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Insiderew (Rew)
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This poem is called hurting

Twisted Dreamer
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Poetry Contest

Sex pain pleasure hurt

Well...... she thought she loved him... until it was time to have sex. He told her to lay on her stomach because he can only get turned on from hitting it from behind while the waves of her big butt gave him something to bounce to. She thought he listened to her when she told him she wanted eye contact the entire time so she can see the love in his eyes. It's obvious he doesnt care because the only thing he sees is himself nuttin on her back.. He's pumping faster and faster while gripping her breast in believing he is loosing control from the pleasure... the speed of his pumps is making her insides hurt as if he had a goal to reach her stomach.. she yelling for him to stop but he only believe that she is saying STOP to keep going. The negative energy around his aura is being inserted into her spirit because he didn't care to bond with a woman, and only use the word LOVE to make her submit to his penis. She can no longer remain wet because all she think about is being his cum deposit. The blood of her heart is pouring through her tears because she accepts defeat and believe there is no one out there who will truly treat her like a QUEEN.

As women with high vibration, we need to be more cautious and clear on our intention

Fire of Insight
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Paradigm Lost

It didn't take long after the uncorking    
of boundless Art'esian aquifer    
to fork off in a new streaming    
---Literature's flood into Cyber Space      
warped into a Dating App    
within a fortnite---      
an Adult Playground      
where "anything goes"    
sexual fantasies are shared    
under guises of "creative license"      
and "Freedom of Speech"    
which didn't occur when    
our backs were turned    
Instead, it happened      
when we turned our backs on      
the glorious Heaven of languaged    
grace we fell from      
before landing into a steaming      
pile of com'posted  
Written by MaryWalker
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Tyrant of Words
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The Weaker Sex?

Anticipation dripped out of His lower extremity
just center of her left and of her right.
Kneeling, she had been poised to field every drop.
She did not cede permission and refused to
remove the tightened tether from His pipe.

Used to her cruelty, He would not make a sound
or even tap out using the safe word agreed upon.
No, this submissive would endure and rebound;
He would take His soul to a place and fall on
the zen meditation He prepared His mind for
prior to her sadistic dominating arrival.

As she prepares to groove His back
with the stainless steel claw He knows;
His thoughts slowly seep through cracks
of His reasons why He loves Her so…..

Unconditionally and in complete submission,
He bends and bows to her every command.
There is no description or omission to the
depth of her fierce love and commitment
and He knows this and Trusts her with His life.
He is owned by her and there is no Heaven
anywhere on earth or space
where He’d rather be!

After she is sated with her lust of
her force and punishing blows
there will come a time of intimate love
and praises for Him for staying strong
and obedient. He knows
and this is the passion they both chose
for one another in their D/s affair.
Written by Tallen (earth_empath)
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Dangerous Mind
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a terrotica story...

do you read the tears  
running down her cheeks  
do you hear the spasms  
in her rose shivering lips  
do you feel that fear
in the hugged knees  
do you smell the blood  
soaking her books  
do you see her?  
Written by dejure (vick)
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Lost Thinker
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Is swearing allowed? Can it be really sick?

Tyrant of Words
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1337y2k said:Is swearing allowed? Can it be really sick?

What do You think?

Go with Your (heart) Spirit....  

Tyrant of Words
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This Poem is Called - Being Certain

Some have a skewed view of reality,
Because although she was only flirtin’
In his mind -  
She looked like she was hurtin’ for a squirtin’.  
Everything was discordant,  
All night his gaze she kept avertin’,  
And yet in his flawed mind  
He saw it as a sign of assertin’.  
But he was determined,  
He flirted back and kept on lurkin’,  
Bought her and her friends drinks  
Until they were all smirkin’.  
Then they were all burstin’  
Laughing out loud till they were twerkin’,  
He got them all so drunk  
His action plan was workin’.  
But then the jerk and -  
His friend were then being certain,  
He was gettin’ lucky when he said:  
“I’ma get into her beefy curtains”.  
And so the serpent  
Got his way but what’s more important,  
Was when she said no more  
Then it became a torment.  
Now he’s servin’  
Seven to ten for being a participant,  
The guys pull a train on him  
Using mayonnaise as a lubricant.
Written by wallyroo92
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Fire of Insight
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the silent sky.

his hand at first, was smooth, and hot,    
as i lay limpid in some 'swoon'
and through my stammered nos and nots,  
he rid his rage inside my womb.    
again, my mother's mother's words:  
'he's spent done and i am undone,'  
I hope he gains cause to self curse    
roads taken and roads, yet to come.    
my blushing flesh, O how it glowed,    
from this place, eyes can clearly find,    
till the silent sky rained down blows,    
to turn me black, again i died.
Written by Insiderew (Rew)
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Tyrant of Words
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Sexual Assault

Sexual Assault
A shameful occurrence no matter how hard a woman fought
I loathe a man, the word, NO, has never been academically taught
The mental and physical scars alone
It’s enough to send chills through my bones
The court system stigmatizes not once, but twice
It never seems to matter if the victim is bad or nice
Defense’s castrated and marginalized version of the victim’s lies, never the whys
Prosecutor wants jail time, plea, or come to a mutual compromise
Did she inflame his thoughts with her high skirt
Breasts over-spilling her see through shirt

