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Official DUP NaPo/GloPoWrimo 2020 Competition

Thought Provoker
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It's my job it's what I do
As the head of botany in the crew
I've got a hunch a nagging gleam
These seeds are just what we need

On the Stanza we've a garden
Granted it's just been started
It's hydroponic that's the way
All set up in the cargo bay

Now they look like a grain
But they're far from plain
From the edge of a field
On Lunareel

Chef and I we're really excited
A base ingredient of all that's provided
We could make cakes and pastry galore
Something sweet for while we soar

I hadn't thought about the soil
Or the risk of turmoil
Our genetic mother in the pot
She's sure taught us quite a lot

That the hanging tendrils of the roots
Would string us up by the boots
Or the heavy dreamy smell
Would send our minds straight to hell

"What if they're not good for us?
What if they're carnivorous?"
An echo left in my mind
Of times now far behind

We've got to tend them we've no choice
Lost our rights and our voice
I thought I'd had a decent case
Now we're a conservatory out in space

Tyrant of Words
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"Why you devious distemporal demi-goddish dipstick!"

As Miss Indie of Nine was busy alliterating OrQ, a giant eye appeared on the bridge's view screen.

It was more unnerving than the OrQ selfies!

"I recognize that iris anywhere!" cried out Dug. "It belongs to our Webmistress, Vice Admiral of the Poetic Federation!"

And her British accent came over the loudspeaker in a crackled tone. "Poet Wardens, I ----- to you now ----- Good and Bad Newses. First, ---- Good Newses. I have ---- stolen Muses."

Almost everyone cheered - even T'PoetsRevenge, who was space walking on the roof of the Stanza and adjusting the television antenna.

"Drat!" cried OrQ. "She must have pilfered the Muses from my Infinite Bag of Holding while I was getting a lump of sugar for her tea!"

"That's right," the Vice Admiral concurred. "I couldn't allow you to play such a devious prank on our NaPoWriMo 2020 participants. Unfortunately, the Bad Newses is, shortly after the tea party, I was abducted by a pair of Impostraphes. They took possession of the Muses and are holding me as their hostage on Planet Quoteunquote!"

And that in itself was even more Badder Newses, because Impostraphes traveling in pairs were difficult to distinguish from the planet's natives, the Quotations - ruled by the royal monarchs known across the galaxy as the Marks Brothers.

"This is an effin quotastrophe!" cried Bones McTallen. "Quoteunquote is on the other side of the Universe, our dilithium batteries are only at sixty-eight percent charge, and we haven't even had had lunch yet!"

Twisted Dreamer
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6 of 30

Silhouettes and shadows..

Silhouettes and shadows set the scene
Running between the seams
Living before, amidst and after dreams.

The handholds of shadows
Are the bones on which colours are honed
The silhouettes of absent light
The heralds of a chorus calls

A remnant of sight sounded in each twilight
The harbinger of thresholds folds
The cast of our perceived perception
With the inclination of our imagination

Born from dawn into day and dusk into night
Silhouettes and shadows set the scene
Running between the seams
Living before, amidst and after dreams.

poet Anonymous


Rockhollow Series: Fern-low (unedited)

In the lush again - Devil's cauldron, cardinal butterfly rests upon a sleeper by the stair.
I sip cold tea,
ponder moving the wheelbarrow,
wait for the flutterby to go wandering against
almost air
seeking flowers, I assume.

The swing isn't enough.

I commence my own hunt,
objective uncertain, peeking as voyeur upon arenaria,
he's quietly waxing, weaving layers of white beneath snake-head fritillaries waning loose beneath the pinata.
Sweet peas ravenously chase up willow mausoleums,
beside the second-year pond
woodland anemones create pillows for a very special speckled frog.

I can feel it, the bedding in,
resurgence of earth,
language of the never-quiet.

I find a new place,
in low land,
in dappled shade
where furry ferns unfurl.
where acer bleeds from caramel wrists,
where Granny places on her best lilac Sunday bonnet.

From here it's as if I swallow this world, down she tumbles through my rabbit canal healing ancient sores
until I'm as much her
as she is me, where bodily fingers long
to grow pasty roots,
shoot deeply and thrive,
impossible dreams,
and instead an idea plants itself within me, I set off to plant new seeds in the Sun.

