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A Lasting Mist of Candles Snuffed (with UbiquitousVoid)

Here, our noctambulant kingdom
Wherein disdain girds our lament
As morrow was the first descent  
Id sleep until the dream was dead

The rogue from our deluge of rain
Continued to walk dark the night
And would each time deny the day

Out of reach from admiration
An ire could not mask what had bled
Nascent into lust-borne prison
The days that festered in her head

As hours passed, onset of pain
Which gave no voice to give me sight
A reason why, a chance to pray

I saw you there by aperture
A listless gaze toward opal stir  
To thus avail this portrait blur
Still winsome as you ever were

Without the sun of how it was
I lost the hands of time within

As time grew short, dissonant knell
Our solitude had struck a bell

The constant damp and dark to feign
My lord who first had offered love
A brilliant light, a symphony

And like plucked rose soon atrophied
Bereft of what had nurtured it
Devoured by the void e'er dim

Poetic-twisted ligatures
The ties that bound us in our need
Of boney fingers' strangled creed

Where did all of my powers rush?
For I was youth in its full flush  

With skin of white like Dresden rim
'Twas such that captivated him

Upon the canvas wretched ghost  
Like mirrors the eyes of failing health
Her chiseled crevice marked the host  
Catharsis through an emptied self

The days were stretched as was my flesh
O'er features sinking into depths
That plumbed the very death of me

A drowning will, an ecstasy
Perverse the thrill, malignancy  
That clutched the dying heart in me

And like tsunami's deepest surge
It dragged me under from its scourge
While sirens sang a mournful dirge

And venom ushered forth from you
In sanguine love, I lavished you
With vivid funerary hue
This art that has become of you

I woke into a deeper sleep
To witness from my crypt a keep

The evil, clearer still, that bloomed  
While echoed chanting filled the room

Embraced by him as cultish priest
In preparation of a feast
To sanctify his temple beast

And quantify the list of crime
My lord had justified from time

Inscribed on pages of a tome
While bending low his shaven dome

The deed is done, no turning back
Disrupted shadows fade to black
As one-by-one the candles hiss
In darkness that I never missed  

A climax for an epilogue
For it has been so very long

Id seek a pattern for the grave
A rose to meet ivy ingrained  
Will e'er the night burn fast away
The gloom that still denies the day?

Beneath the earth I will run deep
Id pray for Hell, my soul to keep

italics: Jade-Pandora  
normal: UbiquitousVoid
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