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Official DUP NaPo/GloPoWrimo 2020 Competition

Tyrant of Words
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[ NapoWriMo 2020 Collection ] Survival
Part I - Existence

A crude sawing sound  
permeated valley echoes—  
stone-carved knives flayed    
meat from skin and bone, severing    
organs from arteries, now defunct  
of supply and demand—  
their purpose spent    
as collapsed walls    
The triad was meticulous    
despite nauseating hunger  
and physical exhaustion—  
two chiseled monotonously    
while the other shaved    
chunks into broad strips  
Daylight dissolved;    
hungry wolves navigated between  
scarce winter wood  
thick with scents of kill  
A hand ax repeatedly struck    
pyrite, producing sparks  
for a fire that would define  
who lived—or died    
. . .

Words: 85
Unique: 78

Dangerous Mind
United Kingdom
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#6 Of 30

Judgement Day Or Just A Cold ?

Are we in the middle
Of judgement day
No missiles or explosions
Yet still a war zone out there

All it has taken is a virus
To scare us shitless
Our freedom locked down
Hopefully saving future lives

Conflicting messages given
Ramps up fear
Panic ensues perceived normality changed
World view now twisted and distorted  

Total Words: 55
Unique Words: 54

Strange Creature
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It is with great sincerity, that I must apologize for my delay.
Health problems such as Cerebral Palsy, Strabismus, and PTSD, have most certainly not been making times easy as of late.

#4 of 30

This is Where;

Aww my heart, just my heart....

I'm nervous…



This is where;

I've felt much much more impaired by people's reactions to my "impairments",

And the total frustration about not being seen, heard,

In regards to much,
Or pretty much anything....

Societally speaking for as far back as I can remember...

No one knew me, how could they know my needs?

How could I not hide my face and my suffering?
As the wolves ate me alive....

From a small child socially and emotionally....

To people in libraries being abusive...

And then trying to gang up on me...

Intimidate me,
Threaten me with physical violence...

Because I was very much triggered by your albiesm,

And started swearing about the situation

This goes right back to that asshole little boy who would not let me ride in his wagon too, because I…

"Had googley eyes"

And I got mad...

His bigger sister came to TRY AND SHUT ME UP...so I threw sand in her fucking face...

Aaaannnndddd she almost beat me up…

Yay me…

This is where;

I do have troubles with my motor skills....I fall down every single day...

This is where;

I have more problems about people laughing that a little girl is falling, and sometimes physically injured though...

I have problems with all the assumption that the teenager with cerebral palsy who is getting physically tired...Therefore staggering….Is drunk off her ass

I have problems with that boy who thought it was okay (was kind of a friend before incident)...to spit on me

This is where;

I'm tired of all the intimidation and violence...and things in our structure I'm not supposed to be;

And the feelings you tell me I can't feel, and the viewpoints I shouldn't have....

This is where;
Equality itself is a fucking fallicy


It's what the high ups say to the trampled to shut people up...

Ill-motivated verbal seduction and incentive...

We see it in politics ALL THE TIME

This is where;


It is not a mutually beneficial relationship

I don't feel I have a mutually beneficial relationship with society....

This is where;

I wasn't given the opportunity...

*End rant*

Wait...Why was I never, given a chance?

#5 of 30

& I,

& I,

& I've,

Got about ten minutes to jot down this asterix-ial train of thought


My eyes to look straight,

Like I tame the gate when I walk….

I've got...even less lives to spare…

I'm strangled by the chords…

Short circuiting for sure…

I've got...only about


Gasps of air…

Me, and tiny versions of myself and I,


Just like…this inkling

Of an instinctual intuition;

I've had this dream so many times before…


Who knows?

For certain not I…


Wires are crossed…

The battery faulty…

The epitome of acid rain from these burning eyes…

They think I'm dull

They think..

They think..

They will succeed in

Making me null and void?

I guess you could say I was birthed down into the damn abyss

I had no air...life...wasn't a strong prognosis

And irony...I feel it, shocking like a venomous eel

Defense mechanism for what I was forced into…

Bound by the man, the woman, the child


Society's fuck up

Oh look at that mortifying disease of a duck…


I may mix up some information

But nothing too vital apparently

I'm still here; wanting to destroy prejudice

Help stitch the blatant scarring

Jarring ugly remarks

Rearing heads

Soothe the blatant wounds from the intoxicated hypocrites

Who are so drunk off of corruption and power alike

Threatened by order

They wouldn't be able to live 10 seconds of this…

Take 10 disorienting blinks…

Oh shit...is that spazz for real?

Spin the reel, throw the mother fucking MIC!!

I'm only a little girl….SIKE!

You've been deeked by the quill of malformation

For your information,


Rowan E.
Thought Provoker
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5 / 30

well make me a strawberry morning milkshake.

