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Official DUP NaPo/GloPoWrimo 2020 Competition

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Poetry Contest


HOSTS : Ahavati & JohnnyBlaze

TEAM NAPO : Josh , SummerRain75 ,  Tallen , PoetsRevenge , wallyroo92 , DaisyGrace , ImperfectedStone , Miss Indie , _shadoe_

The USS Stanza is boldly braving where no DUPers have braved before!

55 participants from 11 countries are penetrating the deep space of poetry, making this the LARGEST NaPo/GloPoWriMo to date! Those who finish will receive honorable mentions on Facebook and Instagram . . . along with a TROPHEEE! custom designed by the Webmiss!  


One Poem Per Day Rule
You can only post one poem per day between 12:01 AM and 11:59 PM in your time zone starting April 1st. And by poem, we mean poetry - not prose, which will be rejected. We know the difference. Entries must be in English, but you are welcome to accompany them afterward with translations.
wallyroo92 , _shadoe_ and Ahavati will be monitoring your daily post times.

Copy and Pasting Entries Rule
Copy and Paste your entries into this challenge thread. Linking directly to Submitted Poems is prohibited. This is to ensure each comp entry is not edited beyond the 24 hour grace period you are given.
wallyroo92 & ImperfectedStone will be monitoring your editing activity.

Sequential Numbering Rule
Each entry must be ( somehow ) numbered at the top. The number must correspond to the date in April it is being posted on. This is so YOU know and WE know exactly how many poems you have submitted at any given moment in the challenge. We suggest you keep a log of your poems, their titles, and numbers as a personal tracking record.
Josh & summerrain75 will be monitoring your count.

Bold Texted Title Rule
Each entry must have a title that is in bold text for the NaPo Team to easily distinguish from the poem's body. This is because title's wording is NOT included in your unique word count. PLEASE AVOID UNDERLINING YOUR TITLES - people have reported problems with using a combination of underlining and bold text.
Josh & summerrain75 will be monitoring your titles.

50 Unique Word Rule
The body of each poem must contain 50 or more  "unique" words. You can repeat any word as many times as you wish, but it will only count as 1 unique word. For example, using the word "deep" 5 times will count as 1 unique word.
Contractions such as "can't" count as 1 unique word.
Ampersands count as 1 unique word.
One letter words such as "a" or "I" each count as 1 unique word.
Numbers such as "4" count as 1 unique word.
Hyphenated words such as "sugar-free" count as 1 unique word.
Klingon words such as "targh" count as 1 unique word
Don't forget that as poets, you are always allowed to make up your own words!  Quotes of other writers are not to be included in your word count. And If you provide the number of unique words in an entry, type it below the poem.
Tallen , PoetsRevenge & DaisyGrace will be monitoring your word counts.

So, this is essentially how each entry should appear when posted to the challenge thread in the Competition forum:

#21 of 30

I Was A Teenage Klingon

Hoch are welcome in my tlhingan juhm
unless tlhih are a Romulusngan without a poehm
etc . . .


Valid Excuses For Not Posting

Although confident you will make it across the finish line, we've modified the write one new poem every day rule typical of NaPoWriMo to ensure as many participants as possible can achieve this goal. We encourage you to complete at least a few poems ahead of schedule in the event you are prevented from writing and posting.

Life gets in the way and no one deserves to miss out on the Trophy because you took a Ford Bronco passenger mirror at 55 mph to the back of the head while minding your own business riding a bicycle. Long story. Don't ask.

If you are aware of a date in which you will not be available to post a poem, alert us to when and why in the Registration / Discussion thread or in a private message. Keep in mind, this only applies to extraordinary circumstances and not your daily routine.  

Upon your return after the day or days you missed, you must post a maximum of 2 poems per date until you are caught up. At the very top of your post, attach a brief explanation stating you are posting 2 poems for whatever reason.

