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write a poem using the following words ~

Lost Thinker
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Dangerous Mind
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I was wasted in a BAPTISM with a LIBERTINE tincture,    
tasted like it was TEA bagged along with a sphincter    
like demon semen and ass with LEMONGRASS    
and a tint of something funny, without overkill,    
like a hint of honey and chamomile....    
....yeah....that's what it was....which gave me the buzz....    
....that's what I smell, not the general genitals of hell....    
but an anonymous ANDROGYNOUS mask of a masculine effeminate CHEMICAL....    
....causing PSYCHOSIS and GRAVITY spinning....    
within the wise CLOCKWISE depravity winning....    
....I see where reality seemingly sagged....    
....I've been demon tea-bagged....
Written by archetype23
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Strange Creature
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He kissed my lips melting my baptism away
(He only made my heart beat twice)
He captured my creative tongue
(He only left me unspoken)
He explored the gravity of my heart
(He only massaged my atrium)
He fabricated my death by desire
(He only told lies of diabolical phycosis)
He released my chemical compounds
( He never understood my androgynous being)
He introduced my libertine acts
( He coursed true intimacy)
He tried to conquer my time
( He only moved his heart clockwise)
He attracted my desires with smells of tea
( He left a trace of lemongrass )
Written by Tiki
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Tyrant of Words
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so many amazing entries!
thank you all

Fire of Insight
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Androgynous enticement of statuesque poise
lips part to expose
lemongrass breath
medicated acetylcholinesterase kiss
convulsions of psychotic trauma vacates

curing  psychosis

Once used to drench self in tabun
baptism of affection, detoxifies;
head of insanity

Locked gaze defies earth's gravity
which levitates
heart to sun;
mind to moon

a chemical bond is formed

Liberation with libertine mindedness;
turns ticks of clockwise clock
to tocks of counterclockwised rebirth

Of new beginnings...

Together, we are absolute

Fire of Insight
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My Cup of Tea

I immerse myself into her realm in a whirlpool,
Spinning clockwise until I’m completely submerged,
Almost in a state of psychosis, her gravity pulls me in,
Like baptism in the elements, I find myself unearthed.
She’s my chemical habit to both my relief and affliction,
I’m absorbed and overcome by her androgynous scent,
Like that of lemongrass and absinthe in my cup of tea,
When I stray into libertine dreams not so heaven sent.

Thought Provoker
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Communing with the heavenlies
Hovers around the concept:
When it goes CLOCKWISE,
All being adjusts to the
law of the celestials to thread
the path of safety.
The GRAVITY of the event
barging into your heart,
Feeds you with Holy Spirit,
Like a TEA.
The power succeeding the
this thriving immersion
Burns the work of flesh
Than the cruelest CHEMICAL.

Though immersion baptism
Is not the key to receiving
the Holy Spirit.

But by it's law shall you
be accounted as one of the spirits.

Immersion betrothed to Baptism,
Is a salt in a delicacy.

It gives your spiritual life taste,
And wrought not your labour in Yah a waste.

Be immersed and
you'll be reserved.

Dangerous Mind
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Open creaking church door
Enter stunning creature
Glides across the tile floor
Greets dumbfounded preacher

Gathered a baptism to witness
Guilty assessing androgynous frame
Dressed to reveal physical fitness
Euphoric chemical charges the brain

Turning clockwise surveying the crowd
Locking eyes at nearly half-past
“Pick me” whispered perhaps too out-loud
Gravity defied up comes the mast

Not prone to psychosis but now obsessed
God mother or father they’re not
Strong libertine urges wont allow rest
With mystery gender besot

Sitting together at the reception
In tandem choose the lemongrass tea
Can we abandon all predilection?
At least in beverage we both agree

Question of intimacy still remains
Nebulous answer “we’ll just wait and see”
Written by Gahddess_Worship
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Thought Provoker
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Wow. Amazing poetry. Lots of talent around here!

Dangerous Mind
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Always Had A Way With Debauchery

There was a sense of *libertine* about me once,  
a couldn't give an iota of fuck 
till I was hard enough to ram home  
a litany of deception to hide myself  
in a tune of moans and screams 
a religion of orgasms  
cheap thrills, *chemical* *tea* 
and a side helping of gravy 
to go with the hunger that couldn't be assuaged

No women were harmed in the moulding of my conception... 
or were they 
where does it all stand on this 
sordid tapestry 
cycles of beachside carparks 
cinema handjobs 
under the table blowies 
they insisted and I never considered saying no 
I never questioned what they were after 
just skin seeking skin 

as if vagina had a *gravity* of it's own 
and i was merely an asteroid 
crashing into the surface 
then fleeing when the dust settled 

even now they are gravity 
a smile 
a touch 
a word of flattery 
a desire to listen  
to take the *psychosis* of the human condition 
say thankyou with my body 
till she is nothing more than 
a crater of smoldering earth
Written by todski28
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David Gonzales
Fire of Insight
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It was a lemongrass baptism
Muddied with drips of my psychosis
As I too
Took the androgynous tea plunge
You see...
Sometimes angels lie

geoff cat
Dangerous Mind
United States
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My dear shadoe -
Thank you for this competition - I can state with certainty that this sonnet would not exist without the inspiration of it.  Thank you for hosting.  

I wish to thank all who shared their words and ideas.  I am humbled to be in such company.  I deeply appreciate the cup, it is an unexpected honor.


Dangerous Mind
United States
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Congratulations Hepcat.! Thank you Shadoe for a wonderful competition.

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