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Heartbreak / Unrequited Love

Twisted Dreamer
United States
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Poetry Contest

Write a poem about unrequited love or heartbreak

Guardian of Shadows
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A Bout of Melancholy

 There is a vague timeline
In this earthly transition
looking at the ticking clock
counting the seconds
Am I that afraid of the darkness
Of an unknown beyond
Well, nothing promised nothing gained

I look into the mirror
Where beauty once resided
A thing of beauty is a joy forever.
they say but no, not this decline
forever is just a word
Nobody have returned and told
where forever resides

So do I wait for death
Or expect the unexpected
Things happen for a reason
So they say…
but not aging pain and demise
or is it?
I refuse to seep in melancholy

So let me think positively
A good beginning
makes a good ending
may not apply to me
the beginning was terrible
the same ending…
o help me Lord!

Better to have loved and lost,
than never to have loved at all
that’s positive
lost my love to lost love
His not mine
She returned…..
Positive indeed.

I give up
Tick Tock
I’m counting
Definitely not sheep.
Written by Grace (Idryad)
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Dangerous Mind
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tmoj, how many poems are we allowed to upload?

Dangerous Mind
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Twisted Dreamer
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Drunkyn Growyn Upz&Dongz

So we drowned ourselves  
Induced copulationz
Grown drunkyn highness  
Kumming to our senses  
At klimaxed peakz
Trying to figure out what the foch We been doing all this time  
You don't even like my body  
I don't even love your mind.
Awakening epiphanies  
Saved lifetimez  
Repeating lust'$
Hate cycles of unrelated  
Uncontrollable unrequited luvz.
Written by Diabolicalizmz (Gr8Ryzyngz)
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Dangerous Mind
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Unrequited Dreams

we roam the abyss hand in hand
blood drained hearts connected by a force
the mindless brains couldn't understand
while our faceless heads trying to express emotions

walking corpses how the world sees us
throwing sarcastic smiles straight through us

but I'm,
blind to all the sarcastic smiles
and deaf to all the sarcastic words
I immunise myself and I feel
numb to the whole fucking world

except you...

our hands sewed together
with the darkness
our feelings connected
but we are heartless
our lives are bound together
by the sadness
our stories will tell
the twisted madness

I shut the world
and walked into
the abyss

you are the escape
from my miserable

Written by dejure (vick)
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Dangerous Mind
United States
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fire temples

A writ of right of flight our trip sky flare
By candlelight our bird of night into air,
The rock relief long etched a prophecy
As the symbol into a gateway odyssey,
With a flaming torch to crowning light
This mirror became our spiritual sight,
Then two into one perpetually lit flame
Thousands of years in one time frame,
Crossing our space joined heart insight
We spun a void ancient souls entwined,

Her star to mine...
Written by runaway-mindtrain
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Dangerous Mind
United States
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Let Go of Unrequited Love

It is like you are watching from the passenger side
And side mirror as your life is just passing you by.
It is like watching and seeing your heart as it spills
Blood all over the street, but people walk or ride
By like it means absolutely nothing. The one guy
You say I love you to, but it is like running up hills

Only to be disappointed by the view and when he
Does not love you back the same way. It is like you
Think the whole world stops, but you have to keep
Breathing through the hurt and pain. You finally see
Through the fog and maybe you will realize very few
People will treat you like dirt under their feet. Weep

And cry all you want, but he is not worth it. That
Love is something you hold onto until someone can
Love you back. They will love you a million times as
Much as you do. They will take every strike and at-bat
For you. The guy you were pining over was never man
Enough to give you that love back. You are still a topaz.
Written by eswaller
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poet Anonymous

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Casey Brock
Lost Thinker
United States
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Ladies First

WordScape (Casey Brock)
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jade tiger
Tyrant of Words
United States
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A Lasting Mist of Candles Snuffed (with UbiquitousVoid)