If you experience an unexpected event such as a personal crisis, power or Internet failure, or other act of God that prevents you from writing and posting - then follow the same protocol upon your return.  

For example on April 22nd:

I am double posting today due to illness resulting in my absence on April 21st

#21 of 30
I Was A Teenage Klingon
poem's body
#22 of 30
Young Romulans In Love
poem's body

24 Hour Editing Grace Period

You should correct flaws in your posts such as having forgotten to include bolded title, numbers, or the minimum 50 unique words - all these things necessary to being considered a viable entry -  but only within 24 hours of posting.

We don't care if your poems have typos or grammatical errors in them. They do not have to be perfect to qualify for a trophy. This is NOT a competition to see who can write the best poem.

Returning after 24 hours to edit for ANY reason will result in disqualification of that entry. Time stamps in forum posts will expose such disregard for the rule. If you are caught - no trophy for you!

If we didn't have this rule, participants would obsess over everything perceived as flaws in their entries  and waste valuable time better spent writing MOAR poems. You're welcome.

Yes, you can submit the same poems to your personal DUP portfolios, edit them to your heart's content, and submit them to other comps.

Multiple Accounts

Those of you registering multiple accounts in this challenge must deliver 30 poems per account. Then and only then will each account be awarded a trophy.

If at any time during this challenge it is revealed that you are actively posting at DUP with multiple accounts that are not publicly disclosed by name in ALL of your account profiles + forum signatures per site guidelines, you will be notified AFTER the competition that you will NOT be receiving any trophies.

We are not in the business of rewarding individuals who secretly use additional memberships at DUP to exploit other members in any way.


Tyrant of Words
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Using Previously Written Ideas For Poems

You may convert any written idea into a poem for entry - provided you wrote it down digitally or old school in a notebook and did not perform any further work on it. How long you spent "noting" the idea is irrelevant. You could have spent an entire day writing out an idea that was 10,000 words long.

If you paused during the "note-making" to use the bathroom, made yourself a sandwich, or answered a phone call or knock at the door - i.e were interrupted or answered Nature's call - the note remains valid.

If you took a break during the "note-making" to wash the dishes, mow the lawn, do the laundry - i.e. perform any mindless or complex chore - the note is no longer valid. You may still use the idea, but you cannot consult the written version. You will have to start writing it from scratch.

If you took a break during the "note-making" to take a nap or watch a movie - i.e. relaxed - the note is no longer valid. Again, you may still use the idea, but you cannot consult the written version. You will have to start writing it from scratch.

Off Topic, Spam, & Drama Posts

There is an obvious difference between harmless banter and deliberate attempts to derail a thread into alternative directions. PLEASE do not reply to any of these - for such will be removed. Ahavati and JohnnyBlaze won't miss anything, so don't panic. Everything will be properly assimilated and jettisoned at the next available space dumpster.

Acceptable Entries & Writing Prompts

While we do provide prompts that are available in the adjacent NaPo Prompt Comp competition likewise beginning on April 1st  here
you have the complete freedom to write about anything you want!

You will not be disqualified based on content or quality - with the exceptions of plagiarism; if we discover that you are merely swapping the wording in pre existing poems or copying entire poems, you will be notified AFTER the competition that you will not be receiving the trophy.

However, PLEASE use common sense! Your poetry, unpolished or otherwise, is a reflection of the overall talent being fostered by DUP. We would hate to see outside readers, potential members or even publishers turned away by material meant to garner attention purely from shock value.

This thread must NOT have an EXTREME CONTENT WARNING slapped on it. Any erotica needs to be very concealed in metaphor or symbolism. It cannot depict blatant graphic sex.

Posting Graphics, Images, & Videos

Posting such to accompany your entries is NOT allowed. Your focus should be on your poetry rather than attention grabs that distract readers from other entries. Only hosts Ahavati and JohnnyBlaze may post such throughout the challenge thread in an official capacity promoting NaPo if necessary.