Today it was dark
when I woke in a satisfied haze
with blue fog around my bed -

mosquito tracks about my veins,
my right arm itching dread

I shook it from my head,
I want to say,

but the truth is
I bristled, being woken at the witching hour
and set a trap for it
of my own exposed flesh,

and dreamed about clapping
its unsuspecting, greedy body
and getting my own blood back.

Making her pay
for poking her spiny nose under my blanket
and taking,

but isn’t that
quite a sign of the times.

I could now fall back asleep,
and she got away with it.

Some things are for devouring,
I guess,
my right arm among em.

Fire of Insight
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Sealed With A Kiss

Miseducated & vetted to ensure we abhor the truth
Assimilated into a gameplan since our days of youth
Rallying the troops to be in cahoots like good Soldiers
Until veils are removed as we continue getting older

It takes mental decoders to uncover encrypted lies
Decalcifying pineal glands; improving acuity of third eyes
No longer flying high on cloud nine like in fairy tales
As the decryption reveals their equation of living HELL

Learning that we're just retail in the prequel of the N.W.O.
Playing the role of barking seals on the Truman show
Those that don't know just go along with it in total bliss
Cause ignorance is acceptance that's sealed with a kiss

Sabrina Kirk-Caldwell
Thought Provoker
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My Reason for Writing

The moment I found you,
It was a dream come true,
And still to this day,
You bring to me everyday,
Peace of mind, during these and all tumultuous times,
You have helped me to find my voice, and my love of rhymes.
Behold, because of you, I am working on self-publishing my poems in book form,
To show the world my personal journey, and my struggle with the "norm",
Challenging the gender binary,
Picking and choosing my beliefs, into what makes me happy,
Learning about my biology, mentality, thoughts, career goals, what I want and don't want from life,
Feeling like I may have already gone through the life-changing crisis, but not mid-life.
I will not associate with knaves and bawds,
Nor frauds,
I have begun to find my voice,
With grace, and poise,
I will not allow anyone to treat me poorly, talk down to me,
Invalidate me,
Disrespect me,
Or harm me
(Or especially anyone I love,
Because if anyone I loved or myself, was in danger, their bodies, I would gladly dispose of).
Because of you, I have dug deeper within my being,
Finding out, I am more complex than previously seeming,
I have found some of my deepest, most innate issues, insecurities, fears, and beliefs,
And begun the lifelong process of working on them, bringing to me griefs and reliefs.
As strong as I've been, as strong as I am,
Sometimes I still feel scared, like a little lamb,
And it is thinking of you, that allays my fears,
Even if I've only seen you once, and the rest, through pictures.
Aye, this is true,
I would not be where I am to-day, had it not been for you,
And for that I would like to thank you.

Dangerous Mind
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Splitting Ifs

Wily guile vice sight / Filed for inner trials / Whether “For every mile a thousand fights” / Or just wild for the night / Style compiled like a GodChild’s ziggurat / Spicy chops / Icy Hot / Tiger Balm / The real higher calm / Comes with birdsong / Falun Gong / Croon from beyond / Hidden rooms / Sarah Winchester’s tune / Psychic atomic bomb / Flowing alarming ways / Marvin Gaye’s “What’s going on?” / Color of a moan / Mulling in tones / Pulling for home / Culling my zone / Fully grown means owning up to every mistake / Alone means no faking / Intuition breath awakening / Steaks, salt and cheddar / Who ever staked assaults for cheddar? / Don’t fault the letters / By default a petter of lawn ornaments / Course just sits like a chorus of heuristics / Sorting shit / Sport of quips / The Force of “If?”

Tyrant of Words
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#5 of 30

Old Man Mic Drop

So I have this friend…
okay, an online acquaintance
beautiful, bright, kind, well spoken...too young
veritable goddess, but no pretense
Whilst perusing her profile I stumble upon
phrases that deep in my heart kinda stung.

Under relationship status I read,
“Owned by” some dude with an animal moniker
like she’s a pet or what’s worse enslaved.
What happened to boyfriend, partner, or lover?
Much more acute was my consternation
after reading her list of preferred degradations.

Have I grown too old to conceive modern love?
Regardless, it’s really none of my business.

Words - 93
Unique words = 81

Haley Quaquaversal
Fire of Insight
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i’m attracted to the tilt
of the cheek

how it bows
like the moon, quite adroit
quite common but, always
a surprise to find
then half
then crescent

& then this pock
fascination of an empty space
tiny, glowing and it
appears below the fat bottom
i’d like to cup more than

in that slit
like a twinkle
it’s swiss
so swiss to think of you this way

piel hollows & the lips

stretch as musculature ought
be scientific, all tension
& tendon
& the refracted red
of flesh

but what it does
is make me want to kiss
that abeyance
in which joy

another poet once
brought it up
& i agree
it’s  been moonlight
on the trough of a wave
the sailors call it silm
what it’s been doing
to me

& i stay on the deck
looking up
looking up
reeling down delightedly
in insert an anywhere name
& here be our shipwreck bay

