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Long story.

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Arthur Rimbaud.

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I'm from Italia - Unione Europea, I write in Italian and translate in English.

I started to write poems before the age of 8, but the reasons for me to write did change during my life. Now, I do know how a lyric is meant to be, I post lyrics because at the moment I like to listen some music, but I prefer the lyric my way. It's for my own pleasure. So I decided to put the link to the song I was listening, you might want to listen that song while reading, so you get a better idea of what I was meaning.

I have some mental disorders, so sometimes I write things out of anger, I usually delete them, besides this, no I'm not a crazy person, been 5 years in the Red Cross dressing an official uniform, providing shelter to the homeless, being operative at earthquake areas, and other things I might not talk about. I'm no longer in the Red Cross from years. Some PSTD happened, that's the reason I write anger things sometimes, but I do not really mean to offend.

The nickname 1337y2k is not because I want to look like a bad hacker, I use internet since the 90s, yes I have been an hacker, but back in those days those things were legal.

I'm aware of what you can find of me if you dox me. This mean you will find things that are no relevance, but still, I advise you not.

Never used the 1337 language, it was for stupid hackers with no knowledge, the main purpose of it was to bypass the censure. I work in the Information Technology and I do have a bachelor's degree in Computer Science. I wrote 1337 mainly for nostalgia of those years, but the y2k is none of your business, it has another meaning to me.

The lyrics I write, I write them in less than one minute, it takes more time to translate them in English, but they don't give the same meaning as the one I write in Italian. I always write poems, since I was kid, in few seconds and I do never correct them. Got few things published but never made a coin from it.

I try to be friendly, but I only see hostility, if I contact you, it is because I want to know something not related to you, luv and sex disgust me under a poetry view, I never wrote anything about that.

If I contact you if because,
1) I suffer from a clinical insomnia, I take zolpidem, the day after I won't even remember I did contact you.
2) I did want to chat about anything related to your profile that attracted me. Definitely, not your pic.

Sex things online, filtering, other nonsense, disgust me, do not even try to think about that with me.

Because I use internet long time, I know how it works, it takes me nothing to spot a fake account, it doesn't matter if you are a mod or an admin, I have my softwares to block any element from you, so the ignore function will work also with an admin, do not annoy me unless I'm breaking a forum rule.

Do not act with me like a precious lady, the block toward you will be immediately. Feel free to do the same. The chances I want to do anything related to sex online, filtering, other nonsense, are zero. Do that to me once, is fine, if you continue, you are blocked for the rest of your internet life.

I'm looking for nothing at all in this site, but I write here because it allows you to post poems without invasive or stupid requirements other sites ask, and there is less censure or caring about what do you write.

I like honesty, you might comment and say what I write is bad, I prefer honesty, do not comment on me to get a comment back. I hardly do that anyway. If I do, you should care because it means I truly liked something in that.

What else can I say? I have no idea.

Did you read above? Answer this question.

Was Vincent van Gogh a genius or a crazy person?

Take care.