Private Messages

Please do NOT bombard the NaPo Hosts or Team members with an excess of chit chat or needless PMs. We are here to participate in the challenge as well and wish not to be distracted.

Final Award Check

After the FINAL entry is submitted on April 30th, Ahavati and I will double check entries to ensure they are viable. It only takes 1 ineligible entry out of 30 to negate your acquisition of the trophy. Be sure your work adheres to the rules!

We'd hate to see you go through all that hard work to come up empty handed: however, we will not grant you something the other participants sacrificed and worked hard to achieve by following these rules and guidelines.

There are rules to EVERY competition on DUP which, if violated, run the risk of forfeiting the trophy. This challenge is no different. If you aren't going to concern yourself with knowing the rules, then you should avoid entering any competitions. If you don't want to miss out on acquiring a trophy AFTER all of your efforts, then make certain you do!


A special THANK YOU! to all braving this challenge! Particularly to our Team members for donating their valuable time to assist us in making this the LARGEST and BESTEST NaPo EVAH!

Sincerely Good Writing To All,

Ahavati & JohnnyBlaze  


Here is the Poetfleet roster!

R01. Ahavati - North Carolina - East Standard Time - R1
N02. AspergerPoet - Edinburgh - UTC 0 - N1
R03. Tallen - Arizona -- Mountain Standard Time - R2
N04. Indie - Australia GMT +10 Brisbane time - N2
R05. JohnnyBlaze - Wisconsin - Central Standard Time - R3
R06. JadePandora - California - Pacific Standard Time - R4
N07. Eerie Ohio - Eastern Standard Time - N3
R08. wallyroo92 - California - Pacific Standard Time - R5
R09. DaisyGrace - Kentucky - Eastern Standard Time -R6
N10. Nomoth - UK - GMT - N4
N11. LunaGreyhawk - North Dakota - Central Standard Time - N5
R12. Viddax - UK - GMT - R7
R13. Josh - Portugal - GMT - R8
N14. Sex_on_the_joe - Connecticut - Eastern Standard Time - N6
N15. EdibleWords - Oregon - Pacific Standard Time - N7
N16. hgnichols - New York  Eastern Standard Time - N8
N17. CosiestPrism273 - Kentucky - Eastern Standard Time - N9
R18. PoetsRevenge - Massachusetts - Eastern Standard Time - R9
N19. socksscareme - Ireland - GMT- N10
R20. Summerrain75 - Phillipines - PST - R10
N21. Orc_Pirate_68 - Texas - Central Standard Time - N11
R22. rowantree - Louisiana - Central Standard Time - R11
R23.Thetravelingfairy - California - Pacific Standard Time - R12
N24. Vamps - UK - GMT - N12
R25. Misfitpoet89 - California - Pacific Standard Time - R13
N26. Layla - Oregon - Pacific Standard Time - N13
R27. Hepcat - California - Pacific Standard Time - R14
R28. cloventongue89 - Colorado - Mountain Standard Time - R15
N29. Kinkpoet - Arizona - Mountain Standard Time - N14
N30. chezz - South Africa - SAST / GMT+2 - N15
N31. calamitygin - Arkansas - Central Standard Time - N16
R32. ImperfectedStone - UK - GMT - R16
N33. brokentitanium - Nova Scotia - Atlantic Standard Time - N17
R34. Gahdess_Worship - Texas - Central Standard Time - R17
N35. Razzerleaf - UK - GMT - N18
N36. WildBlue - Conneticut - Eastern Standard Time - N19
N37. da_poetic-edifier - Maryland - Eastern Standard Time - N20
N38. marina2020 - Vermont - Eastern Standard Time - N21
N39. cabcool - Jamaica - GMT-5 - N22
N40. elsiesan - Indiana - Eastern Standard Time - N23
N41. Poeticoutlaw - City of Mexico - Mountain Standard Time - N24
R42. _shadoe_ - South Africa - AST - R18
N43. Commentonly - Australia - Eastern Daylight Savings Time - N25
N44. Miserylives - Michigan - Eastern Standard Time - N26
N45. anvinvil - Vermont - Eastern Standard Time - N27
N46. spdrd - Jakarta, Indonesia - GMT - N28
N47. LokiOfLiterati - Seattle - Pacific Standard Time - N29
R48. JusTim-  Chicago - Central Standard Time - R19
N49. Fiftysevenhours - Scottish Highlands - GMT - N30
R50. SatInUGal -  California - Pacific Standard Time - R20
R51. thepositivelydark - Philippines - GMT - R21
R52. poetryaccident - South Carolina - Eastern Standard Time - R22
N53. The_Promising_Poet - Nova Scotia - Atlantic Standard Time - N31
N54. BrokenPoet2020 - London - GMT - N32
N55. SweetOblivion - Newcastle - UTC/GMT - N33
N56. CharlesCotswold - Britain - GMT - N34
N57. kathyrivers - Texas - Central Daylight Time - N35
R58. yelluw_always - Washington State - Pacific Standard Time - R23