Here, our noctambulant kingdom
Wherein disdain girds our lament  
As morrow was the first descent  
I’d sleep until the dream was dead  
The rogue from our deluge of rain  
Continued to walk dark the night  
And would each time deny the day
Out of reach from admiration  
An ire could not mask what had bled  
Nascent into lust-borne prison  
The days that festered in her head  
As hours passed, onset of pain  
Which gave no voice to give me sight  
A reason why, a chance to pray
I saw you there by aperture  
A listless gaze toward opal stir  
To thus avail this portrait blur  
Still winsome as you ever were  
Without the sun of how it was  
I lost the hands of time within
As time grew short, dissonant knell  
Our solitude had struck a bell  
The constant damp and dark to feign  
My lord who first had offered love  
A brilliant light, a symphony
And like plucked rose soon atrophied  
Bereft of what had nurtured it  
Devoured by the void e'er dim  
Poetic-twisted ligatures  
The ties that bound us in our need  
Of boney fingers' strangled creed  
Where did all of my powers rush?  
For I was youth in its full flush  
With skin of white like Dresden rim  
'Twas such that captivated him
Upon the canvas wretched ghost  
Like mirrors the eyes of failing health  
Her chiseled crevice marked the host  
Catharsis through an emptied self  
The days were stretched as was my flesh  
O'er features sinking into depths  
That plumbed the very death of me
A drowning will, an ecstasy  
Perverse the thrill, malignancy  
That clutched the dying heart in me  
And like tsunami's deepest surge  
It dragged me under from its scourge  
While sirens sang a mournful dirge
And venom ushered forth from you  
In sanguine love, I lavished you  
With vivid funerary hue  
This art that has become of you  
I woke into a deeper sleep  
To witness from my crypt a keep
The evil, clearer still, that bloomed  
While echoed chanting filled the room  
Embraced by him as cultish priest  
In preparation of a feast  
To sanctify his temple beast  
And quantify the list of crime  
My lord had justified from time  
Inscribed on pages of a tome  
While bending low his shaven dome
The deed is done, no turning back  
Disrupted shadows fade to black  
As one-by-one the candles hiss  
In darkness that I never missed  
A climax for an epilogue  
For it has been so very long  
I’d seek a pattern for the grave  
A rose to meet ivy ingrained  
Will e'er the night burn fast away  
The gloom that still denies the day?  
Beneath the earth I will run deep  
I’d pray for Hell, my soul to keep
italics: Jade-Pandora  
normal: UbiquitousVoid
Written by Jade-Pandora (jade tiger)
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Fire of Insight
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He Clung To the Echo...

He clung
to the echo of her last word
and waited for her return

Confident at the start
anxious somewhat later

Desperate - yet, still hoping -
long after time stood still for him

Too hard for his feeble mind
to process the countless posibilities
of a whispered "later"...
Written by takis1917
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Bradley J
Fire of Insight
United States
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gazellemon (Bradley J)
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Twisted Dreamer
United States
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A Grinning Carcass

I am like a grinning carcass—
an agonizing sight for cars that
howl down some brutal highway:
homeless, and without a grave.

I am ancestor to some,
contaminant to others,
in this, the fallout of some estranged harmony—
Written by Mikash
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Tyrant of Words
United States
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Rings Of Love

Crazy, a seduction held tight  
as love drips into a barren heart  

molten rings amid stolen nights  
forever, how you do fool  
a regal regret  
two lovers beget  
feelings used as a tool  

Infatuation, cocksure,  
inviting and ego inflating  
replacing damnation  
life was given a voice  
foiled in choice  
or failure by chance  
bottles blurring romance  
wild rides chasing the stars  
waking up bloddied and barred  
no looking up  
tops spinning down  
the cycle kept going round  
forgiveness found in foreign lips  
comforting words, tied up and tongued  
a late night tryst where love just insists  
on not letting go  
as tonights and tomorrows are one  
•but you let go•  
and now crazy,  
what's next to show
Written by JusTim_
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