imprisoning me, groaning for the rainfall of that hasten gush    
Taking your mind, cloaking your body, my sacrifice unto the altar of the fifth power    
In the mist of consuming your width inch by inch, we call out in gratification in the darkest hour    
Blending the silhouette of our elicit souls, destiny we patrol    
Liquidating of my words, mingled with yours    
Giving you a taste of my illicit honey as it pours    
The thirst of cravings from your skin reeking    
One touch of my passion, into your ear, twisted tongues have surrendered merged sentiments when speaking    
We own the night, until the souls we atrial travel, pleasing to dawns early light    
Where vibrations glamourize you from afar    
Inhabitants, my you see, feel my sultriness in the skies outlined by the stars    
Nyx, Luna we covet those eight planets when aligned, holding the key to the earth and beyond Venus and Mars    
Do not attempt to seduce with the heart what you could never understand when entrenched in my sexual demand    
The Mistress of the night, who holds immortality in the palms of my hands    
Once aroused, now you are under my tender command    
I am pure sensuality, no matter where I lay, roam, or stand    
Temptation stirs the pheromones, the aroma attracts the common man    
Mm... Who am I?    
Fantasy in the word where upon my flesh we lay, silkiness in the sensations found between the moistened sensations of my Creole thighs

Oh.. wee.. I love this time of the year

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Echoes of Rain

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Ain’t no sunshine when he’s gone
And the darkness everyday
Ain’t no sunshine when he’s gone
My heart just ain’t no home
Anytime he goes away

Oh, my love, I’ve missed you so true
You left my heart in rapture, and now I’m feeling, so blue
Please come back to me
Please lay, your, soft hands upon my skin
Let us in the abyss of surrendering  
Mmm…  such sweet, wicked sins

Oh, kiss my lips
Touch my heart

Oh, for divinity ordained for us never to apart
Oh, call my name, write my love among the skies
Oh, such sweet majestic in its whys

Mm… make love to me among the stars
I am your Venus you are my man from Mars

Ain’t no sunshine when he’s gone
And my darkness everyday
God, ain’t no sunshine when he’s gone
My heart just ain’t no home

Anytime he goes away
Anytime he goes away

“Please come back to me”

Oh, fulfill the destiny of us
Oh, you have my heart, my soul,  
My emotions, in us there is only lust
There’s rapture
There’s desires
There’s fire
As you flame
Oh, you are my one and only

Ain’t no sunshine when he’s gone...
And my darkness everyday
Ain’t no sunshine when he’s gone
My heart just ain’t no home

Anytime he goes away
Anytime he goes away
Anytime he goes away

Disclaimer, I do not own the rights to the partial lyrics of the song, Ain't No Sunshine. My self-creation is no for selling, reproducing, or to infringe upon its copyrights of Bill Withers, the partial lyrics within is solely utilized for the purpose to entertain only

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Falling Under A Handsome Warlock’s Revenge

From the breeze let my voice sail to the ears  
My comrades of my brotherhood, the wizard, the sorcerer the cosmic found in three  
The bewitching sorceress has confined me in the mirror of eternity  
Give me liberty from within the death of this hallowed meditative cell  
I need the chains to be broken from her alluring spell  
And just like that smoke swirled around my feet  
Give me powers Black Panther of the universe to stalk her scent like a hungry wolf, devouring her existence after siphoning her like a hungry beast  
Warlock supremacy rules once again  
No more invocations shall be the hindrance of my oath as I draw her in  
Her embracing force, her touch I will place my mark upon her skin
In the legion of my magic will reach beyond broken glass  
Outsourced her fourscore, she will never last  
My voice permeating her mind  
Inhaling and blowing my hot breath in anger to the marauding corners of time  
I need you sorceress, in my world ruled by the oceans, the sea, by land  
Unto my side you shall kneel as I take your hand  

You have taken the throne of my powers not by hair  
Snared my virility in the ecstasy of your lair  
Let the spirit of me defend the swoon of your feeble magic  
By the amulet dangling around my neck  
You will become a living zombie to my needs  
Under my commands from the rise of the sun to the moon in the sky when it sets  
Sight without sound tenderly stroking you, I will be the immortal keeping you wet  