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Captain's Log, Stardate April 1st, 2020

From the four corners of the Galaxy
called upon Poetic Federation Wardens
under counsel of Vice Admiral Webmistress
have boarded and prepared for flight
our ... blessed ... Universal Star Ship Stanza!

( I just fly the darn thing )

As we depart from the docking bay
of the Universal Federation Outpost
soon to be clear of Earth's gravity

the quest begins, boldly ... searching ... for
those precious missing Muses! Books
containing revered verses of Earth's Classic Poets
stolen from the Earthbound library
of acting Rear Admiral DUG
while the little bugger was taking a nap
in an apple core!

We seek the homeworld of those OBNOXIOUS
Rhymulans! Fuzzy alien caterpillar people
currently posing as our prime suspects
according to the singular clue left behind -

NOT a foot print with twenty-nine toes
as previously deduced ...

but instead twenty-nine tiny footprints
out of more tiny feet than I care to count!

This is Captain James T. Blaze, out

"Everyone, please put your tray tables
in their upright positions and standby
as we engage Warped Factor 1

Also, the USS Stanza travels very fast, so ...

you might want to hold onto your butts."

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autumnal miscellany & minutiae ii ~

braid'd the fraying edges ov ephemeral filaments into
the threads ov the moment; those sentiments
mercurial twixt one breath {&} the next
kombolói in my lungs___ worri'd in absentia:---
mocha & black pepper scent'd memoria
a blameless pearl ash woo ov inhibition
{my silhouette
    your wall}
the complex atrocities ov unsanctifi'd  flesh
i sin once
three times
with your name, a vesper
on my tongue
... afterthoughts in my pores like port wine stains
{tattoo'd communion} blushing from the cloth
ov my shamelessness

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#1 of 30

I Do Talk

The stumbling block
To my social interaction
Can’t let go of fear

On an ever thinning line
Where sanity is blurred
I communicate in my own way
Off the beaten track
Just behind normality

Sometimes feels
I should do more
But this fickle mind
Plays by its own rules
Dictating all responses

Total Words: 54
Unique Words: 50

The Gardener
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#1 of 30

It's 3:22 and I'm Already Worried I'll be Late!

Good grief...
I should be in bed
Played with graphics
Made blood drip
in front of a star field

...instead of
doing my chores

Finally I did get around
to a few details
...mainly just tucking in kids
(smiles to myself)

Emojis are just addicting

Glad they aren't part
of the competition!

....so now...

for some reason!?
I have to write this
thing before bed!

But now it's 3:37....


Am I gonna be
silly like this
the whole way?


