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Smithereens of acumen contract into a span...

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SeaEntity1,George Herbert,william Golding,Maya Angelou,Leopold Sedar Senghor,myself.

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About me.

People have take time to ask me,
"Who are you?"
I leave them to answer the question,
Cos I don't have an answer of myself.

After the product of conception,
My parent looked at me and said
"His name will be Joshua".
Well, I didn't give myself that name.

A friend said after reading my work ,
" You have poetic chops".
Many said, "You're a great poet".
One said, " You look like a gay".

Many said, "You're a prophet".
I remember one said, " You're awesome".
And many more I can't say,
"A young poet with great heart", one did say.

Well, they're wrong about me,
Well, they're right about me.
Cos even I don't know myself,
Whether or not I'm a cane, baton or pen.

Maybe the question they intended to ask,
Is " Who do you think you are?".
If that their question is,
Then I think I have an answer to it.

I am an Equation,
(Not Pythagoras though).
Well, it may take forever balancing me.

Josh Berry(Ancestor)

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''Hello,Goodbye'' by SeaEntity1
Mad Monet Majesty by SeaEntity1
Walls by SeaEntity1
Mathmatical Love by Amorous_tryst
Dust Bunnies by Tenderloin
Impossible by skymikan

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