My earthy concubine  
Rain or shine  
Let my wrath surround the sorceress where she bows only to me  
With the comfort of her creamy paradise, my name trembling off her lips as I please  
Sorceress, hear my voice, tantalizing kisses, you feel of me in the wind  
My palms languishing meandering up your thighs unto me, parting under the wishes of my commend  
Open your thighs wider, allow fate of this night and destiny collide  
Allow my tongue to seek the wet wonders once found inside  
He wants me to be his immortal bride to be    
Mmm… he pleases all my sultry needs    
When the high moon illuminates from the sky    
My skin tingles I could not fathom why    
Could it be the Warlock still has my beating heart    
Wanting to drain me under a blanket of midnight stars    
Traveling the forest, inhaling my seductive inviting scent    
I hear the alluring howls of a werewolf’ stalking in relent    

Hum… what's a sorceress to do    
Without her book of incantation to conjure a spell or two    
Closing my eyes, as a chant within my temple I shall use    
The abyss of my core, shall be my brew    
I summon the raging winds to the East I command counseling of your spirit    
To the West my soul is the sacrificed endearment    
To the North, I bow in the compliance of its wishes    
To grant this ritual bequest unto me as my ancestral blood boils then swishes    
Until the bed of Mother Earth's South as it seeps and twitches    
I looked around the forest, in a mist of fog, piercing eyes pinned on me    
How much of my life force must I use, as I glanced down at the bed of leaves    
Howls to my Hunter's Moon, indenting as I weakened from the pleasure of sharpen fangs    
Into my tender flesh, with each moan the deeper they sank    
Thrilling, exciting    
Encircling my legs around a Warlock's spine.. mmm... he’s softly biting    
Paralyzed to move  
I hear his haughty laugh as he plummets in the supremacy of my dew  
His body, his hands, making such passionate and tender love to me    
In the distance, I hear the denied outcries over the elevated trees    
Right before I climaxed, I seen a pair of red eyes staring down at me    
Oh no… no it just can’t be      

You belong to me sorceress and each night in your bed you will appease    
Bolting up to a sitting position lifting my cell phone  
Girl, do you know what time it is..  
I’m getting me some bedroom thrills from a handsome man and his hard bone  
Elvira, I will be coming over  
To my home  
Yeah… bad night  
Give me ten minutes... well make it half an hour and be careful I heard those wolves howling and roaming in plain sight  

Happy Halloween Everyone

Dangerous Mind
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Love Changes
By Sweet Kitty Cat 5 (SKC)Added stanzas by Eightmore (8+)

To want me my love is to need me
Your hands from my feet
Roaming up my thigh
As passion comes upon the greet

Take your fingers
Slowly slip inside me
Lick them, the rapture
As you come to please

From feet to thigh then to the “Y”
My fingers slip inside
My tongue tastes of your essence
Your legs are spread out wide

Mmm.. grab my hips
Let your tongue slowly slip
Let the trickles of my essence
Softly drift unto your tongue

I lift your hips up with my hands
Lick you slowly clit to bum
Drink the trickles, feel your nipples
Taste the sweetness of your cum

Roam them over my body
Let me know such a butter rum
I am your, passionate hottie
To my lips taste of me

Taste my essence
Taste the Psalms of my soul
Please me with each touch
As our bodies cajole

Then kiss each side of your labia
Working upward from the south
Then french kiss you with passion
To taste yourself within your mouth

My moon ingress
Upon the gift of your skin
The sins of our bodies shifting
With the love of us shall start upon our begin

I love you, I love you not
Sss….oh my soul you have got
Oo..come here my love
Spread me so wide

Kisses upon my inner thigh
My hands you bound behind my back
Oo…the souls are gyrating inside this, sweet kitty cat
You are my love my dear

I move back down to suck your nips
Feel the fullness of your breast
Then to your ribs and Venus mound
My kissing mouth is pressed