Tyrant of Words
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NaPo 2020, April 6th



The sun delivered nothing but the rain
which left the last man standing in a field,
the combine came along to cut the wheat
and made a contour round him curved and neat
as swarming birds became a living shield

The stalks that touched his hands began a song
that drew from ancient wells before the split
when separation spread throughout the land
which turned the cut-down forests into sand,
a dusty bowl of swirling forms and grit

You’d think by now the lesson would be learned
but sadly so it likely gets much worse,
it is as if in struggling to be free
a birthing Earth requires a heart-felt need
to compliment a process in reverse

The sun continues nothing but the rain
evaporating high to make a change
as Nature’s sensed adjustments aim to heal
the wounds amidst the addicts’ fixed appeal
by laying out a future less deranged

It sets against the technocratic dream
which ‘others’ Nature as endemic pain
but Nature’s patient by its own decree
and won’t be silenced by the vanity
as sunny days contain a softened rain.

Dangerous Mind
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is there a god

is there a god
who claims to love
yet glories sacrifice
of the young
the poor to benefit the
one percent

is there a god
who claims mercy
yet rewards genocide fratricide

is there a god who
speaks of peace
yet exalts in war
as long as it is his his name

is there a god
who says all are sacred
yet stratifies the
haves from
have nots

is there a god who
loves his disciples yet
allows them to be tortured

is there a god who
is consistent fair


is  it  just bullshit

created by the powerful  to
appease subjugate and oppress the
weak the trusting the
obedient the believers

is there a  god who
imperfection and exonerates
honest mistakes


punishes those who claim to be
righteous who claim to be
followers who claim to be
leaders when in reality they are
self-serving greedy lustful

are there people who
who are willing and able to stand
their ground to pursue
higher values to take
risks for the better good

or are we
just sheep following the unworthy
to  slaughter

if we are married and bear not fruit
is the marriage sacred

if we are married and live in hardship and pain
is the marriage blessed

if we are married and yearn for another
is the marriage failed

is marriage divine or a human invention for
consolidation of power and wealth

is love divine or do
we decide to love

is love sacred or do
we decide who to love

is love infinite or do
we claim love for a limited time

is love special or a
common expression of something mundane

is love
is love not

what is love

love is bullshit
love is crap
love is fantasy
love is delusion

to love is an
action a decision a

i choose to love.

what about you?

i remove my shoes to
become grounded
i strip to
connect with the air

i fast to
acknowledge nature

for without ground without
air without nature
i die

but without
i suffer

the choice:

to suffer
or die

Fire of Insight
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Your flight TH7345 has been cancelled

Being pursued by the periscope eyes
of early morning sand crabs
white sand suntanned feet
cool momentarily in the ocean sweep.

A well earned breakfast, vibrant
with colour and fewer calories,
debunked by a mid-day
Daiquiri or two.

Steel drums drift Marley
on an island record breeze
billowing bleached cabana drapes
ease us into afternoon sleep.

A quire of tree frogs
dance late into the evening,
after a night of heavy drinking,
Is now just a dash of wishful thinking.

Fire of Insight
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Muscle Memory

Standing on the precipice
between here and there
transformation takes time
and I’ve surely had plenty

cracks now form in the cell walls
muscle memory seems to forget
with disturbing frequency
replacing me with someone
I barely recognize

I’ve loved you fiercely, of that
no room can be left for doubt;
I’ve also left your spirit
dead in my wake -
your moaning, groaning
guttural symphonies
haunt my battlefield

I’ve dropped your fragile soul
from my clumsy, careless fingers
just to watch it shatter
against the smooth tile
under my bare feet
careful to skirt your broken pieces
lest I cut myself open, again

Unique Word Count: 86

Fire of Insight
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Covid19: A Time To Reflect

For all the devastation
It is bringing to humanity
Covid19 is giving us the time
To reflect about life while on quarantine
To dwell on its realities
To look at its many facets
With more attention and seriousness

It may have come unannounced
Taking us by surprise
Catching us all off-guard
With little defence to protect us
From its onslaught
Giving us little time
To prepare for the worst

But for those of us who are safe
And staying at home with our family
This pandemic is a time to evaluate our life
To reflect on its meaning
To introspect on how we have live it
All these time before the advent of Covid19

Despite its viciousness to human life
Covid19 is giving nature time to heal
From the damage that us-humans have caused for centuries
It is giving the Earth we live in
Time to recuperate
From the pollution we scatter in seas and waters and air around us

It is bringing us a lesson
That life is shared by all living things
That man and nature are symbiotically dependent on each other for protection
That life is a balance of good and bad in our world.

Tyrant of Words
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(six of 30 - Official DUP NaPo/GloPoWrimo 2020)
Mola Mola (me)

i want to sunbathe
marinate in warmth
soak in ocean calm
hugged by the sun
existing lazily
until I get hungry
diving into the
“Twilight Zone”***

i want those sky dancers
the white puffs of pillows
always move & be quick
about it, as I crave
the one you hide; i need
His heat and light

i cede in total submission
i’m a slave to the sun
without any other ambition
than to dine on jellyfish,
crabs & squids among
my culinary palate

i want to float at the surface
then dive into the deep
my entire existence. . .

