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Tyrant of Words
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la vie de bohťme ~ {ii}

dancing barefoot on checker'd tiles, dethron'd emperor
to tarnish'd queen in my terrycloth crown {&} gown
still damp having wash'd away
the remnants ov your reign
the air lemon {&} bruise scent'd as i cri'd over
spilt milk calligraphi'd across scarr'd wood
dripping its story to the floor:---- laying claim
to memoria pooling within
{all i want'd  was to bathe in the mess ov us}
your drunk skin cells__my flirtation with the noose
& knife edges

Tyrant of Words
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Like The Spring

(c) Sweet Oblivion 6.4.20

You tell me that I am just like the spring:
As I make your face blossom with fine smiles;
I realise fresh flowers aren't your thing,
But, you've imagination; my sweet wiles
Can be kept more than entertained and pleased
With everything we do together; when
You take me out, or laugh, or when you're teased;
As we find excitement, unlike some men,
You compliment me: whispering how stars
Are nowhere near as bright as my dark eyes;
You take me for fast rides in brand new cars;
Since you want to impress, you will surprise
Me so implausibly, you handsome thing:
And tell me that I am just like the spring.

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Fire of Insight
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Spring rains wash cold winds
winding last of winterís fury
releasing its wheezing breath
brittle hold of uncouth fingers

The earth splits open in praise
not prying too much in grace
hollows, sorrows surrender
quivering in moonlit paths

Perennials & bulbs emerge
reliable, steady like prayers
blooming savagely, wildly
succulent tendrils in realm

There, unfolds lip of purple iris
here, blue hydrangea clusters
aslant trellised trumpet vine
shy blossoms sway, lulled

Fireflies light the dark canvass
whispering wisdom of trees
the honeysuckleíd life, haven
in arms. Gods, Venus alight.

Jennifer Michael McCurry
Tyrant of Words
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Fair ascent and to Hell in pardon

Clear Banschee call please lift the skies
For room to mourn amongst the Side

In the House of Sister
One sinner lingers
And wears no virtue around her finger

Hear my oath
I swear to cut her out
My will winds so restless
In these shadows named doubt

I have walked this room
The threads are bared

Now slash red mark through yellow hair
Once tomorrow
You will find my fingerprint there

I release my soul
To hellish gate
And have reconciled to this eternal fate

So hear me now then let me pass
Oh Banschee lift the skies

For comes golden lass

Rain Woman
Fire of Insight
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Keep Pushing Forward
Research paper due yesterday
Two live meetings today
Donít forget
Three lecture videos this week
Just for Biology
Eat food, drink coffee
No time to pass out
Several discussion forums
At least one for each class
Drink water
Donít take anger out on family
They have their own struggles
Shit, the internet cut again
Take a break
Get a snack
Read in a textbook
You have six, pick one
Finish the damn research project
Itís already late
You are behind on work
Chill out
Donít listen to the family yelling
Itís not worth the frustration
Email back your teachers
They want to know how youíre doing
Tell the truth
Youíre struggling
But take responsibility
You are doing your best to stay sane
But itís not enough
Because you canít focus
And you are behind
And nothing is sticking in your brain
You are not learning
Be positive
Stop overthinking
This quarantine wonít stop you
You are too determined
And strong
And doing all you can right now
Admire the spring weather

Dangerous Mind
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Butterfly Kaleidoscope Dreams

Iíve been awake since two in the morning
Listening to the rain tapping on the roof
A thousand thoughts run thru my mind
But Iím just remembering days of my youth

Suddenly Iím back in nineteen ninety-one
Replaying the music over again in my head
Thinking I had ardor but shouldíve tried harder
Yet somehow I gave up before I started instead

Itís one of those things I regret not doing
Packing up my bags and sticks and going on tour
But thatís OK, life is meant to be that way
You appreciate what you have and endure

Yet no matter how far that dream seems to be
Now Iím closer to it than ever before
I may not be on the field but behind the scenes
I can work and volunteer for a corps

Iím thankful for what I have and what I can do
Now itís a matter of choice in my career
Maybe Iíll chase butterfly kaleidoscope dreams
And finally share in the experience and cheer

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Fire of Insight
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The Every Day: The Red Devil

Fifty-six milliliters of Jolly Rancher red
poison, pushed into a subclavian
vein once every twenty-one days;
for a course of twelve, mind numbing weeks.

It requires a level of endurance
even the strongest would question.
I wondered if
the treatment would be the
nail in my coffin; rightly so.
Round one was making backdoor
deals to sign
my death certificate.

Apparently, Iím an anomaly. But I suppose
I already knew that.

Week long migraines...
...nonstop, leveling.
The kind of thing that threatens
to rip a hole in your sanity...

...nothing offered for relief.

Scopolamine made nausea
also left me half blind
for thirteen weeks; eyes perpetually viscous...

...unable to focus.

Every week ticked off another
group of food; unpalatable. Bananas
were first to go. Most food slid
away, eventually.  

Gagging down quarts of
fresh juiced, green vegetables; praying
there would be a cellular reaction
big enough to make a difference,
because cells were hard to come by.

So hard in fact, they were force

...agonizing bone pain.

Living with one
foot in the grave; holding tight
to whatever would
anchor me here.
One a.m., drenched
in sweat, wondering when it would end.

This is still my vulnerable hour. The time
I quietly spend processing what
has happened. It hasnít left me yet; the
memories of a body so completely
ravaged, so broken down, itís a miracle
that I made it.

One day, I wonít have this

One day, peace will come.

