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Poetry Contest

Write about your favorite music artist
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Dangerous Mind
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Higher Truth

I felt the words sang from a soul
with a voice like a machine
high as roses fell in my ears
through the blur of smokes
like a stone…

I wasn’t aware of your garden of sounds
or your temple of dogs
I only became the slave to the audio
then you showed me the sound garden
and the Temple of the Dogs

but the gateway to “Cornellville”
was and still the highway
the A minor notes still strung in my brain
I drove on the highway
mornings and evenings
with my guitar learning to play
I believed I was the highway

you wouldn’t be anybody’s carpet ride
you were a sky, you were the lightning
you were the night…

years later I heard your Scream
in a land of timber
what a treat it was
I was drowning in the red syrup

and the unplugged sessions
just you and 6 strings
mounted on a wood box
in your hands
you cornelled an emjay…
I was there with you

I silently followed you
and the time passed…

I would never understand why
but one thing I promise you
I won’t let them put out your fire

~As a Tribute to Chris Cornell~
Written by dejure (vick)
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Dangerous Mind
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In Your Debt

My friend, you are a breath of fresh air
Amongst an ever-diluting pool of creativity
You bring light, innovation, and life
I cannot thank you enough for being a reliant harbor in the stormy waters
You are an agent of the forces of light
And you bring a divine gift to us clueless mortals
The radio plays the same-old tiring rhythms and beats
Yet your music, your creation, stirs the embers within my heart
A spark that I had thought would never reignite again
Unraveled the catalyst of my newly founded inspiration
Your gift gave me back my passion that I had lost for many years
The words twirl in my mind and beg my fingers to write them out
This fire your music ignited within me is burning strong
And I have no intention of letting it die out again
So, from one artist to another
I am in your debt.
Written by LunasChild8
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Karam L. Parveen-Ashton
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Aurora's Gift

- Aurora's Gift -
Dedicated to Aurora Aksnes

I hear thy soft words and feel the unearthly beauty,
Bestowed upon we lucky enough to so understand...
The things you sing, in verses from the heavens sent!
Thy message is eternal, thy beauty is incorruptible.
When on high we beings of light knew our dignity,
Thou were surely, of the very same celestial band...
Angelic in thy aspects, and thus is my compliment!
Dost thou remember, I wonder, the heavens noble?

There is power in thy voice, to move divine hearts,
And mortal ones as well, unto such sublime elation...
Few sounds can convey so much with such artistry.
Sweet songbird of the north, so art thou enchanting!
I cannot convey simply, all that thy music imparts,
And how it reaches me far across lands and nations...
As if sent from the heavens upon wings of divinity.
How it stirs my spirit, like a goddess commanding!

So dark is this world at times, and in such turmoil,
That thy light shines the brighter for the darkness...
Illuminating paths undreamed of by lesser minds!
Sweetest Aurora, thy artistry is a gift most grand.
Thou art, in mine eyes, like a princess most royal,
Parting the gathering clouds, easing our distress...
Reminding me of such glory that it nearly blinds!
And yet soothing it is, like cool waves upon sand.

Sing on, beloved songbird, bringing the radiance,
Which can heal the wounds that bring such tears...
As even the mother earth weeps, in her slumbers!
The magic within thee is powerful and perfected.
How elated is my spirit when I behold thy dance,
And for a time am able to cast aside all my fears...
Freed from all memories of pain that encumbers!
Surely, by the noble gods was thy light selected.

Within thy face, I see the memory of a paradise,
And I remember simpler times and thus I smile...
Sweet Aurora, seeing the beauty within thy soul!
Thy brilliant wings carry me with loving strength.
I know not where, only that it is always so nice,
A world just for us, filled with peace, and style...
So powerful is thy gift, to comfort, and console!
This poem is my gift to thee in all its' fair length.
Written by Kou_Indigo (Karam L. Parveen-Ashton)
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Take Physic, Plump Pomp

So Thou May'st Shake the Peanut Butter and Banana Sandwiches to    
Those in Need  
"By the hour the winner crosses the finish line, she looks like shit."    
-- each Farrah,    
not fairer at death    
My music hero, Elvis Presley, hero worship full confounds --    
his dying with a constipated superflux of thirty pounds.    
a dedication of Respect    
the Pain of the mighty    
on falling from  
a revolving helios couplet menippean satire on    
the unadulterated awe of unaccommodated man --    
still by the time the fat lady sings    
one fork'd animal fuck'd    
may, 2023 --yet even the greatest of kings    
but sitting on his ass    
high atop his hemorrhoids
Written by Jordan (D.O.C.)
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We Don't Need Another Hero