. . .work, eat & sleep.

102 words  
78 unique
***“twilight zone,” a little-explored region of depth
between 200 and 500 feet below the surface”

Tyrant of Words
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[ NaPo 2020 ] In So Many Words


Admittably, I've
been a bit heavy-handed
with biblical metaphor
maulingly manhandling
yawl silly in a coliseum
of collected verse, but ...

this. is. poetry!

or at least I pray
literature starved societies
hundreds to thousands of years away
in dystopian futures fasted forward to
who may possibly die editing
while consuming this colossal EPIC
will interpret it as such;

it is important!

for Ahavati to know how much
her emergence in this existence
of mine has affected me so

and because it is necessary
for you to(o) comprehend why
thus who I am and what
and where this story will go
next, I will have to continue
this story some how-

though, not right now

In so many words

not everything can be said
in so many words

Fire of Insight
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scribbles in a poet's diary #06

(06 of 30—Official DUP NaPo/GloPoWrimo2020)

06 of 30

scribble #06:  odessa’s arms peace lends my brow

like looming sentinels
cleave where my heart excels
though april winds might press me down
i settle for no frown
the battles that i fight
nor will i yield my rights
my angst to vent, lest deep inside
opposing worlds collide

odessa’s arms peace lend my brow
she’s my soul sweet jamaican frau

© Copyright 2020 April 06
by Clyve A. Bowen♫

NaPoWriMo2020—April 06
Total Words 56
Unique Words 50

Dangerous Mind
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vi of xxx


Was the name
My shaman cousin
Chose for herself.
She was too
Raw to be human,
But also
Too magical.
She was a wildcrafting savant.
She could show up
At the forest
Or the sea
And they would give her
She had no patience
For society.
My prayer is this:

I invite your
Traveller eyes
To help me weep
At the beauty
When I forget.
I invite your
Rope to tie
Me to people
And places
I need to find.
Thank you
For the gifts
You have given.

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out of 92 total
NaPoWriMo 2020

Fire of Insight
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I Fall
4 Spring

Rebirthed leaves
Budded heads
Relaxing breeze
Elation spreads
Newborn chicks
Swallowed worms
April’s tricks
Harmless germs
Muggy weather
Rainy days
Friends together
Picnic plays
Marching ants
Planted gardens
Cutoff pants
Winter pardons
Lazy naps
Easter hunts
Thunder claps
Spoiled runts
Butterflies netted
Swarming bees
Fishes fretted
Colorful trees
Nature awakens
Bubbles pop
Kites atop
Spring partaken

Unique words: 56


la merle
Fire of Insight
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I am double posting because of internet failure causing me to miss April 3rd to 6th.

Strange Changes

It was a sunny day,
After the night I arrived in the city --
And I knew
About its famous navy depths
But this sky --

A shock of blue --
A day welcome stunning me so --

The creature of the night.

It was an adventure --
First day butterflies of a
Second class, first grader of this city --
Twirling and skipping --
(Oohs and aahs staying
Strange to the put together
Hats and bows --
Ladies and gentlemen,

Glancing as I walked by,
Ladies and gentlemen,
I see a park nearby --
Goodbye --

Say hello to cotton candy clouds and
Sugared skies --
Periwinkle blooms greet me near
Children playing, turning
'Round and 'round
Until dizzy --
A small cyclone catching
Taking me back to simpler,
To childhood years --
Dazed and smiling in the not knowing.

Music floats from somewhere near --
Beckoning --
Oh, sweetly

A group of men sang
And couples stood up and danced --

Then me --

Stood still
And smiling in the wishful thinking,
The wistful remembering--

Everything, everyone --

Twirling and skipping,
Floating back to the music
Floating --

Then --

A man across,
Just as still,
Just as unmoving -
Until --

A hand raised
A question to dance --
There he was --


196 words
121 unique

A Man and A Dance

In his armas I was a spinning top
As my world
Was reduced to flashes of color --
Vibrant and vibrating --

Then a pause --

A rest --
In his arms

The breakout to the city,
This is where it led me --
Dancing with a stranger smiling and
Floating away in
Notes and harmonies.

No names were asked yet

But there
Was a conversation
In footsteps and twirls --
In fingers between fingers --
In the breaths between --
In the smiles gifted as
It seemed as if
In a way,
The world had

Shifted --

I went
With the condition of hope --
That good things flow into the city --
And I had found a small good thing
In a man
And a dance.

I walked away with most of my hope,
And left the rest

(with a smile)

In his arms.

135 words
77 unique

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