*NaPoWriMo 2020*
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Thought Provoker
United Kingdom
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latent images in the emulsion

(very unedited)

Moisture drawing on the pain,
smoke the hurt to ease my cigarette chain.
What broke my equine
and  foals leaping from their depth,
for an all -in bet
on a color not on the table.
Their tallow rendered
for coats and techni-wandering
gliding canter,
and slaughtered in
the slender breaks
in breathe-pauses
the equine broken.

It collapsed, it collapsed on the mountain
the crash of heavens spotlight, its louvres
angling this alchemy of the hearts palm splayed
its alchemy within each footstep
cos one travelled all the way
flutes of the candles flicker
some game of fate forced to play
and its all I can do to philosophize myself
out of the skin and mess
and stitch the pieces together to resemble
some familiar doorstep slab
on which to step onward
and some doors seem forever locked
only owned by the definer
hit it against a rock
Breathing out the muskís sweat of a fight
as touch wrests its perspective from genuine touch
to a land I didnít know I cared for,
for I had only cared for the earth when it blossomed.

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Poetry Accident
Dangerous Mind
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The Maiden and Death are as one
combined in unison against the storm
a sharp contrast if itís assumed
life and death are paths removed

ask the winds if they disagree
theyíll respond with a breeze
not the tempest of focused rage
for the truth is all too faint

still the elements will collude
to evoke the awful truth
that passage is the shortest span
in a journey that few will plan

the embrace stands between
what comes before greatest leap
comeliness has many forms
all resisting the eternal storm.

Lord Viddax
Guardian of Shadows
United Kingdom
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6 of 30.
Day 6: 06/04/2020, 22:41 GMT

Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn

Where will you look to go?
What exactly will you do?
- Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn
- And I sure as hell won't go where you push me.

Seems to me that my life post-education
has mostly been
a string of un-supportive women;
oh their gender has bugger all to do with it,
Or does it?,
who just don't get me
And seem to treat me
more like a machine than man;
seeing me as simply something to fill a slot
and not caring about my feelings and dreams.

Well they can take their down-nose views
and expectations
of a robotic man
and quite frankly,
Fuck Off.
I am a man who actually can feel and sense,
thank you very much;
I have a heart and its more than just a bloody muscle in my chest
I have a mind that taps into an otherworldy instinct
I have a brain and can quite easily emphasize
I have a soul and it seeks to swim and soar,
My existence should not have to validate itself
or answer to whatever the hell you think.

So if you will not help me find my path
then remove yourself from my journey
and do not seek to hinder my movements
because still waters run deep
and when stuck in a rut that is stagnant
rather than just suck it up
I tend to become a Maelstrom
that will either cast you to be gone to the winds
or better yet
bring me Zephyrous wings so that I may be free like Icarus,
though no doubt you'd only focus on the hubris and failure
ignorant of glory of the Sun
and my ecstasy in such a setting.

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Dangerous Mind
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A Country Girl

She was in the strands of grass
long before she ever knew
how it felt to lay in them
so long as to be fragranced so.

And she was a ripple on the pond
before a fish came up to surface
she was the glow that glinted forth
within the earliest morning light.

She was afire in the sun
that shone upon the land,
she already knew where she came from
before she reached out her sturdy hand.

A country side to fill her eyes
by every measure made her wise
in time, unlearning what could never be;
that in her mind, she could always be free.

Dangerous Mind
United Kingdom
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Are They Cannon Fodder


What the fuck
Excuses being made
Lack of kits
Are our health workers
Cannon fodder


To be professional
Left without proper protection
They do work in extreme conditions
An invisible war
A grim reality


Deaths day after day
Will social distancing work
Only time will tell
If survival is on the cards

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Fire of Insight
United States
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I Can Fly in the Desert

I didnít notice I was floating
Even though I knew I was weightless
And the air grew thinner above me
I didnít see the lilacs below
Where theyíd once touched my feet
No.. I didnít see them
Or the cascading mountains
That held the wasteland in a sandy cage
I was taller than the peaks of them
But nothing occurred to me
I didnít know that I was ascending
Into a fresher, clearer atmosphere

I recollected something, as the sun fell under the pastel horizon
Iíd found solace in the distance
And freedom in the blooms of a deserted wilderness
And I realized how finally, Iíd wiped you from my mind, and my mouth didnít have your aftertaste
You were completely erased
I could fly in the desert
And thatís when I noticed

geoff cat
Dangerous Mind
United States
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Those Friends and I Who Cradled Night

Those friends and I who cradled night
When lust and music called us out,
To squandered youth and arcane light,
Our chronic ashes scattered now.

I wonder what theyíd think of me,
Those friends and I who cradled night.
The one who pledged inconstantly,
The one whose love could not requite.

My demons never share insight,
Just tolerate to cause me shame.
Those friends and I who cradled night
Rejoiced in every broken game.

Our time now spent, our hour gone,
Old men and women seek respite,
Our strut and fret have lumbered on,
Those friends and I who cradled night.

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Tyrant of Words
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She spins in tight circles
flashing her wonders of three
she lets in the night
coquettish and willing to tease

smoke splices her air
weaving and grabbing the need
it's not wanton
but wanted

ropes can't hold back life
cutting the tension
a sharpened knife
splaying her swaying cage

animalistic, fetishistic but smooth
engrafted, tenebrous, the room
long arms whipped

the willows scratch at the window
watching without
leather remains on the floor

glasses shattered, shards cut
blood lets
red, not wasted
one drop
cleaned up

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