108/160 words

Nathaniel Peter
Fire of Insight
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Your silence leaves me speechless

I am at a standstill

Incurably longing for you

I am fragments of books misplaced

A room made a mess of living

And a song I can't sing

Stink staining morning breath

An aged haircut

I am bed sweat and a heavy heart

Learning to cope without a cure

The days ebb and flow

Suffocating in subtle hints of gradual anxiety

I write to sedate the sadness

Every word soaks up the blood

I can only manage the clutter of my thoughts

I cannot distinguish a single voice

I am unspoken static

I am buried treasure

Nothing sparkles where there is no light

Guilt and regret like strained affection

A tension meets me in the mirror

I am not my own reflection

She speaks somewhere but I cannot her her

I feel like I am trying to be who I am

When every breath is an effort that should come naturally

My words are scattered

I duplicate my heart to give everyone a carbon copy

When authentic feels generic for overuse and exploitation

Resigning the priceless for profits

Trying to finance a funeral on layaway

I am on standby with a life in limbo

I am tossed between the currents

Hostage to a plague and chemical handicaps

Torn between undisciplined desire and prone to instability

I am a wedding on delay

I am vows rewritten everyday

I am devotion in perpetual revision

With disclaimers of an endless apologetic

I am the keeper of life in high maintenance

And death in high definition

I am cleanliness on the outside yet disoriented within

I am words without the melody

I can brush my teeth

But I cannot un-sour my curdled tongue

I can look a part but my act is not without flaw

Heartsick pandemic

Equalized by desperation

I am a quiet panic

I am sleep and yet deprivation...

jade tiger
Tyrant of Words
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# 6 of 30

There’s Been Talk of Spring

It hasn’t been too many days
My tote bags all were tossed away
I’ll buy more in the month of May.

And daily on the phone I ask
When will I have my shot at last,
Please may I have another mask?

I’m five months overdue, I said
I’ve been homebound a year instead
I’m lucky that it hasn’t spread.

I am type-2, it was confirmed.
Myself and I are not on terms
When compromised by icky germs.

“We’re closed on odd & even days”
It never used to be that way
Until Corona came to play!

My sainted patience running dry
Unless they know the day I’ll rise
To meet my Maker in the eye.

Our President has plans for Spring.
What does he hope for Eastertide?
Cadbury eggs rolled on the lawn,
Six feet apart for every child.

No check is coming in the mail;
I’d need a temperature and cough.
Meantime the market shelves are frail;
What would I spend my money on?

That’s how I’ll keep my girlish whim
When trying on la trend absurd.
I have no food, I’ll fit right in;
Just park the hearse next to the curb.

poet Anonymous


Just Another Shot Of Loneliness, No Regrets Sometimes Shame

I've seen trouble on the outside of the dirty glass
lipstick stains spear filament to a vandalous light
a heart that held the essence of a violent clenched fists
curled around a small bud of romance

because lovers got to love

even if it's a vain attempt to taste a rose petal because scent is
lost against the back drop of a broken nose

pick up bars and one night flashes of the erotic
cigarettes are breakfast and a litany of stained sheets
are all that remained of a crass coupling that wanted more than
wet patches but only got cold coffee and a tear stained letter
pleading against the dawn that

"it's not you it's me"

but you get good at the things you practice
and the lonely sluices down the drain
quickdraw pickup lines fire out like a gunslinger
unloading rounds until the chambers empty
into a desperate woman baring her heart
and the next night
I straight shot my lonely
with a wedge of lemon
and a lick of salt

but lovers gotta love

Lost Thinker
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My Fear And I

Don’t give in to “THE FEAR” they said..
Sage advice, for a life lived in bed.
Do they not know, that it lives in the corner?
Projecting “WORST CASE” into my head?
Continuous prattle, this creature and I..
Don’t connect, just reject, continue to lie
Where you’re SAFE, in your space, I’ll make you feel warmer,
Coz out there’s a “WAR ZONE”, Eye for an Eye.
It’s been my Companion for many a year;
I don’t remember a life without you, My Fear..
Sickened, pulse quickened, this Gorilla Informer
Whispers twisted, sadistic, tales in my ear.
I fight the ANXIETY, Fear fed, to myself.
Must push up, must push through, BATTLE off this shelf;
Must be example for SON and for DAUGHTER!
If I starve it with HOPE, will Fear eat itself?

Dangerous Mind
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#6 of 30

You Taught Me

amazing depot

of healing
herbal verbiage

I needed
a cup of tea

that's your poetry
and commentary
to shaky me

My head is pounding
my heart rebounding

Ticker like a
rubber ball

I slipped in here
to ease my pain

Help me relax again

But even more
naked poets

at the slide projector
explain the anatomy
of their intellectual

I sometimes

take a great fall

Ticker like a
rubber ball

teachers here
poets all

help minds
soar above it




65 unique words

Tyrant of Words
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