Hi my name is, Kurt
A pretty woman like you to refuse my company, I will be deeply hurt
I saw your sexy smile from across the bar
I live down the street, it’s not that far
You downed your fifth glass of wine
He saw you wobble your balance, cat and mouse game now on his time
You should feel safe within a man’s hand, comforted by his stance
But what happens when he has other devious plans
You’re nothing to him, but a physical slam bam and thank you ma’am
A hard target seeking gratification from a nightly grand slam

His place as we rest
He seems cool enough, look, he’s a New York fan of the Mets
Handsome, he’s definitely a sure bet
Would you like something to drink
Mind pondering, I’m already tipsy, if I accept, what would he ever think
Although, he does look good in his black denim jeans
Hard places bulging, if only you knew what I mean
Drink accepted lights turned down real low
Unwanted hands roving under my skirt very slow
I’m sorry not tonight…we’ve just met
Yes, for this you will allow and let

Woman flings hand aside and stands to her feet
Man stands and asks, what did you expect after our greet
Certainty not this as you turn to walk away
Back now gracing the couch cushion, the word, NO is all I continued to say
Closing my eyes, in disbelief as I silently heard myself loudly pray
The remorseful deed has now been done

College Ivy League, a soccer championship his team just won
He’s a good boy with a chance in life
My client will one day become some man’s wife
This sadden ordeal has caused her more than what meets the eye
Punish this animal before lightning strikes twice
He has treated a woman as cold as ice
For trusting his word came with a very high price

Guilt ridden for a criminal act, which was uncivilized
Now I’m made to feel
Mental and physically brutalized
And you stand there defending a man with animalistic male cries

Pleading his case to seem legitimized
He didn’t know what he has done
Too many drinks he took it upon
Singing in court that same old tired, I can’t remember song
She wanted it, she was feeling on me all night long

Your head bowed in shame from the defense lawyer’s character assassination third degree
I told him no!... no!…no!…but he just didn’t listen to me
Was that with your shirt off as your nipples glistened to tease

I said No! and clothes were still on
What that cruel animal did to me is so very wrong
The day has finally come
To get my mental victory for this total scum
Thank goodness I did not back down, or refuse to run
Today, as I stand a victim, who would finally be free
Whereas, allow the world to see

Read from the mouth to say, not guilty, not even a plea
Oh, please tell me this just can’t be
They never once believed what he did to me
Poll the all male jury before I walk and go
I need to know which male do not understand when a woman says, NO, it means, NO
No satisfaction to soothe my mistrusted mind, rest my leery soul
Emotions now bottled up within a deep black hole
Heart of gold has turned to stone
Will these feelings of self-incriminating ever leave me alone

Hi, my name is Kurt
I saw your sexy smile from across the bar in that nice leather skirt
Join me for dinner and for a glass of wine

You really did not want the company, but his compliment seems so genuine
Investigating cases from the SVU files gave you the mental blues
Night alone, or with company you must choose

I do not live that far from here
I’m known to spread my Bronx good cheer

Reaching behind my skirt to make sure weapon is secured, in tow
As you both stand to go

At his place
With a muscular body and a handsome face
Breaking the ice, now talking with roaming hands
I think I’ll call it a night as you stand

He stands too, how did my shirt get ripped
My knees have been dipped
My back clumsily hits the couch
Biting my lips, ouch
No…what...what are you doing
My body have not caught up with my mind, all thoughts are still brewing
His hands blanketing my crotch, shredding my panties, fingers are angrily pursing

And just like that
Kurt lies still on his back
The word, No, to a Tomcat has never been a known fact
Was defeated and brought down by a female rat

No! means No!
It’s simple, and it must be heard in tow
A word all men should be taught at an early age to know, so there you go
Therefore, no excuses, when the times arise
Just swallow your male pride, walk way for another day, or it could be your imminent demise

Written by SweetKittyCat5
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Fire of Insight
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The director

How sick the ego's ivory tower
self confidence of the director
employs the casting couch boudoir
the leach, sex metal detector

For those smooth words
trust her in a lying arm lock
the lead is yours with sweet allures
if you just caress my cock

The contract lying there unsigned
 cups that fell to show her breasts
her bra unfastened from behind
for nude scene's I only want the best

Long legs on hoardings to attract
and shapely arse just not to fat
for I must vet them all
so just recline and rub my balls

Your labia must be pronounced
hold the undertones of a virgins gasp
when the Oscars are announced
I must split your fanny with my mast

Ride you like a western stallion
the make believe of a Disney classic
authenticate the on screen passion
the banal is never too fantastic

Hammer the peg into the socket
for hate will sprout and so will profit
starlets on bumpy ride to fame
 director be the first to stake a claim

In the griped unconscious pain
each episode flickers frame by frame
a rom com turned into a genre horror
its wound not healing, its choking collar

Locked in chains, red carpets lead
 crying and the hurting, all precede
some shooting stars will fall to earth
 suicide an escape to find rebirth

And in that script the writer mapped
 A Shakespear's weave of violence and sex
and tread the Old Vic boards perhaps
a cruel charade a life with no prospects  
Written by slipalong
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Congrats Rew!!!
Thank you, everyone
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