The Queen is dead
She leaves a legacy behind
Check your feeds, check your threads
This is a sign of the times

All my heroes are dying
But today it just broke my heart
A powerful voice, like that of a warrior
Goes silent in somewhere into the dark

Simply the best
You can call her all those things and much more
And if you don’t know go rolling down the river
You’ll never be the same when you come back to shore

Dwell in the melodies and harmonies
In the soulful voice of love, heartbreak and resilience
You’ll witness the strength of a woman who became Queen
For the music will always show her brilliance

We don’t need another hero

RIP Tina
Written by wallyroo92
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Fire of Insight
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Whats good I've had

Angus in my school gear, listen to the play back
thrashin in a floor spin, solo on my way back

Schenker in a vee pose, teasing out those notes
caught writing on my ruck sack, UFO got kept back

Lynott slapping bass strings, with a little Irish in it
Shootin Lizzy on the park swings, never got that day back

Tony with false fingers, plays the devil his three chords
Sabbath banned satanic, so crazy took the train back.

Singin in some late bar, been drinkin with the gang,
Time is On My Hands, but those Friday nights don't come back.
Written by Razzerleaf
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Fire of Insight
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I know this is going to be a shock,
for some people,
but Elvis is dead.
That's why "crazy people"
should accept the facts at once
and move on.
How do I know Elvis is dead?
Because I am able to apply
the scientific methodology.
Now, I bet you will be asking yourself about
of the specificities of the scientific method,
and how it can be applied
to prove things based
on the facts we have at hand.
You were curious and want to know much more, right?
Well, bad luck my dears.
I am not authorized to give details about it.
not even how it works.
I had to promise Socrates and Aristotle,
do the secret handshake and, on top of that,
cut off the tip of the little toe of the left foot
like the members of the Yakuza,
also known as the Asian Mafia.
Maybe it's the Japanese Mafia only,
but since I don't remember well,
and I don't want to lead you to jump to conclusions.
Blame it on Hollywood movies
that do not teach the objective facts
of Yakuza history, insisting on
use them individually
or as evil characters in futuristic movies,
such as: Bambi, Titanic and Sound of Music.
But back to the scientific method.
I prepared several key points
to base my conclusion that Elvis
is really in the little mouths of worms,
maybe he's not being eaten by worms,
since, probably,
asked to be buried in a blue suede suit
with titanium anti-worm and moth treatment
to ensure durability.
And durability is exactly what keeps
the worms in the distance, as we all know.
So Elvis is dead, and I know why.
First of all, he was an old fart.
Probably everyone who will read this is
much younger than me,
so young they have no idea
from whoever that Elvis guy was,
that he is dead, except through silly anecdotes
and even more foolish people, who claim to have
seen the King (Elvis) at a bus stop
in the countryside of a pacific island.
If King Elvis the Dead was still alive,
he would be at least 90 years old,
which is a rough estimate,
I'm not a birthday maniac.
Therefore, we already have the anti-worm suit
and the age factor, right?
Now, let's turn to the diet issue.
King Elvis, the really dead one,
he was not famous for his healthy eating habits.
He wasn't really hygienic at all.
Not as unsanitary as walking
with the tip of the little finger of the left foot
hung around the neck as a lucky charm.
Well, Love me Tender, never would,
but sure is that he would eat things like:
Fried bellies in peanut oil
involved in Cheese and Cheetos.
There are so many preservatives in Cheetos,
that Elvis this undead king of rock
he didn't need a suede worm suit at all.
But he was buried inside one anyway.
As you can see,
after undoubted application of the scientific method
to the "Elvis Is Alive" problem,
it turns out that he himself is very, very, very dead.
The evidence is just too Rockabilly Hard,
to be in doubt.
Socrates must be proud.
The Yakuza must also be very proud,
since they hated Elvis.
The Yakuza still hate Elvis
more than paying the electricity bill.
These are the scientifically verifiable facts.
And they can be applied to many others.
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Francisco J Vera
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Musicians Dreams

My favorite musician  
is Pink because  
she tells it like it is  
She doesn't  
sugar-coat shit  
she's who she  
wants to be  
She is misunderstood  
To everyone tell  
it like it is  
be who you  
want to be  
So let's get  
this party  
started right
Written by Phantom2426 (Francisco J Vera)
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Congratulations! 🎉

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Thank you so much, guyss.. this win makes me feel quite special. I just love Chris Cornell's voice.

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Congrats to dejure on winning and thank you to you dear host for the honorable mention.  Hope everyone is doing well.

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