Put your legs beside my shoulders
So your gap is open wide
Enjoy more of your juices
As I slip my tongue inside

Oh… such a wonderous, as my soul you peer
Mm…love me through time
In and out, in and out of time

You take me through the skies
Of the nighttime oh on the midnight nigh
I love you my love
In and out of time

I raise you up upon my staff
Your full moon sky my goal
Your satisfaction's what I seek
As I'm pulsing in your hole

I love to make sweet love to you
If it's only in my dreams
I have awakened, many times
To the mixing of our creams

I love you for the words you write
I hope the same, your love's for me
Would be great, some day for real
In the future, we will see

Tyrant of Words
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Mm... Tasting That Soothing Honey Pour
It’s time for me to kidnap you  
Bondage style, blindfolds, handcuffs, gag ball and all the honey pouring too  
Fucking you and then with my words  
This Red Cardinal finally seducing her Blue Bird  
Soar with me tonight  
Passion, lust, ecstasy will be our guiding light  
Shh.., I got you, it’s all right  
Seriously baby, now take your clothes off  
No one is reading this…eyes weakening with bliss once that hard thing I’m scoping pops  
So slowly strip    
Yes, look at me while I gently caress my clit  
Been waiting for the supplier shipping my favorite obsession  
Mustache will be sticky with such a sweet dedication  
Want to feel the rapture of colliding pleasure    
Your tongue slowly crawling over my skin discovering treasure after treasure  
Loving how your naughty manly skills work  
With my pussy hole on your face as it gyrates and twerks  
Not too shy to admit…it’s time to lock the door  
The menu of passion I’ll give you amore  
Lighted scented candles, rose petal silk covers, a rite given unto you to lit my fire  
Pull my body closer sinking your soul into this butter rum desire  
Oh God my pussy you got soaking wet  
Fuck me harder as we’ve never met  
Breasts palmed…the tip of your tongue sailing into my ear  
Whispering for me to satisfy you, the throne of passion is near  
My soft body your pillow    
Cupping my ass, rapture kissing my temple from head down to my toes  
Tenderly kissing my lips  
Palming my curvaceous hips  
Legs wrapped around your lower back, pussy kissing your hard dick  
My tongue to your shoulder I impatiently lick  
Palming your gluteus, pressing you deeper inside me with every seeping inflict    
Bab…baby make this tight pussy cream as it cums  
Your body is sticky, pasted against mine…mm bathe your throbbing erection inside my silken butter rum  
Oh yes…yes your head thrown back in glorification    
Palming your lower spine, juices mingling, soft mummers of declaration  
Knock knock    
“It’s Room Service.”  
Did they not see the sign to Do Not Disturb us  
“Handsome one, meet me in the Jacuzzi you can tease my nipples while lapping up the stream of wine ”

Tell me now.. mm.. how sweet it is

Dangerous Mind
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Amen to those thoughts of love’s definition

Tyrant of Words
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Mmm...  A Soft Kiss Of Fate

See baby, I told you this book I found near the church is starting to explain why I am having these sultry dreams
You bolt out your sleep one more time, I am on the couch
Wait, listen to this, she was writing to someone she believed is an... Angel
Woman, I do not want to hear about another Angel in this home
And take back those wings you bought
Forget you, they fit and that masquerade ball, I will dress as an Angel
You been reading too much of.. those…those
Whatever you call them, they give comfort to my mind
Now are you going to listen to her trying to woo this brotha or what
Go ahead

She titled it, Lost In The Beautiful Creation Of Time

Meet me on the throne of unity in the Hereafter
Ecstasy you’ve bondage me, desires found under you, my passionate captor
Souls entwined as we float beyond the heat of the sun
A last kiss before asunder, we become undone
Kismet Karma shooting across the stratosphere
The big bang theory, we ascend, we’re here
Reincarnation we stand, revelation of scrolls, in your arms long forgotten tears

Eyes closed as crowns of glory our spirits in haste merge  
Touch me again, in sacred alliance, let our desires speak of absence as they crest, then purge
Echoing the melodies our of soulful converge

