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Mirror, Mirror

Nathaniel Peter
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Poetry Contest

Write a palindrome poem
It's quite simple really, write a palindrome poem; for those that don't know what a palindrome poem is, it's actually easier to display than explain perhaps, but basically it's kind of like a mirror... What I mean is quite simply you write lines straight forward then write the same lines backwards and they should make sense even read in reverse. The lines written forwards then backwards might not have the same meaning but it still makes sense reading it backwards. For example here is one I wrote as part of a little bit longer poem called "Identity Interrogation":

"Crisis identity of father
I don't know
Word against silence
I sever you  
Reflecting upon self
Found conscience guilty
Reasonable madness made you  
Stabbed and bleeding out
Leaking consciousness
What is disorder?
Emotion puppet to thought  
Minced memory and fantasy  
I am delusional conspiracy
Faith or myth
Breeding self-god  
Christ anti-social
Prophet false of fraudulent foresight  
Miracle thirsty illness
Vision a mirage  
Hallucination a haunting  
Demons as angels of faces  
Spiritual inclination
Drawing extremes  
Opposites of tugging disaffection
Disaffection tugging of opposites
Extremes drawing
Inclination spiritual
Faces of angels as demons
Haunting a hallucination
Mirage a vision
Illness thirsty miracle
Foresight fraudulent of false prophet
Social anti-Christ
God self-breeding
Myth or faith
Conspiracy delusional am I
Fantasy and memory minced
Thought to puppet emotion
Disorder is what?
Consciousness leaking
Out bleeding and stabbed
You made madness reasonable  
Guilty conscience
Found self upon reflecting
You sever I
Silence against word
Know don't I
Father of identity crisis..."

Another example are the lyrics from the song "Redivider" by a band I love the lyrics of "Silent Planet":

"I am autonomous," You told Father
First immortal, but now fleeting
All creation reveals me about this said time, called death, cursed the reverse
All we bought was brokenness -
That shelter of illusion

You see me see You splitting myself even
There is me, forgiving nothing, manic then depressive - hopelessly sinking
Sister Moon, Brother Sun eclipsed one another, forgiving one another

Tides receding

Death ran away then life flooded in world
This I am: Imbalanced, beautifully so
Hands connected, perhaps...
Then dead reflections saw You
I did, didn't I?
I didn't, did I?
You saw reflections dead then
Perhaps, connected hands...
So beautifully Imbalanced: Am I this world?
In flooded life then away ran Death

Receding tides

Another one forgiving, another one eclipsed, Sun Brother, Moon Sister
Sinking helplessly - depressive then manic, nothing forgiving me is there even myself, splitting? You see me see You

Illusion of shelter: That brokenness was bought, "we all reverse the cursed death called time," said this about me
Reveals creation, all - fleeting, now, but immortal
First Father told you, "Autonomous am I."

(These two examples are based on the premise of bi-polar disorder and I basically mimicked there method to illustrate my own experience, though my words were perhaps a bit more abstract in regards to the subject.)

Your own contributions can be about whatever you'd like them to be as long as they follow the pattern of a palindrome poem. For more insight into what I'm talking about, here's Garrett Russell's (lead singer of silent planet) description of his bands lyrics:


For any comments or questions, feel free to PM me. Any length (within reason), max 2 entries...

Dangerous Mind
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Fullness (A Palindrome)

Happiness is sunshine.
Delicacy like lace.
Peaking through curtains.
Smile that shines.
Laughter echoing.
Euphoria and peace.
Everything is complete.
Complete is everything.
Peace and euphoria.
Echoing laughter.
Shines that smile.
Curtains through peaking.
Lace like delicacy.
Sunshine is happiness.
Written by eswaller
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Nathaniel Peter
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Awesome entry eswaller, thanks for kicking things off :)

Dangerous Mind
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Questions in the Mirror

Do you love me?
-But of course!
Will you ever leave me?
-No, I can never do it.
Have you been faithful?
-Yes and I'm being honest.
Is there anyone else?
-No, you know there is not.
Is there a chance we will be together forever?
-I've always believed it.

-I've always believed it.
Is there a chance we will be together forever?
-No, you know there is not.
Is there anyone else?
-Yes and I'm being honest.
Have you been faithful?
-No, I can never do it.
Will you ever leave me?
-But of course!
Do you love me?

Tyrant of Words
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cry battle
drawn are swords
crucifixion in numbers
nothing is spared
lost are lands
irrelevant is peace
kings are pawns
beginning the end
yesterday is back
here is silence
eternally lost

lost eternally
silence is here
back is yesterday
end the beginning
pawns are kings
peace is irrelevant
lands are lost
spared is nothing
numbers in crucifixions
swords are drawn
battle cry  

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