...it will get much....

much worse!


poet Anonymous

1/30 sacrifices made to time

I’ve stuffed my empty dreams
into a chest that wasn’t designed
to hold a fraction of my broken pieces
the padlock set in brass and stainless steel
a shovel crunches into soft earth
as regrets clamour against the lid
protesting their premature burial
life is full of regrets of those roads not taken

they haunt me
with the clank of hollow bones
on wood

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You take the fifth
distilled and delusional
drunk, disorderly and disrobed

fallen to your knees you plea
and pretty pretty plead
your prayers
to multiple dimensions

boots made of stone
you can't run
no directions nor diversions
you can't hide
you abide

songs ring softly in your head
you're alive but somehow dead
life's flashes of brilliance
seem less brilliant
light walks away from you
but you're not through

darkness beckons your pain
in a devil disguised as a saint
you pass judgement
and delve into his realm
as he deepens his hold

you attack and then retreat
regroup then repeat
you succumb and sacrifice your lamb,
your virtues and the sheep
you awaken from this sleep
blinking blankly
and wander on

poet Anonymous

#1 of 30

A nursery of cardinal red crush.

Let me climb on here,
a pollen frock and a loose cotton thread
barely wrapped around a besotting finger.
Once told…lapsed in time
the trees' shades lap like waves.

And lingering on the lawn,
for a bed of long grass
utters breezes bladed with vetiver,
thyme and a wallow’d whisper
in whatever brought this last minute to its knees.

Searing under too much sun,
the tongue - skin peppered,
has turned each page yellow
with a tinged, smoke-lipped fringe;
and these fingers dry to straw.

62 unique words

jade tiger
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#1 of 30

( a contrapuntal poem )

He looked into the dark of Internet
And found a huntress who wrote poetry.
She gazed at him with longing and regret,
He also sighed and felt they’d never meet.

But stranger still she could not realize
He too supposed he didn’t have a chance,
The competition coveting his prize.
She put a pen to verse the words that dance.

Then back and forth a week of poetry,
Would his desire turn into a play?
But like the flower to a honeybee,
To go to him and give her heart away.

Dangerous Mind
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        Feel The Burn

A poem a day for thirty days? We'll see
That's the challenge before me by DUP
By the decree of Capt'n Blaze & his crew
Which I'm now a member; I'm brand new

Time to show and prove what I'm made of
With the talent I'm blessed with from above
Will I soar like a dove or will I crash & burn?
Do I have what it takes or have a lot to learn?

Dangerous Mind
United States 17awards
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Shivering to Stay Warm

blindly searching
for light left behind,
inhaling all of the moonbeams
and every speck of stardust;
greedily, I’ve devoured whole
every empty promise
the rainbows brought
(throwing them in for good measure);
I hold them all inside my chest,
still waiting for the sun to return
from his hiding place
among the shadows;
shivering to stay warm
limbs frozen stiff with need

Unique Word Count: 52

Joshua Bond
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NaPo 2020, April 1st



If such a thing were possible
I’d climb the living tree to heaven
fighting my way through layered weathers
slippery slopes and gnarled projections,
and on reaching the tippity tippity-top top branch,
I’d spy the moss-covered old rusting gate
temptingly one short step away
fallen into disrepair, abandoned by angels
and then the tree would say to me:
See? I stretch all the way
from earth to heaven
one seamless continuum —
I am one-being with a trillion differing vistas …

and abruptly to the point the tree would curtly conclude:
it’s time for you to climb back down to Earth.
And so I do, finding heavenly aspects all along the way
and when I reach the ground again,
looking at the world with opening eyes
I think never mind the lies, I’ll spread my wings
to demonstrate the fire of beauty —
oh yes, to demonstrate the fire of beauty.

Lost Thinker
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[i]1/30 Bluebell Time Machine

That Bluebell Wood’s a Time Machine.
Each dome portrays a different scene.
Transfixed, I dance within the dream,
Lost in-sense, might have beens..
Nostalgia is the drug, it seems;
Blue heads bounce under bare trees.  
Broken stems, scattered leaves;
Her essence still upon the breeze.
Blood of bloom upon my knees,
crushed, these distant memories.
I’m lost in time. And you.

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