Infinity’s harkened onto you released upon time  
Sinking deeper and deeper inside me, legs wrapped around God’s image, love notes playing by designs  
Inebriated bodies scaling with each grind
Plundering within the silken rhythm of the rhyme
Palms clasped calling out to the higher powers to be
Taking my body higher unto the third Heaven, Oh God, he beautifully releases me

Bodies slowly falling under grace in an aroused state of fate
Making me yours in the Hereafter  
Time for us, our greatest appease, the descants heard of undying musical laughter
You cradled the depth of my temple on the bed of green earth
Somewhere in time, our moans were promised for the sweetest rebirth

Attire devoid, ordained nakedness we lay in truth
Bodies locked in the space of time as you gently massage my Charka root
Submitting my Chi unto you on earth, as rewarded, infinity of no hindered
The stars, the sun, the moon, our blanket it cocoons us, I solemnly surrender

Paradise laid beneath our feet
Feasting of its desires, our souls blending, fate, karma, destiny, in the Hereafter it shall blindly fuse upon the greet
Past the cadence of earthly chaos
The arch of my rainbow you softly lay upon, as you tenderly part the colors of passion in the ether, ecstasy once inside, unlost

One gentle touch, one soft kiss  
Close your eyes and feel me as a tender reminisce
To my lips, you took my breath away, drained upon my rainfall softest mist
In the clutch of passion, I called out your name as you dipped into the well of my wet abyss  
My scent, of desire I gave unto you
As you bathed the extension of your soul into my temple, as reigning your Kingdom inside my morning dew

We’re in the Hereafter now  
Come, bathe the silhouette of my soul
As you kissed upon it, on earth as our feverish aches were once consoled
Beyond the Pearly Gates the shadows of us shall forever roam
Hold me even tighter, our souls cry out, your spillage anchors, lust carnally atoned
In the essence of pleasure, now found deeper within the tight silken walls of your awaited spiritual home

Those are some smooth words... mm..  so timeless
That brotha must have put it down on this sista
What brotha don’t true..
Oh, thank you baby for placing the rose near me while I was asleep, and caressing my cheek
Say what, do I look like I had time in the middle of night, and in New York to go and buy a rose

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Mm.. Sweeter Than A Midnight Rendezvous

My love this letter is rose scented of me
Daydreams, I cannot escape, my passion needs to flee
Allow my emotions to flow as you come to set me free
Embellish your being in my desires as we lay or unto my knees
In my misty rainfall of pleasure to appease

Give me liberty as you cum, release my depraved needs
Carnal words of yearning as I stand here and emotionally bleed
Sinking and worshipping, thrusting in the abyss of my butter rum creed
Such sweet serenity
Your body blankets my skin, kisses of infinity
Today, I give you your wished upon manly just due
Basking in the savor of your addictive whispered muse

You really do give my heart such craving palpations as you so casually roam
Words from your belief of honor has my mind so far pass gone
Close my eyes losing myself inside of you tres bon
Only echoes I hear is the beat of two hearts and its melodic song
Debonair as you are
Among the clouds, above the moon, making me twinkie like the brightest star
It feels enchanting to know this letter is written with your name inscribed upon it
Smile and take my heart as you give my mind a seductive uplift
Two minds in blissful sensations, fusing as they slowly drift
One of these days, you will not be able to escape our true fate

Alluring minds unto the Gods is a Goddess’ hook and bait
Upon the bed of time, we feverishly relate
As our tongues in heat passionate articulate
Have crossed my moon in ancient history
Reincarnated by my scent to taste the cream of my beguiling mysteries

One look, one touch, melts me just wax
Suspended animation and just like that no turning back
Sweetly pursued in a game of throne until I have you mentally bedazzled, carnal fed
Thoughts of me laying under you, entwined deeply, while in my Queen Size silken bed
Take my breath as lust filled dreams dances around in your head
Mm, breathless with anticipation  
By the soft whispers of the night unto such beautiful mental vibrations

The Queen

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